Dragon Ball Super

The DBS manga is written better than the anime aside from Hakai Goku, but it's more boring.

Toyotaro needs to take cues from Toei on how to generate more hype, and how to make better villains.

But Toei also needs to take cues from Toyotaro on how to make power-levels more consistent...though now that the anime is ending, it's too late for that isn't it?

After March, we'll only have the manga until the DBS Movie in December. Hopefully Toyotaro steps up his game...because with DBS being only in one medium, I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

Speaking about the movie...there's no way it WON'T feature Goku and the rest of the DB crew right? There are rumors that it's a Yamoshi movie...but Toei making a DB movie with only new characters sounds like financial suicide.

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Reminder that a fanmanga is better than modern DB

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>Speaking about the movie...there's no way it WON'T feature Goku and the rest of the DB crew right? There are rumors that it's a Yamoshi movie...but Toei making a DB movie with only new characters sounds like financial suicide
If you doesn't count stock footage from future sight and the bit at the end the first Bardock movie/TV special dealt mostly with an all new cast aside from Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria. And did it pretty well.

That's not Multiverse

I would fucking love a DB movie without any of the main cast. Would make for a nice change of pace.

What hype?

Sure it's not, Salagir

Well, he left, which is just as good honestly. Laughing at some shitty crossdressing costume would have been fun, but tripfags should all leave this site

Does Bardock really count since he just look like Goku?

Why isn't there more Vados porn?

I like the manga, I just wish it was canon.

Thosio > Toyotaro

t. falseflagging Toeipoodle.

Is Hit the most based dragonball character outside the ones introduced in Z? I can't think of any db or gt characters that even come close to him in badassness

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It is

No, Jiren is.

He's a real hit with the fans

>literally coldsteel


Yeah he's pretty lit.

Yes he is the most popular DBS char after Rose

ITT underage Coldsteel the Hedgeheg OC Donut Steel faggots.

>Only Super character with a real/good power level
>Only Super character with a non-recolor/comic relief design
>Doesn't rely on lame transformations like most of the other villains
>So strong he's never even came close to losing to the heroes
>Most badass abilities of any super character
>Actually has a personality unlike Jiren

Literally find a flaw


Best dragon ball girl coming through


Go back
>Coldsteel the Hedgeheg
Nice meme
>OC Donut Steel
more buzzwords
More projecting

>REeeeEE stop liking what i don't like

>zoned to ss2


Speak for yourself, I'm still going to enjoy watching the Funimation dub for the next year in a half. There is going to be a lot more of my girl Meredith McCoy coming up and personally, I'm fucking excited.

Beerus is pretty badass when he threatens to erase people.

One thing I like about the manga is the covers.
>There are rumors that it's a Yamoshi movie
Hell no it won't be a Yamoshi movie. The only reason people think that is because he was brought up in a recent interview which wasn't even related to the movie. There's nothing about Yamoshi that we need to learn about him that we don't already know. If anything it'll be about the next big arc for when Super returns, and going off the track record of the last two movies that's exactly what it'll be.

Her thighs are way too fat in this

I thought it would be a movie on Yamoshi being the original Super Sayian God. Which is interesting that they ended Super but would make a movie referencing a major transformation from the series. Probably setting up the ground work for the next series in a year. Maybe in a later time slot.

>hurr power levels
Fuck off.
>good design
Literally purple dildo Piccolo.
>No transformations
That doesn't equate to something being good or bad.
>sooper stronk
Only retarded underage power level spics such as yourself think that about him. He can control time. That's his gimmick. It's the same as Dyspo being worthless without his speed. It was stated in both the manga and the anime that Hit would get fucking demolished if he fought full power Goku or Vegeta in standard hand to hand.
>hurr durr badass abilities
Underage detected, but I will give you that his Time Skip ability is pretty cool, if a bit nonsensical and undefined. Unless you're referring to his "nuh uh I improve over you" in which case go fuck yourself.
>Actually has a personality
Nigga fucking what? Muh stoic assassin isn't a fucking personality. Just because Jiren has literally no personality whatsoever it doesn't suddenly make other characters have one.

>another movie retelling

Is Dyspo┬┤s Super Maximum Light Speed Mode MFTL or just FTL?

Why do 18 and Trunks look great together? Do you think 18 sees young Trunks and gets excited knowing her goes from this?

