Violet Evergarden

3 hours until stream.

Compilation of notable animation in first two episodes:

Third episode should be finale of Violet introduction original content, and maybe will venture in some of the novel chapters.

Episode 3 was showcased in December 10 in Japanese cinemas, as opposed to first 2 that were made months earlier for July conventions premier.

Asenshi subs likely late tonight, and proper quality picture only tomorrow with Netflix 1080 rips.

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Screens from episode 3



Endcard for episode 2

Where the fuck does this person get the pictures?

Concept of bike Benedict uses

World map updated with info about Leiden

I think i already seen her in Amagi brilliant Park

3 episode rule it is. Honestly it was only a disappointment till now.

>it was disappointment till now
drop it and go away.

The character seems original - unless they completely changed the look of Magnolia and her daugther from novel illustrations and descriptions.

So you say it's only going to get worse?
It's not like I'm the only one disappoited here, after all that hype.

Oh its you. Damn get a trip.

>Compilation of notable animation
If only anything else about this show was notable.

Is that the kid who hits Violet in the CM trailers?


I wish they just released screenshots at this point. It's gotten really depressing to watch this.

No, unless they changed designs completely. The kid in question is Magnolia Anne, she and her mother should both be very fancily dressd and styled, since her mother is kinda obsessed on dressing up and style. Their hair is not red either. So does not fit.

I wonder if they're replacing that chapter with a different mum and daughter or just changing the designs.

Magnolia family is rich, and the mother dolls up Anne and herself. The character in screens dont look like spoiled by servants aristocrates.

>The mother of Ann Magnolia was one of those people with fascinatingly old-fashioned taste. With her wavy dark hair, freckles and slender body, Ann’s mother was almost exactly like Ann herself in looks and had come from a wealthy household. Raised as an elite woman, she had married, and, even after aging, something about her still resembled a ‘young lady’. The gentle smile she wore whenever letting out a high-pitched laughter was indescribable to whomever saw it.

Technically possible, so not sure for what purpose they would change the look and setting of characters they already shown in CM. Magnolia is supposed to be fancy and rich, thus the daugther being protective of her naive mother against suitors that approach her for wealth and father that gambles the money.





It is nice making jokes of Violet's autism while it lasts, since it'll not be long.

True and Minori Chihara will have a concert in Tokyo with only those who bought CDs being able to enter. Kinda ironic, since Lantis promotes OP/ED a lot, yet they werent in anime yet (well part of ED played in ep 2).

Wonder if this episode will have them.
Also more looking forward to those songs

There's no one else in this thread interested in VEG much less doing anything but shitpost about it, let it go dude.
Let this empty thread die along with your shitty show.

2 hours niggas

i'm interested and waiting.

Time heals all sorrows
Gain love and no worries
Cause nothing..
is more precious than love
Noble, faithful, she's as pure as the
driven snow..
Oh dear heart, so sweet..


One and Half hour



>another mediocre performance on the horizon

How has the animation talent not split off into a new studio or something? The name "KyoAni" doesn't have anything even approaching the kick that it had from 2006 to 2012 or so. Imagine what we could have if they weren't involved in mediocre shit that nobody would pay attention to if it weren't attached to a once-great brand.

I don't know who's who in KyoAni, but I'm sure that the people who are most responsible for their animation could snap their fingers and get whatever lineup they'd like.

>More Erika
Eh. I hope at least the resolution to her arc is worth spending so much time on her.

Uh...because they're well paid and live in the environment where they share same vision? Plus creating a studio is not an easy thing, money aside you need connection. Which KyoAni doesn't really have, unlike their fellow animation studio (aside from recording studio, tv channel, etc), they are pretry much secluded from the rest of industry by the way they work.

The envy KyoAni causes is unmeasurable. Good that at look industry itself is more sensible and realizes they should strive to be like KyoAni someday.

>Yoshinari: We wanna become like Pixar, or P.A. Works , or Kyo-Ani.

