How cool this anime adaptation?

>Accelerator to Kakine Teitoku:
"Fine, now is a good time to teach you something: even Villains have standards!"

>Kakine Teitoku (While stomping Uiharu):
"If you didn’t know anything and were only around Last Order by chance, then I wouldn’t have to do this. However, the instant you decided to protect her by your own will, it became another matter entirely. So please, Ojou-san: don’t force me to kiss you right here."
(*so romantic)

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I hope the scenes where Accel throws an ATM at Kakine and later literally smashing his head to a bloody stain are included in S3. Those were quite amusing.







That's cute

Why did threads go so shit lately?

So what's gonna happen to A Certain Singer after February 3? Will we never see her again after?

Guess what, that's right! Kakine is a latent Accelfag!

She might say "fuck it, that's my chance for a comeback" and start her career all over again. We'll just meme it into reality.


Sound Example:


Thanks as always

Because you can’t hold or start a conversation about something you’re interested in.

Because the ones creating them are shitposters. All the people who make decent OPs are refraining right now, hence the long gap between threads. Which just goes to show that the “just go to ghost, just stop making threads” argument is extremely flawed


fuck legacy captcha

But, for fuck's sake, I already did, one guy. You just notice posts that somehow trigger you.

>not using nojs captcha

Spiky snowman.

This thread needs more true #1

I want to butcher Birdway with all kinds of sharp knives

I want to fuck every Odin's hole

I want to eat Accel's ass

Hey user. Would you bring us the CD if someone ripped it?

I heard that there is blu-ray non-credit OP & ED from the limited edition.

after the update you will be able to cause a 24 hour up on any Index character you want, least for now. It seems it’s a event intended for newer people but they’ll let everyone do it for now(I dunno if it’s only for certain date or not)

Im temptwd to drop nt13 on acoint of breaking my immersion and breaking 4th wall

White Queen is an ugly whore

Could actually be true.

STICKrai Kuroko


Another win for the Number one.

Well 2's are overrated anyway, only Accelerator likes getting those numbers

For anyone worried about the confirm info thing on 9game you can
for the ID part
this for the phone number, worked for me when I did it just now anyways
for the phone number, just exclude the -part and add a random number at the end
also the name on 9game has to be in chinese so just google translate something there

Characterfags really ruin threads.



This is the heroine we need and deserve. The one to banish Dark Matter back to the realm of scientific hypothesis.

Nice necrobump, faggot.

Didn't OT15 establish that Kakine doesn't really care about the ranks or being Number 1. It's more a means to an end (seemingly nothing personal at first, but he does hate Accel...despite never having met the guy before OT15), though that later seems to get side-tracked by revenge in NT6 (and Kakine didn't stay conscious long enough in NT8 for us to figure out if he still wants revenge on Accel, Beetle and Rikou

I skipped it, so i cant say.

Pretty much, he just wanted to see aleister for a reason we never saw, but Accel did tug at his emotions because he accomplished what he couldn’t(save people, leave the dark side behind etc)


Dunno. Kakine x Measure Heart or Kakine x Mugino seem like better crack ships (no matter how dysfunctional they may be)

Measure Heart is for Mental Out only.
Mugino belongs with Hamazura, like every other living ITEM girl.


Best Saberface soon.

Do you think even Frenda would have eventually loved him as well? Especially if he managed to save her from Mugino?

If he had saved her from Mugino, she'd have fallen for him 100%

two-headed Frenda a cute

Who is the cinnamon roll of Raildex?
Bonus points if they are older than 10.


When is this? I have literally tons of coins just lying around and would love to get a chance to retry Accel or Sasha


After maintence

That doesnt answer my question

The heroin heroine

Use your brain. Maintenance only happens on one day of the week

what makes you think I keep track of something that incosequential. It's only ever down for a couple hours I often dont even notice

I seriously fucking hope we're gettin anime or at least more manga soon because more and more people in there keep losing their mind

Cmon, this is a pattern. You always learn new events the day before update day, logic dictates it’s tomorrow

Perhaps, but I'm not about to look at my calender excitedly and write down what day it is

Misaka a cute

Manga spoilers should be out in a day or two.

>Still no Touma's birthday volume or at least a special

I've just finished reading some old threads and I don't get the "one guy" meme. Is it about #6?

It's a meme used by shitposters where if you accuse them of blatant samefagging they will reply to you with "t. one guy" or something like that, suggesting that their samefagging is more than one person.

t.one nun guy

Is it more than one guy?

It's just on guy

Mugino deserves a guy who'd beat her or be abusive. She isn't capable of have a good relationship with anyone.

Like one guy?

Like this guy?

Kakine only abuses Uiharu, he's actually a real crybaby. How else was Dress Girl able to string him along?

No trailer for III yet?

Misaka a cute

Miki lied about season 3

Is Kakine a hermaphrodite?

An important lesson in life is everything is only as bad, good, funny, or unfunny as you make it.
On that note, nt13 is a step up form nt12.

>so desperate for his cock that you blush at a mere sight of a snowman that represents him
I'm scared for the carrot.

She's just proud of her work

You wish you were the carrot.

I am reminded that the WORST vs Accel snowball fight manga is never going to be translated and am now sad.

From Nogi. Wish there was a better effect other than electricity to show that "yeah she's using Rampage Dress" now. I wonder how Boku no Hero Academia shows it since the MC's powers are basically the same, I think.

The same but with another effect

It'd be amusing if she had an Accelerator type power but only could use it on her own body. Keeping her cell structure stable and sturdy.



Which do you think misaka is more sensitive about? Nape or tummy?
I want to see touma mess with one with an excuse to see her try to justify her sensitivity

She could make her swole

>Buy 50% of Gekota.Inc
>Make a new Gekota product, a spiky haired Gekota
>Make an anime out of it, with the love interest being a zappy Gekota
>Wait 6 years to announce the season
>Do it in a festival but do a bait and switch and announce Kill Bear anime
>Then wait 2 years to announce it for real



thanks friend

Junko glowing when?

Good thing that none of us have heart related diseases, right? I mean no one got a heart attack when S3 leaked?

Do we have a name for spats yet?

Um, spats?

I was in a road trip, hadn't slept for 30 hours,I was ready to vomit and pass out and was still looking at these threads with my data on the phone.
It was the closest I have ever gone to dying, I felt my heart beating really fast but also an incredible relief on my head. It was weird but it was an experience.

Season 3 will succeed if they can keep up this quality and feels.
Having read the novels, they are much more analytical and present the story from a story tellers perspective, like an epic or tragedy.
But the anime? Its much more emotional and cares much more about showing how it affects the characters.
Not to imply the books don't, but its much more hard hitting emotions. It focuses on telling a story and puts characters second.

If the arcs are rewritten (by kamachi) like sisters was in railgun s, it will easily be the biggest hit of the season. But, and this is a big but, it has to still be the same story, just with a larger focus on showing pov's of other characters.

You might as well describe it like seeing your whole life speeding right in front of you before the inevitable death.

What if a clone had testament write Mikotos memories into her... As in overpower the older memories and basically make her Mikoto.
Or have testament write into Mikoto's mind the clones memories to torture Mikoto (As in addition to her old memories, distinctly separate memories from her own that she knows isn't hers)?
In a way, this could replicate Touma's hell, it wouldn't quite be a billion years, but ten thousand clones lives is still a while, even if they only live a week to a couple months.
And/or maybe insert Mikoto into the network?