Fate Apocrypha

Where did it all go so wrong?

Sieghart saving Sieg for starters.

The protagonist. The rest was fine.

with the light novel

When the series was greenlit.

From the moment it was thought up.

When Higashide decided a bland piece of shit like Sieg made a better protagonist than Kairi and Mordred.

Kairi was too unrelatable to be protag.

Who the fuck gets invested in a story to relate to the protag?

How the fuck is Sieg more relatable than Kairi?

The series itself wasn't that bad, if not for Sieg. The rest was fine.

A1 pictures

because he is young and had a more defined goal unlike Kairi who was a hired gun

Because obviously we're supposed to completely identify with the protagonist.
>I'm not directly seeing a facsimile of me on the screen; this isn't a mirror, I'm confused and angry!

It's didn't follow Achilles.

it was a poorly written series. like something you'd get from fanfiction.net.


But we learn Kairi's goal and its more interesting and relatable than Sieg's was. Most viewers are not days old like Sieg was so what does age have to do with it?
Mordred is also more relatable than Astolfo who gets no character development despite being the main characters servant for half the series.

Kerry seemed to do alright.

This, everybody but Necrobiker and his daughterfu, and Amakusa & Semi were bland as fuck.

nor christian c*ckbois turned into real men by KARA BOGA

This, although I also liked Frankenstein

This is further exacerbated by the fact that the actual protag and his love interest were literal fucking cancer.

I know Seig was shoehorned in to make up for the gap the player character would fill back when Apocrypha was going to be an arcade battleground game, but you'd think they would realise that Sisigo/Mordred were a solid enough team that they could be the frontrunners for the plot.