Anime Original

Ok, it airs in less than hour, so here the stream links:

using LeopardRaws stream should be decent (might need proxy)

Not with those sales. Antarctica is BTFOing it as we speak.


Wonder what AMD training is about. We probably will see this episode.

3 minutes

Double suicide end

Ok, going to rearch the raws.

The characters btw are not anime original per se - she is mentioned in novel, as well some other dolls shown in school, though they are not given any significant role. But least they should come together again in AMD and Scholar chapter.

The writing doesnt really compare to novel and overall felt quality of this episode did not compare to first two - though unlike them it showcased more of how novel will be, about letters: though the situation they made is not exactly great. Not sure if that episode was necessary - though since they introduced violet as incapable in first one without it transition to her actually being able to express people`s feelings in letters would be jarred. As long they dont actually cut on novel material i guess dont mind.

Overall felt like filler episode - both in development and visual quality. OP felt unfinished. ED in opposite, with visuals the song felt much better. Now to wait for subs and Netflix version for proper quality.

Waiting for Yaraon. Wonder what elevens reactions will be.

Has decent quality screens. Might need vpn since blocks western ips.

So far seems they liked it. Unlike Sup Forums. What a surprise.


Everyone is praising it. Actually did not expect that reaction. Also fun to see in contrast Yaraon resident haters in aftercomments.

>It will be number one in Amazon tomorrow
>Yes, Amazom I'm waiting for the bombing No I am looking forward to tomorrow morning
>The second place competition animated cartoon below popte
>The hegemony of the current term is loose △, Violet is comming
>Yes, violet hegemony came ah
>Vio >>> Poote> Lo-Can> Dalifura
>It is tough to not rise to the trend although it is the peak of the gods

>So far seems they liked it.
Stop lying.

I think she reminds me of someone, but I can't figure out who.

>I should have brought this story to the first story
>It was good. Because it took a step one step at a time
>Personally, this is the best

>Violett who was able to pick up an important word well, I did not stop my tears from tears
>I can imagine that Violette has raised the level, but it is quite emotional violet.
>As I said in the Kyo animation event, it seems likely that it will become a work that watches the growth of Violette, this is the effect of replacing the order of the original

>This is Ya Vai Today's tears stop stopping
>I wonder if this is aiming for a route that looks like a world-class masterpiece?
>If the beauty of the image is overwhelming top beauty this term

>World class masterpiece system
>When I heard how Violet is speaking, I thought that theater theater might be better than this animation.
>Oh yeah what kind of anime is good for those who are hitting this

>I like it little by little knowing the person's heart I feel it is good I wish we could go on like this
>I think that this time was good
>it will be a considerably high score overall

>I also ordered Blue Disc w w
>Are there goods for Kyo anime shop yet? Then I will come back and buy it
>It is likely to be the greatest significance that the swordsman 's shrine maiden was broadcasted that this copype was created

>Three stories that were said to be the times of Gods After being convinced of the hegemony of this term,
>Drawing is not broken at all ... Is not it impossible?
>Was good

>It was good.
>Ovalo and second place battle
>It is a god anime street! !

>I understood that I was impressed but this time I will not cry
>I thought it was fun but not for kids
>it is the peak of the gods

>It made me cry!
>The story of the Vietnam War
>I think that it will not be good for people under 20 years old

>I was relieved by the stable screenplay
>Yes I will take a winning horse Violette I've come.
>The quality is different from the mama goto camp of loose soup ww

>I enjoy drinking even an anime wine that only real adults can enjoy
>It is too strong that there is still god time
>I saw episodes 3 until the 3 episode was said to be God.

>So, is it likely to sell dollars?
>Violet is too strong too
>Love canvas △ cute violet beautiful dalifura vulgar

>wait until tomorrow's morning reflection of Amazon!
>Small fish camp is over. Violet is new god.
>It makes me feel happy to see loose cane △ to violet

>Violette has a beautiful pink color in nipples and dicks, so "I like it!"
>I feel that Violet gradually learns going.
>Anti feces When you see rice self-starring rice you can feel the splendor of the work and Kyo Ann. thank you very much. Animation is amazing.

