Guy i don't wish to offend . but is the protagonist of this anime a baddie ?

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A badass for sure.

Does he look like a bad guy?

>i don't wish to offend
You lost mate?

I love our lord Ainz-sama, but this episode I was rooting for the lizards. I just can't hate them.

Ainz-sama is the Great Leader of Nazzarick, he can do no wrong. He IS the Supreme Being, mortals are not worthy of the compassion he so graciously grants us.

Sure. All the filthy fucking humans in that world are trash, though, so it's easy to root for him.

Especially Climb

Who is this Ains guy they keep talking about in the show?



I'm sorry to say you'll either love or hate the ending to the Lizardmen Arc then.

There's going to be a lot of butthurt when he just genocides all the lizards next episode.


That's racist.

I cant wait for the best jiisan arc

I think he's attempting to make a Monty Python reference.



It means you can get a beej without her removing the face bug.

He doesn't.


Cant wait to see her Centipede sword in action.

So are we getting both Vol 05 and 06 this season or only 05?


Why? I mean, love? From this can we infer that the Lizardbros live? Hate? Do they throw away their pride, the entire motivation for fighting a hopeless fight in the first place, and become fawning slaves to Nazarick? I can see that happening, if it's something that's gonna be a love/hate thing.

The corgi.

I meant we're getting both 5 and 6

What gave it away? The torture? The genocide? The faustian bargains?

Demiurge is not the protagonist user.

The Lizardfolk put up a valiant fight against Cocytus who's grown to respect them, but kills the 5 chiefs (minus Crusch) and Zarashasyu. Before that though Cocytus had asked Ainz if he could make the Lizardfolk his Subordinates and Papa Bones seeing his child evolve agrees. He resurrects Zarashasyu so he and Crusch can lead the Lizardfolk and says he'll raise the rest if they prove their worth to Nazarick.

Sorry, posted this before without the spoiler tag.

Were you banned for spoiling the series?

Ainz allowed and encouraged the torture of the sunlight scripture for information
Ainz was happy about the idea of genociding the lizards if it meant that he'd be able to produce far more powerful undead soldiers than what using human corpses permitted, only when he found out enslaving them was useful and that the undead lizardmen were still trash did he allow cocytus to enslaave them
Ainz himself offered crusch the faustian bargain where she essentially becomes his spy with the reward being the ressurection of her lover

Yes. While Ainz is not cartoonishly evil, he has absolutely no regard for the lives of NW inhabitants. Nazarick npcs are evil, psychotic shitbags, with few exceptions. They are a complete blight upon the world and have brought suffering, pain and misery upon millions of its residents. Only edgy, cringy vedditors still support them, the rest of us have jumped over to neo-thirteen heroes camp and awaiting to see Nazarick get BTFO by Renner-sama's infallible keikaku and Ainz personally killed by Climb.

Here's some OC for you OP.


I hate NGNL for the same reason I love this anime. The only difference is that NGNL was too popular so I couldn’t like it anymore.

Not exactly angels themselves: they were caught literally redhanded - slaughtering civilians.
>genociding the lizards
Primitives, they always dealt the same way by civilized men.
>offered crusch the faustian bargain
That's actually mercy: by taking out issues before they get out of hand less lizards would suffer.

I understood user, no worries

Thanks, I appreciate that.


>Touch Me, have you looked at our leader recently?
>Our leader?
>The head on our leader, have you looked at it?
>No... a bit.
>He got a skull on his head... Have you noticed that our leader has a skull for a head.
>... I ... don't...
>Touch... are we the baddies?


Remade it, think this flows better.


put a white light between the 2 shots

No. Please don't listen to those edgelords trying to tell you otherwise. Ainz, like all "demon lord" protagonists in other animes and mangas, is just a misunderstood good guy who wishes no harm to anyone and will risk everything to protect what he deems right. Everyone loves and admires him for a reason.

whenever they say zaryusu I can only think of a japanese struggling to say my name (darius) and the fact that in my language (romanian) the ''a'' part is pronounced like the ''a'' from that zaryusu doesn't help

Does ainz even know about the group ritual magic? seems like a humongous threat.
If it can be linked to dozens or hundreds of casters, even shit tier casters can easily do 7th tier and above magic.

