They're happy in heaven, right?

They're happy in heaven, right?

Due to Amon, Akira is stuck in hell.

Nooooo. ;_;

Akira is a devil.

So, I'm actually frustrated by this...

That final scene with everyone he's loved would have been a wonderful little nod to the idea that Akira and his loved ones will be happy in heaven, but then they cut in that weird surreal image of them being avatars with their heads falling off... Followed by Akira screaming.

I guess I'm complaining about wanting the ending to be not as devastating, which is why it's so good, but I still would have appreciated that kernel in there.

why do you think they are in heaven?

This. He’s a devil, there’s no way he would end up in heaven.

There is no Heaven.

He has a human heart. He should be fine. Mikis probably in heaven unless she was a slut.

Remember this is the Abrahmic God. He's got pretty high standards.

The Bible is canon in Devilman so Heaven should very obviously exist.

>bwaaah muh happy het couple

Ryo should have won.

Miki looks like the trainer from Pokemon Sun.

Don't worry. Akira may be in hell, but he's not out. He's currently beating up demons in their own domain because he is Chad.

Finally some sense in this thread.

Devilman vs Hades says no

Why not?

Why not?

No, Akira is stuck in the Purgatory.

Gotta know the background of the Devilman series to know why they did these things. But yes it is ultimately pessimistic.

Didn't he win though.
Considering that Akira should be in hell and that Satan got btfo by God at the end, shouldn't Ryo also be in hell?

Maybe Ryo is no more

I laughed.

Heaven doesn't exist on the Bible. It's either nothingness on the Old Testament or waiting for the upcoming return of the son of God for the resurrection of the death. Heaven and hell are just rip-offs from the Elysium and Tartaros from the Greek Mythology and a direct consequence of Jesus's generation not witnessing Jesus's return as he promised so there were new people born