>Anti is increasing This is only a winning group
>Anti will comment quickly as you flaunt ww
>Anti-kun www www
seems theres same kind of obsessed oneliner shitposter as here

Oriental doll was mentioned in novel.

>Wipe anti-tears
>Fucking Anime Concierge 's I am going to buy
>I'm glad that it was the royal road.

>Anti ww you lost or are you always losing w More tears haters
>It's interesting
>Anti-kun w
>Let's name it "real"
>It is different from other feces otaku animation convinced this time. Animation for adults.

I will give you one comment OP

> it seems to be decided to do theatrical version
>What was the real thing here
>Even though Kyo's animation is original, there is plenty of room to spare mine Yaroko theater version
>Yeah, good harvest

>How long have you been defeated Yuricamp w
>Honest impression "something subtle"
>After all, this is Reiko Yoshida at the time of Hanaya Mata All useless parts are out

>Are you jealous of Anti kun? It's cute.
>Anti-kun is not worth living as much as comment earnings
> enough to be called gods
>What is it in this episode 3 What will happen after the last round Every time after the broadcast Amazon domination

>Three episodes make it a divine
> I think the overall atmosphere is good
>Looking forward as a growing story of the female version Sagara sergeant, I am looking forward to it.

>Only those who understood understanding of animation can understand quality animation Kimo waga loosens with a limit
>It is a story that this seems to be the most violet when it is said as an original kitchen.
>After all yeah Kyo Animon 's are trustworthy w

>Compilation of notable animation in first two episodes
>Episode 1 only has 10 minutes
>Episode 2 only has minutes
>all those stills
So we can all agree its animation is not really that impressive?

>Paid Anti-killing is too fun ww
>Anti-kun soon is 300 comments soon 頑 張 れ
>Kyo Annie san is too much an envy of a loose guy

>the disc does exceed 10 million w
>I got better than the second episode so much this time I will watch it a little more
> it will be two digits in the morning of Kyo animation big win

Both VEG thread were most commented articles for weeks, and now seems ep 3 will be the same.

Ok, enough. Will go actually rewatch it.

You know a show is going to flop when nips start using this much sarcasm to belittle it.

Are they in Australia?

I was thinking of making some for other shows, but upon inspection found that theres not enougth to fill a whole minute even combining the episodes that aired so far. If you think 10m of goodanimation is little, try to make one of Franxx, good luck.

You know show is going big if Aniplexx paid shitposters start to panic and spill spaghetti

Daily reminder on how to fix the shitty filter.

>use a 16-235 -> 0-255 shader in your video player

Indeed. This is much more impressive.

This thread is just sad

It actually does. Though there are minor issues elsewhere with some burned colors.

Immidiately shot up, but main result will be seen tomorrow since right now is late night in japan

***,283位 (***,686pt) [*,**0予約] 2018年04月04日 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]

But it was going to flop HOW?????

I'm honestly starting to like Erica more than any other character in this show, she should've been the MC

She's bland as fuck, how is she any better than other characters.

She along with Claudia have a bit of threedimensionality. In Erica's case, she was shown in episode 2 to have both realistic internal and external conflicts. She's been in the business for years but she's still a very subpar doll, when Iris comments on how Violet doesn't have a knack for the job, Erica knows the remark can be applied to her as well, and helps Violet because she sees her situation in her, and probably because of the fear of being let go as well. These are things we can relate to, as opposed to wanting to know what love is.

just let it die already


Franxx coudnt top VEG as most discussed show on yaraon and 5ch despite the erectile disfuntion shitstorm. What would it have to do to actually win for once? Make zero two give a blowjob on screen? Can't wait to laugh at its preorder rankings - the idiots are thinking it is actually popular, while everyone is shitting on it for being template anime with shit quality. The battle for the top this season is between Yurucamp, VEG and Antarctica. Franxx is a joke of the season as far japan goes.