What form of clothing makes your dick the hardest? For me it's sport uniforms

What form of clothing makes your dick the hardest? For me it's sport uniforms


Full one piece dresses or transparent negligee.

i like all


Winter outfits are best.



Girls wearing Gakuran turns me on like crazy

legal jail bait office lady whose cosplay as mahou shojou

They sure are.


sport bras.

lewd clothes like in mizuryu land


Naked Hoodie and Stockings

Military uniforms.

A man of culture such as myself.

wedding dress


The japanese school uniform with zettai ryouiki, glad it's common now.

Anything, as long as she's not wearing the bottom half.

The perfect attire is a white shirt two sizes bigger that the girl wearing it and nothing else; socks of various lenghts can be a nice bonus, sometimes.

Someone like Hat Kid.

Short shorts and pantyhose.


Winter sweaters

If done right, stockings.

I'd like to plug her suit if you know what i mean


My wife Noire is my fetish.

Pantsuits, but it's a shame there are so few of them in anime

Tights/leggings/stockings/knee highs
Am I missing anything else?

Naked tights.

Bloomers, I hate "sexy" lingerie

can you explain your reasoning why or is it just a feeling?

post stockings done wrong


Because sexy lingerie is disgusting it shows too much of the naked body bloomers are cute and modest, that's why I like older style bathing suits they don't show off so much skin

Post more

Fully covering clothes who emphasize on the wearer’s curves

I have to agree with this. In fact, that's the logic for winter clothes as well. If we wanted to see skin, why wouldn't we just go full nekkid?


and no I'm not joking

Crop tops with long sleeves. In addition, something to cover the neck, ideally a scarf or turtleneck, and either a short skirt or cute shorts. The clothes should be of ideal length so that the belly button is directly in the middle between the hem of the shirt, and the top of the bottom article.

Also, the belly button should be red from repeated use.



Thigh highs

White skirts, preferably with spats for extra flavor

Stockings for sure.

sling bikini, or the kind of dress that looks like one


Sunhat with sundress

I want the rest of this pic.

Holy fuck, are you me? 11/10 taste

Sukeban seifuku and elegant long robes, skirts, dresses and things like that in general. Black/white/red colors.


These type of socks.

This is correct

Girl being molested by living clothe

The leotard base of a more elaborate costume.