Is this the greatest comedy anime?

Is this the greatest comedy anime?

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It was kinda a chore to watch except for a couple epsiodes, notably epsiode 6.
Galaxy Angel is probably the best contender for greatest comedy anime.

It's kinda shit, dropped it at ep2

Shit taste, opinion dropped

I would say so.

Gintama and Saiki are better.

Galaxy Angel was also a chore sometimes. I think comedy anime in general have this problem.

Gintama was only funny for a quarter of its episode count, and even then it varied greatly.

It fucking is, everyday I rue the fact that i'll never be able to watch it anew. I don't know why it's particular brand of humor was so good, but i still haven't been able to find anything that made me laugh as hard.

No, Nichijou is, not this gay fujoshit.

Gdgd fairys is better.

No, Nichibros is, not this faggy otakushit.

Dude crossdress this is a total LAUGH OUT LOUD RIOT

Cromartie is better.

Just gonna drop this here

shit humor, bet your are a fujoshit too

This, Saiki is more varied and not subtle fujoshit.

fujoshit > yurishit

This is.

That's not Joshiraku though.

Death episode was 10/10 perfect

Projecting much fujofag?

I completely forgot about AzuDai.

I still think about it to this day. The perfect ending. Though it happened quite early into the manga so it didn't have the same effect as the anime did.

It was infinitely better as SOL than comedy, but most of the 10/10 SOL chapters are only in the manga. The manga ending was one of the most embarrassing thing I have read, though, at least the epilogue chapter was nice.

but basically* all* of the 10/10 SOL chapters are only in the manga.

I like it, but I enjoyed pic related and Seto no Hanayome more.

This is.

Every time it strayed away from SOL, including it seemed to meander. Should probably read the manga.

>Every time it strayed away from SOL,
You mean it strayed away from the comedy, that's what I was talking about. There are also some sci-fi chapters and mystery chapters in the manga, in general while there is always some humor the comedy chapters become less and less important.

>the anime actually killed the manga

Yeah, it was a good comedy.

There are people on Sup Forums RIGHT NOW who have never heard of this anime.

samurai flamengo was shit

Hidenori was literally me when i was in school.



I'm laughing just thinking of some of the scenes from memory. I should rewatch this again (for the 5th time now I think).

I'm still waiting for my memory to push out whatever's left so i can do my first rewatch. I saw the career plan scene on Youtube some time ago and lost my shit at the guy who wrote ghost.

the ending is a mastepiece


This. Holy fuck. It perfectly encapsulates everything about the show.

Never watched the anime, but soremachi is the confiest manga I've ever read

woah I had forgotten I watched this.


Seto no Hanayome is my pick too. Pure gold.

>that fucking ed
Pure kino

God I loved the Gintama short where they recreated the RPG scene from Nichibros since Hidenori and Gin have the same VA

go back to Sup Forums fucko

Not even him, but it would take a obsessed Sup Forumsedditor to find out something like this.

10 seconds in the archives

I wonder what the mangaka’s up to these days


I thought the same thing, but I changed my mind when I watched this show.