I just wish these two would marry and fuck at least.

Like this? Centered the text a little.

>Primitives, they always dealt the same way by civilized men.
Are you a burger? Do you think the genocide of red savages was a good thing?

They would though?
>Do you think
What I think is irrelevant: this is how things always happened, good thing or not.

>nips adress you by your last name
I cringe at that thought.

I forgot to quote you here

To that user who told me volumes 5 and 6 was the height of the series a few weeks ago; I'm starting volume 5 at the moment. It's getting to be a chore. I can't empathize with this new character at all. He's boring as hell. Does it get any better?

No, fuck off.

>Didn't like Shalltear during the first season
>Looking back kind of like her now
What happened lads?

EE > Chairtear

how so? spoil me what happens user. Since it's not gonna get better, I don't mind getting spoiled

>spoil me
It's against the rules to spoil the series.

use spoiler tags.

It's against the rules to spoil the series.

I don't want to, spoilering entire post is gay.


use sikrit codes and I'll decipher it on my end.

That's gay

>two more episode of lizards
I don't like this, give me the DILF already

What's the chance EE is allowed to be Shalltear's loli vampire buddy and scissor all day?

I also have a skull in my head.

I think its just one more.

More like half.

I want to suck her tail


This is going to go exactly how I think it is, isn't it?

>To that user who told me volumes 5 and 6 was the height of the series a few weeks ago
You were lied to. 6 is very good but 5 is fairly boring thanks to Climb being awful.

The real height of the series (so far) is 9 & 10. Both of those volumes are fantastic all the way through.

But lizards are so nice.

If Demiurge is so smart, why doesnt he realize that Ainz is just winging it most of the time?

He is also a regilous zealot. Each time Ainz does something stupid, he overthinks it because he can't concieve that his creators are dumber than him.

not particularily but world mind manipulation makes him a baddie.
>Ainz realizes that he slowly looses his personality emotions and everything that makes him a human mentally because world wants him to be a lich thingie
i bet this shit will happen as one of the final plotpoints or somesuch shit

Mental Gymnastics.

>show looks good
>it's MMO-shit
Why isn't MMO-shit in the genre tags? I really can't tolerate it.

>no vol 13 info yet

I really can't tolerate faggots but here you persist

>Tail Wrapping
Why are these lizards so adorable. I wish we had more time for the arc.

But can Ainz defeat pic related?

Does the faggot have anything that can harm Ainz? Or protect his sorry ass from Ainz's instant death spells?

I wish I was Albedo.


So who took He-mans corpse?

>no Albedo and She-Ra

You type like a retard
An OP post should be better than this

Slaine Theocracy is probably our best bet, that or something we haven't seen yet.

Madhouse finally made season 2?? goddamn im stupidly late

Well he has his causality fate forcefield thing. And he can fuse the astral and physical planes of existence together, to create a magical happy utopia kingdom ruled by his besotted army of demon fucks.

So the answer is probably no

For what it's worth, you've only missed most of an arc that will probably not be relevant at all if season 3 get's made.

Real talk, but can Ainz-sama beat pic related, specifically while equiped with only his pistol?

>a salaryman on a power trip vs an '80s shounen protagonist literally genetically engineered to never lose
>A mage proud of himself for destroying a city vs a man who once shot the Anti-Spiral until it exploded

Don't bully Ainz pls

Well, it just started, so not really.

He'd be able to beat him, but no matter how hard he tried he wouldn't be able to kill him.

N-n-well, hm.

>Ainz-sama would recognize who that man is and will avoid him like the plague.
>Various human factions most probably will try to screw with him.
>It will backfire with grave and progressively getting worse effects overtime. With hilariously large collateral damage in both property and human life.
>Meanwhile Chirico is just trying to get by and having flashbacks of Palisen