From main character to side-character, cameo appearance, faceless background dyke

>from main character to side-character, cameo appearance, faceless background dyke
Is this the curse of the Takamachi family?

>ywn be raped by old faceless dykes

Why live

StrikerS was a mistake

>It happened to Shiro
>It happened to Kyouya and Miyuki
>It now happened to Nanoha
And it will happen to Vivio. So she must hurry and bring someone who can carry the Takamachi name and legacy before they all disappear.

Everything after As was a mistake. Nanoha was probably the worst handled hit show in all of anime.

Why is it such a mess, though?
It's like every production committee wants to do something with the franchise and nobody gives a shit about tying it all together.

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Too old

I liked it

She better get her girlfriend pregnant then.

It already happened to VIvio. She lost her own series to her rival and her rival to some random groupie.
Not to mention the hobo from the spin off is more popular than her.

The Takamachi are well known for producing delicious cakes. This shouldn't be a problem.

They aren't faceless. You must just have a shitty monitor. Or maybe shitty eyes.

>Nanoha with blue eyes
I sure hope you don't do this


Her wife is the one making her pregnant.

those are really tanned legs

Too bad Vivio doesn't have a wife.

Don't be mean. She'll come around.

It is too late.

StrikerS' concept was okayish, what finished Nanoha as an MC was Vivid.
She's doing mom stuff in the mornings, saving the universe during the afternoon and having hot turbodyke sex with Faito-san at night.
She has life figured out.
I'm pretty sure these movies are the last we are going to see of the franchise that isn't boring loli boxing.

By that logic, Chris and Teo aren't a couple either.

>saving the universe during the afternoon
The problem is that we don't get to see that anymore since Force got canceled. I swear it would've been fine if they'd just included like one scene of Nanoha and Fate washing each other off in the shower.

>and her rival to some random groupie

Where's the pic of Fate morphing into her FORCE Prince persona?


Why I keep constantly forgetting Yumina exist?

This one?

No. The one where is explained that OP's pic was Fate evolving from her ViVid moeblob state to her dashing FORCE looks.

Why does everybody hates FORCE, though?
I only read a few chapters and the art is kinda bad but not that terrible.


Art is not the problem most of the time).

Keep reading. The horrible art is the least bad thing about it.

I don't think I have seen that one.

I know exactly what you're talking about but can't find it. I think it may have been done by the same artist as this?

It's too much forced drama without any of the charm from previous seasons. Apparently they thought that they could get away with relegating all that to Vivid and it just didn't work.