Post girls being bullied by other girls

Post girls being bullied by other girls

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There you go user-senpai,

It's not bullying if she goes down on her.

a Ritsu is good too




Good fetish


>this smug smile


This is assault not bullying

A bully getting back at the bullies.

Looks more like torture than assault.

Last time I clicked one of these it showed a Mexican guy being flayed alive by a cartel. Sorry


That's just everyday life over there.

>not enjoying Latin American SoL shows

what a faggot


Did they died?


fuck bullies


bullying in both psychological and physical torture



Lets laugh together, Sup Forumsnons!


now I understand why lesbian relationships have the highest domestic violence rates


Stop right there, criminal scum!


What's the name of this one again? I can't remember what tags it falls under

Mountain lolis.

This makes me incredibly E R E C T

i wonder if the author of this series is some kind of psycho or just really hate women..the character in this series is so 2 dimensionally bad or "evil" that its kinda funny

people should be allowed to bully who they want, at this point the anti bullies are the bigger bullies

It shouldn't



I want Rinne to choke me.

There's a worrying lack of blood in this.

I wonder if anyone ever did this

we could try it, user. if you're cute

I don't think you do.

Literally my fetish I wish there were decent doujins of it

off yourself!


No that's gay


On the contrary, he has a massive fetish for older women. Almost every one of his works involve them.

im attracted to girls that are complete bitches to other girls

i know it will be my downfall, but i cant help it


Somehow it isn't on the panda anymore.

>he has a massive fetish for older women.

truly a man of culture

rooftop is literally the best, but they don't go full on lewd, I've never been able to find anything quite like it

Physical abuse best abuse

I hate how that makes your post less serious, also capitalize and punctuate before calling on someone's grammar.

>Physical abuse best abuse

ryona fag please

it's all about finesse, maximum bully for minimum effort with a dash of showmanship

this was particularly brutal. didn't they shove her head in a toilet and flushed at one point?

Dumb bitch could have just torn the swimsuit


sorry thats all i got



They have pantsu inspection day in Japan as well?

Looks Corean

It is

Angels is everything I ever wanted, shame about the rushed ending. Dahye a best.

Yeah, blame lezhin for that

Never forget


Worth it

pls no


Violence is the purest form of love.

What's wrong with it?

That was gang rape not bullying

What's worse, Sup Forums, physical or emotional/mental bullying?

why doesn't the girl on the left help the girl on the right?

Emotional. Physical wounds can heal.



Why not both?


Man I need to watch this series


It's good, You'll like it.

Emotional. Can you really call it love if you don't want to isolate them from their friends and family, so they only belong to you?


Why not both?

both is best

This isn't bullying, this is literally criminal activity.

Why does this reminds me of Saw?






God I wish that were me.