Would you watch a show about cute muscle girls lfting cute weights?

Would you watch a show about cute muscle girls lfting cute weights?

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>only one thread in 2017

Define "cute weights"

Are muscle girls soft?


women generally have a higher bodyfat%, so yes, somewhat

Hell yes


>muscle girls
Literally man with plastic tits. Never attractive.

>tfw no anime about HUEG lolis lifting HUEG hello kitty weights

>tfw no anime about cute muscle girls sitting on my face

True suffering.

A little too specific.

The straighter they are the more yes my answer becomes

Not specific enough

Hello new fetish.

Relax and touch your muscles. Why shouldn't muscle girls be soft, they don't flex all the time.

>your muscles
What muscles?

Muscle girls in frilly clothes is disgusting.

I would but I also know it will never ever be made.

Isn't a loli with muscles just a little boy by that point? What's the point of liking loli if you're just gonna jerk it to underage boys?

>not getting /fit/ for your waifu
Come on, user.

Maybe one day....

well trained muscles are extremely soft when they're not flexed

But ofc.

I really liked ez6's muscle girls. Whatever happened to him?

I already do

Japan doesn't like muscles on their guys, what makes you think they'll ever make a show about muscle girls? ... but yeah, I'd watch it.

Of course


>tfw I made that danberu thread, but I don't remember making it
>tfw saving my old joke that I never remembered making by tying it all together with Uncle Ben and C-3PO
I like myself and you, friend.

Yes, but only if the girls start out as STICC and over the course of the show slowly become BIGG.

What would be their motivation to lift? It can't be easy for girls to get BIGG, both physically and mentally, as society thinks girls need to be petite to be feminine and people would contantly remind them to not get too bulky.

They're tired of being bullied.

For girls, it's more likely that lifting would make you the target of bullying.

Not if you're so big people get scared of you.
Wannabe delinquents trying to look tough.

>class president starts juicing to keep the delinquents in check

Girls are pressured by society to not lift, but that's where girls lose out against the girls who do! NO ONE tells them that they need to broaden their shoulders to make their waist appear smaller! That squats improve their ass and legs, and that having trained triceps is what cause sleeves to look slender. That low bodyfat is sexy and relaxed/toned muscles are soft, retain shape and aren't jiggling masses of cellulite from when who think getting bigger via over-eating is the sexier means. That an active lifestyle leads to better skin, hair, nails, and a higher sexual appetite...let alone the obvious health benefits, balance and strength gained.

"What motivation" is such a silly idea and I feel badly for girls discouraged from lifting big weights and attempting to "get BIGG." It's literally impossible to become a ripped female without dedicating your life to it AND taking hormone supplements, anyway. No joke, it's not in female biology to be a shredded buff woman; that bodybuilder's physique requires chemical additives on top of years of making such a lifestyle a career.

as with all fetishes, there is a market for it, do it and they will come

>they will come
I know I have


I wonder, who believes an "athletic" girl meets the requirement of a "fetish?" For it to be a muscle fetish, do they need to be hulks? Outlandishly muscular beyond human capacity? Mildly toned? That word, fetish, always seems to make anything that isn't within extremely normal in every way possible seem like degeneracy. No standing out or being unique in any way whatsoever.

Which, I guess, embodies Japan...

Last I heard from him he was doing strictly guro under another pixiv ID.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Doesn't need to be Hulk, but sweaty lickable abs are a must (and a fetish - pls not judge).

the ideal for me is a toned body that still has feminine curves (hip is as wide as the shoulders), but yeah, fit girls isn't a fetish, muscled girls could count as one

Lady abs are the best.

Of course I would, I'm not some faggot.

This thread is filled with good men.

My kind of thread.

Greco-Roman standards apparently featured "Boobs of Steel", read powerful muscles but enough body fat not to loose too much in the breast department.

>That word, fetish
Look into travel guide under sex shops & miscellaneous stuff.
Walk into what was apparently mainly a BDSM store for latex stuff. Clerk explains this to me: bla bla bla ... "only fetish" ... bla bla bla.

Internal word filter goes off: "THAT WORD DOES NOT MEAN WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS." through in context it is probably okay.

I hate word muddling like that.

>I wonder, who believes an "athletic" girl meets the requirement of a "fetish?"
Can you ONLY get aroused by athletic girls? Do other woman do nothing to your arousal? If so, you probably got a fetish. It's a preference otherwise.


I want to get crushed by those thighs

I'll forever miss this guy.

Senpai doesn't notice them, and then they overhear that senpai likes strong girls.

>Read Danberu to see girls get /fit/
>Stay because I like Machio.

Yeah but probably not with Sup Forums because every thread would be at least 40% annoying futafags and their shitty benis memes.

Danberu just seems made to be adapted to anime. I really hope it gets picked up.

good thread



What do you mean by cute?
For some reason I find overly frilly girl shit on massive muscle girls off putting most the time.

Making them a bit more Tomboyish is usually a good way to go.

Also there needs to be variety. Not just big giant buff girls but other kinds of fit girls.

And they need to hit that good muscle zone of soft and muscular. When they're overly muscular and defined it's just gross.
Y'need that femininity with the power.

Danberu anime when

Why can't we have more amazons like this?

Amerilards have the worst fetishes.
by the end of the year, you will worship bald women with beards

I knew I should've picked this up long time ago.

What does this even have to do with americans or transgenders, this is a thread about appreciating peak female form.

What americans have to do with anything? Gender politics, what the fuck? It seems that you're projecting hard, buddy.

I'd prefer fantasy setting (amazon, brave girl knights, orc girls and such) to cute girls and cute stuff, but strong girls are simply the best, it takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice to get swole.

As expected of a third worlder to like obese women.


I must break you like I broke that fish

He was always a guro guy.

what the fuck are you on about? Back to >>Sup Forums you deranged projector

>implying I'm an american

Why did this guy have to delete his pixiv?

What is that thing in her hand? I see it in gangster movies.

Those two fetishes are often connected especially in artists, afterall both obsess over the same subject - anatomy.

Yeah, Mukade Tou is the same. A dude who can draw /fit/ girls who is also into disemboweling them.

Yeah The STarship Dakadan CG series is full of guro. Also here's his other pixiv page dedicated to guro for those who are interested:


I'll just leave this here.


Isn't that whip?

thanks user

Maybe, but with a glasses wearing one definitely!

That's Inoue Sora, right? Is he doing streams of his manga drawing, like yoshi or that guy who draws opm? I'd absolutely love to watch those.

Girl on the right looks like she is squatting 275lbs while the girl on the left is only doing 90lbs.

Thank you people, this manga is great. All those girls look so cute and deliciously soft.



Yes, it is a manga.


such a shame that they nerfed her abs in later chapters

bodypaint doesn't count

I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't play fire emblem though.

It's a joke about how despite looking super buff Rinkah has a very shitty strength stat+growth

I see, thanks.

I wish Danberu was more autistic in regards to form so I can enjoy it as much. But the appeal would probably get lost along the way

>more autistic in regards to form
It's the reason I dropped it so many times.

Wow. That line up is as full of stereotypes as old British Boys Own football comics (Roy of the Rovers, Rats United, The Team that Went to War, even pic related in Lion...)

What the fuck are you on about? He's still doing loli and /fit/ on a regular basis.

>That one work with the tomboy childhood friend.

you think the author has a twitter account or something so we can send some /fit/ literature?