Admit it Sup Forums

admit it Sup Forums
Witches don't exist

Oh boi

I miss the old sprites

just admit it! witches dont exist

but battler is a witch

at least you can have them in the steam port

Battler is a bitch

Witches exist and they are awesome and lovable.
>ywn be a witch

I was just relistening to OST for this. It brings back so many memories and emotions. My memories of the games at the same time are still very fuzzy though. I feel like Battler with his fuzzy memories of the events. I almost want to replay it, but it's so long a read and I'm still a bit disappointed with the ending. But I think I would like it more on a replay.

If witches aren't real then how does Dlanor make them die the death?

Same way Battler dies the death

Umineko after 4th ep was a mistake. It was the high point of the serie and baitnswitch romance really ruined the fucking thing

also pic

read the manga, it contains the answers you were looking for. and yes Ryukishi said they are the canon answers.

I know the answers but that's not really my disappointment. Well perhaps in a way, but I feel a bigger thing is the way the last episode was weaved. It feels a bit odd to set up all these mysteries and say "well those mysteries are fun but the answers aren't important so don't foxus on those". At the same time I sort of like the message I think it was giving, it just could have been done better.

if you re-read umineko after reading chiru and knowing the answers of EP8 manga

You will know that the romance thing is what triggered everything.

I wouldn't call it bait and switch when episode 2 was all about furniture romance.

Posting best Seacat.

Tranny boy was a mistake

>cuck detective
Terrible taste.
Dlanor >>>>> Erika

Pls do not insult my wife she didnt deserve to kill herself

stop saying bad stuff about my trap waifu

Reminder that Battler killed everyone.

Battler is incompetent.
He couldn't kill anyone even if he wanted to

He killed Yasu through incompetence

Nah, he killed her through neglect.

Incompetent neglect

Wouldn't incompetent neglect imply he actually payed attention to her?

Dlanor's mons pubis is a miracle of the universe

He did at the last moment but then he looked a way for a second and she splooshed to the bottom of the ocean at incredibly hihg speed