Scanlation thread. What are you working on, Sup Forums?

Scanlation thread. What are you working on, Sup Forums?

When is someone going to do YU-NO? It's been going for almost a year now and the anime is coming soon, you'd think now would be a good time.

anyone care to name some good seinen focused groups to follow up on, all I seem to find are current shounen series focused ones

>manga of a VN

What could go wrong.

Same thing as last time. Eleven chapters down, twenty three to go.

Also, authors who use """fantasy""" units like pic related need a mer long stick shoved up their ass. What's the point?

I might buy a few more Garo issues soon to scan. If anyone happens to be interested in working on oneshots from the magazine, lemme know.

How's the bato replacement?


Seems to have actual work being put into it.


It's in that gray area where I can't say 'serviceable' without getting reminded of all the shit it lacks that make it hard to use, yet I can't say the opposite as well because it's, well, serviceable.

Come back around easter and ask then.

But how many cemers make a fot, and how many punds in a kegum?


Decent enough for us to publish stuff there, still WIP in some areas, but I already like it better than since I mostly read stuff I buy on and never used any power user features on in the first place, and the UI on dex is much cleaner and simpler, not a monstrosity from the 2000s.

Nothing because I'm lazy and can't redraw for shit, putting my typesetting on hold until I can be bothered.

any chance someone could translate this page for me I've been uploading this old series to mangadex and found a skipped page, I was planning to just get a translation and typeset it then insert the missing page into the chapter when I upload?
any help?
I might upload my rejigged versions of the tanks to madokami since what I downloaded was a little out of order in a few places.

#69 To protect or to destroy
>14:35, Hinode Pier

>The storm's right on Tokyo now!
>If it ain't going away quickly, the trade's going to slow!!

>*brrrr* (engine)



I imagine the two are talking about the storm but as I don't know the origin, it might as well be some kaiju attack or something. I doubt this though. The oldies have a very elderly/hillbilly speaking style. Edit as you see fit.

*little-known series


I assume they'll start scraping Mangadex soon enough.

I put my little-known series on Mangadex and now it's on KM and Mangarock already.

Well, that was faster than I expected.
>tfw redoing already scanlated manga so it'll probably never get scraped

Slowly translating Out, even though my editors are still only halfway through the series I did before it.

>tfw will never learn japanese

Was anyone already planning to work on these?
I need to finish some other work before I start these, just wanted to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes before I do.

On finding another typesetter after my old one disappeared on me. I have 2 projects that need typesetters, Sansha Sanyou and 7-Jikanme no Note.

Sansha Sanyou is self explanatory, 4koma gag comedy, not much work with less backgrounds than Bleach.

7-Jikanme no Note is a vanilla romance about band nerds. It, too, is allergic to backgrounds, as well as being less text dense than just about anything else.

So really, I need someone who can both typeset and redraw, but there's barely any redraws.

If interested, please contact [email protected]

Picking up dead translations and finishing them off. I'm a total novice though, but someone's gotta do it.

Good man.

Not my choice of manga, but you do you user,


Not with that pathetic attitude.

You're doing god's work, but turn on anti aliasing on fonts. Unless that's how the font for the chapter title looks even with anti aliasing then never mind.

Thank you. It's just the font. I've had AA on.