>getting this triggered because someone doesn't like your edgy meme assassin
>utter newfag doesn't know what ITT means
>doesn't know what projecting means

Oh shit that's right, now I can finally go back and watch the dub without feeling like I'm being raped by excess Super garbage

To this?

Why does kale's autism make her so cute?

God I fucking hate the name "Yamoshi", whoever came up with that can go fuck themselves with a cactus

> Anime announced April 2015
> Manga announced May 2015, after the anime (primary product), and it will release beforehand to promote it
> Manga is in a promotional magazine, V-Jump
> Manga skips RoF to promote the anime's first post-movie arc. And it needed to skip to get ahead of the anime to promote it.
> Manga-only content is self-contained. It's rarely, if ever, found outside of the manga


They do look so fucking aesthetic together.

>Dad apparently I have healing powers now
Nah it's just all shit
Super was a mistake

>Maybe in a later time slot.
Pls. I need my violent DB.

No /ss/.

>literally no argument other than the same tired shit that's already been BTFO in dozens of threads
You fucks aren't even fun to bully anymore.

Does Sup Forums hate her?

Best pairing right here.


Disgusting. Sasuga DBSfag.

>Toeipoodles can't into foreshadowing and logic
He was a fucking Supreme Kai apprentice you dick twiddler. It makes perfect sense.

>>getting this triggered
more assumptions
the only one triggered is the dude who made a buzzword filled post to seek attention when people were talking about hit

>s-stop liking w-what Idon't l-like

Holy shit? Who dismembered that poor girl?

I don't, I love her.

The reason people think that is because the movie is supposed to be related to the "origin of the Saiyan's power". It either will involve Yamoshi somehow and focus on Super Saiyan God, or be about some even older legend which seems pointless to introduce unless it's about the origin of the Saiyan race itself somehow.

>m-muh buzzword
>he's too retarded to realize buzzword is a buzzword
I accept your concession, Pedro.

Probably Spopovich since he's a sadistic fuck, but maybe Babidi for the same reason.

Yes. Both her personality and her Dub voice.

Shyness is really cute.

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Nah, the main reason Super lacks violence is Toei making it with international distribution in mind, and they know there's more issue with violence overseas. They want Dragonball airing at children timeslot.


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Yeah that's why the Supreme Kai and Zamasu had healing powers...oh wait

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Does she have a thing for Sayians?

Dyspo is best boi

The apprentice has healing powers, not the full Kaioshin. And Zamasu did have healing powers you motherfucking speedreading retard.

>hat's already been BTFO
Literally never

Find a good argument against these points. I dare you.

Until then, it remains uncontested.

Good. She killed /ourboy/ Cell

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It's not my fault that you're a Toeicuck newfag who's been in all of 2 Super threads.

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Blame Cell's dumbass for not understanding the danger he was truly in.

I'm sorry that Latin American dub already rushed to do all of Super and now that the show is ending next month, you have this gaping void you desperately need to fill. But I'm looking forward to hearing the awesome voices of
And of course /mygirl/
A lot of content for me to look forward to. Plus DBFZ where 18 is actually a major part of the story? As an 18fag, Super has spoiled me. Not sure about you.

And you have no argument. Stop responding to me, I've already accepted your concession.

> apprentice kai knows healing
> actual kai (after apprentice is promoted) doesn't

M-makes sense!

Sean and Chris no longer give two fucks though, their voices are pretty fucking bad.

So you have no argument? As I expected. Toeipoodles eviscerated once again.

They might be holding off to give Toyotaro time to push ahead with the manga. The anime focuses on a movie and we'll see where Toyotaro is next year.

Doesn't explain why Shin didn't have healing powers in the Buu Saga.

A kai should still retain whatever he learned as a kai apprentice

>And you have no argument
There is no argument to be had
Likiing a character is subjective you can't be right / wrong
>I've already accepted your concession.
You sound like a 5 year old
>LALALA I can't hear you I'm right you are wrong

is 17 stronger than gohan?

Because he was Kaioshin, not an apprentice. Are you too simple to follow a fucking post chain?

>A kai should still retain whatever he learned as a kai apprentice
According to your headcanon.

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Probably not, but he's definitely 50x more efficient. He'd win in a fight either way.

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