Harem challenge was 4 years ago

>harem challenge was 4 years ago

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3 years ago*

I remember

I watched all of them

Isuca was so fucking bad, I'm glad Isuca was a cute tsundere at least



That fucking show was great, Imouto and Russia and the music

World Break was the best one

World Break = Absolute Duo > Fafnir > lmaodudesex > Isuca


My favourite was fafnir though, even with the absolute shit tier budget. The imouto suffering was a nice touch.



What happened with battle harem anyways?

They couldn't have adapted all of them

I miss Eco

Best tsundeRie impression

Isekai is the new hot shit

Claire best girl

2015 was 13 Years ago

Pretty disappointed the translations for the World Break novels never picked up. That was definitely the best one of the season, would have loved to see what happened next.

world break was comedy gold
it comes closest to the likeness of a good B-movie

best girl

When did Rico join the harem? she was too in love with herself

I think it was when they all started getting along again and winning?

I don't remember, all I remember is red being great, Yuri being amazing and the headpats slut being a slut

This was literally and I mean LITERALLY the low point of anime medium.

How can any of those girls compete with a goddess?

God, that was a shitty season.

Being better in every way