Classroom of the Elite

Vol 7.5


Okay guys, I will start to dump the Sakayanagi's part 1st.


Best boy and best girl.
Best OTP.

I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then

I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then.

>I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then.
I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then. I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then. I'll also just be calling you 'Kei' then.

Sayakangi's part

based user. keep em comin


Well the thread is calm in joy and good mood. thank you for keeping this atmosphere plz.

Im looking forward to how Sakayanagi acts.


Thank you Arisu.

And this is how true love was born.

Sayakangi, Horikita, and Ichinose are top 3.


"In such a conspicuous dorm, I can't afford to directly visit your room. Contacting you via phone would be an effective means of doing so, but I also took into account that you'd act tough in that case. Because you hate showing your weakness after all".
What, what, what, what, what is that supposed to mean! I felt the sudden urge to hide my face which was rapidly becoming red.
That day, ever since that incident on the rooftop, that means Kiyotaka's always been worried about me!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, mou, aaaaaaaaaa! Inside my heart there was another me who was squealing while running around. There's no more mistaking it. I just have to admit it now. Seriously, seriously, seriously, my heart's seriously been stolen away. The arrow which had pierced my heart. The arrow of love which I could no longer take out. Is this even possible? Is it even fine for me to fall in love with someone who's been partly bullying me? But it's already too late. The power of this arrow is tremendous.

I have, I have towards Kiyotaka-----really, seriously, I've fallen in love with him.

>Emilia in a silly attempt of going undercover in AS changer her name
>Still hiolding back of posting on Youjitsu thread because it will get banned
>Whorikita getting BTFO even more

How can someone survive getting BTFO on AS and Sup Forums at the same time?

With this, the Sakayanagi's part is finished. Next part is Ryuuen's one.

Ryuuen's part

This made my day. He should try Reddit really.

Bait dectecded .

What a lovable and memorable realization of love. As expected of the best girl.


>ESL-kun is now a Keifag
How horrible.

Her falling in love with 50% tastes much sweeter than the other three love interests. They went through thick and thin together, and 50% clearly wants to get closer to her as he introduced her to the new guy as someone that he trusts.

Hello Emilia you still sperging around? oh wait should I call you Violet now?


>caring about AS and pushing drama from AS onto Sup Forums
You're part of the problem.

If possible, I would like Ibuki vs. 50% translated part, it is always good to have a sense of the strength of that sociopath.


Where is this coming from? I'm being trolled, aren't I?

ibuki can wait, user


If you read the last thread, the situation Emilia experienced is in a way similar to the rooftop scene. Ironically, Emilia is Kei with his sheer loyalty to his belief that Horikita will win in the end. But there's no 50% there with him so he took all the ice bucket challenge


Just Keishitters having retarded boogeymans for everything.

I'll give you the short version.

Certain ESL from Animesuki called Emilia shitted on the light novel thread on that page moaning about MUH WHORIKITA BEZT GRILL until, it got banned 3 times in a week.

Then this same sperg came to Sup Forums with her broken english to do exactly the same crap, and as you can see on previous threads and this one too, Emilia, now known as Violet is doing the same shit again because is a butthurt whorikita fan.


Oh and you can see Emilia right here


Fuck Ibuki, I just want accurate details of how 50% humiliated her.


Okay. What does that have to do with me? That's the first time I've called Emilia.





Welcome to the fold. You'll have to get used to it. At least you weren't accused of being cancer-kun because I've been accused of being a near handful of different users from AS for simply liking/supporting Horikita on different occasions.

Ryuuen's part finish here (at least is what I think). I'll post the double date chapter now.

Seriously, this. This is one of the few times the MC isn't a generic, bland, boring and personality-less self-insert. Rather, he's the most interesting character in the series, and it's great how his development is tied to the development of the best girl. I love how he already settled for getting closer to her and her alone as she's an irreplaceable existence for him and how he cares about her in his own way. I love how she couldn't deny her feelings anymore. I love how they understand each other on a spiritual level. And this is just based on the translated SSs. They are really a great match.

They look so damn good here.

>Stop K31

doing God's work user

>And you is C Cup

Thank you user. Keep em' coming.

>The Stormy Double Date

Now it begins the sweets moments guys!


Hmm kay. The Youkosozitsu fanbase seem really fond of becoming worse as time passes by.

If someone could do the txt version of the screenshots woul help a lot.




>ITT Horikitafags


I like Ichinose the most but I can't deny that Kei deserves to win the 50%bowl the most.


Your boogeyman that you love to stalk at AS doesn't even use "Keishitter," which originated from here. Try again, Keishitter.


Saved for future use against Keifags when Sudo is rejected by Horikita.

A reminder that Emilia/Violet has two friends, Grey Hat (the original meme) and Sixth (falseflagger). Be careful my dear user.

I liked the anime
badly and partially translated LN snips aren't that much fun I wish there was more anime

Satou wants 50%'s D.

"We'd better return now."
I started to walk. Kei then began walking a bit behind me. The one I shortened the distance the most during this one year was most likely Kei, now walking behind me. Without realizing it, she had become an essential existence to me. To call it friendship would be a bit rude to her... However. After I am done reaching for class A and the student council affairs was done, that time we may become friends... No, I think she may become an even more important person to me.


"To the strong minded Karuizawa, I want to confirm something"
"Confirm? What?"
"From now on, I plan on avoiding any attention at all, but I may have things I need to get done in the shadows depending on the situation. When it comes to that, please lend me your strength like you always had."
"Aren't you too late with that? You could have asked that earlier during the our talk about partners."
"That's true".
After a small silence she sighed.
"Alright, I will help you. But you have to protect me with everything you got. Once my connection with Hirata is broken, there may be some troubles coming."
"Aah, I promise"

>Your boogeyman
Be careful what you wish for user, as your boogeyman may just come out of your closet.

>Badly translated
GTFO of her right now-




Proper Sakayanagi volume when?

thanks pastelbin user. love u

Chibizawa a cute!



whorikitafags, where are you

I don't think I'm going to survive this volume, guys.



Ichinose and Nagumo's arc is next.




It looks like that Karuizawa is aware of what's going to happen after she stop pretending as a couple with Hirata. So she maybe facing trouble possibly a hostile attack from the other girls.



I'm okay with this.