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First for Bort!


Title page.

> All gems start like this
> Sensei rubs their bodies day and night
> gembutt carving down to a science
> disgusting stalactites get chipped off



>It's now a confirmed fact that Sensei likes them flat and a little androgynous
I'm not sure how to feel about this.


Sensei has impeccable taste



thread theme:


It'll probably take TL user some time, be patient.

the Jap chapter has just leaked, PAS is waiting for precise script from scanlators, and there's an user who might rough tranlsate these in this very thread, calm down


spoopy sensei

i dont wanna get spoiled but damn I want to read this


Reposting from translator in last thread:

Euclase: Sensei

Euclase: Are you awake......?

Amethyst: I'm sorry

Is Sensei /ourguy/?



>Lunarians dusted this
I hope they all rot in hell.

Last page.

Could you, perhaps, also translate the author's note here when you come to it?

>all the comments about "I can't believe the Lunarians dusted this"

What if they DIDN'T?

>helped do away with humanity to raise his gembutt daughter harem in his nirvana
>keeps making the dregs of what's left of humanity fuck off back to the moon to continue protecting his gemkids

He's always been our guy.

That ain't me. I was just copying and pasting it so their first set of translations weren't wasted.

seems like Fluorite was the second gem Sensei found

She is talking about video game again.
>I'm playing Earth Defense Force 5 now.
>Now when I see a parking lot I feel like hiding.

Reposting from previous thread too.

Sensei: Can you walk?

Sphene: Yes

Peridot: ......Red Beryl

Peridot: They went towards the Chord Shore's cliff to find everyone......

Peridot: Rutile went towards the sea by the Hollow Cape...

先生 私がフォスから最初に勧誘を受けました 私が
Rutile: Sensei, I received an invitation from Phos at the very beginning, but I-

Sensei: It is not your fault

Peridot(?): Bort went deep into the ocean

This is a monthly manga, right? 20 pages is seriously a bummer for a whole month's wait..

>playing EDF with Ichikawa
>"Hahah, wouldn't that be messed up if I was just pretending to be your friend this whole time, but I was really leading you to your own demise?"
>"I should use that in my manga."

Sensei: Everyone's here

Sensei: None of you need to feel sorry

Sensei: Cinnabar

> dun dun duuuuuuuun
The loonies didn't start their war until there was something to war against. Chances are they were just as curious about the first gem as Sensei was. My bet is that RD was a good friend of the Lunarians and their last friend.

Even when she gets to play vidya, she continues to deliver the suffering. Impressive, Ichikawa-sensei. ;_;

>Peridot: Rutile went towards the sea by the Hollow Cape...
first one is Red Beryl, second is Rutile. The gems he picks up tell him where the next one is

>Rutile feeling sorry for herself
This is too much.

how do you know is not just always Peridot?
not doubting, just curious

Shut me down
> can't shut down
Professor saaaaaave meeeee

Not that person, but it appears that the gem hanging on Sensei's shoulder changes. Notice that at the very bottom, there is no longer a summer uniform, but what appears to be a wrapped cloth, like the one they were playing Red Beryl in.

what said, and with Rutile we actually see that Sensei doesn't have any other gem around

Must resist looking at spoilers!

To be fair, in the image he looks like if Phos does any more shit he's about to shut himself down permanently.

Oh, the suffering!
Oh, the feel!

We need cute gems to sooth the pain.
Here, have Euc and Jade in pajamas.

My Euclase didn't break! That's my smart and strong gembutt

>Every fucking century this fucking gem just has to FUCK everything up

He's just waking up, we see him being startled on the next page.

Euc is a statistics fag who saw this coming a month ago. After sensei's story, she will be the one to hatch her own keikaku.

nothing happened for the first 300 years of Phos' life
then everything went to shit within one year
then went back to normal for 100 years
then everything went to shit harder than ever

For how much you love Euclase, what do you know about statisticians?

>People still think Aechmea is dusting the real gems
He can make the moon shiny with fake shit. You know he has a better use for inclusions than dust.

He eats them for dinner.

>a leaf over Sensei's eye
>the same eye the gem(human) formerly known as Phosphophyllite got a human particle transplanted in
>original Phos had leaf colored and shaped hair


where's TL user, translate the rest please

There is probably no particle in the eye.

>by combining trace amounts of inclusions from each gem, they can make a human particle
>the conglomerate mass of countless gems piled into a single consciousness

PAS here giving you status update on latest chapter. Chapter's cleaned, tled and tlced. It's now being tsed. Release in a couple hours HOPEFULLY. I need to go back to failing calculous but maybe the tlc or tser'll do a live thread.

Calm down. He's working on it, jeez.

Isn't that just the petals that appear whenever Sensei is dreaming about the lunarians, and also what the lunarians are throwing about the place when they appear?

Thanks for the update, guys.

This is more important

Yo, let me tutor you in calculus.

good luck with your derivatives and integrals user.

Do you guys think Sensei has a favorite out of the gems by this point? Or does he love them all equally?


I wouldn't put past the moonies doing it simply for the lulz.

I think a different kind of petal appears.

Haha XD

He loves Dia the best because he has patrician taste

Amatheist been smashing her head on other things, I see.

Thanks for the work! Now go calculate the shit outta these numbers user good luck.

Continuing the translation!

Sensei: Could you come over here?

Sensei: A little closer this way

Sensei: A bit more

皆に 話せないことがある
Sensei: There is something I have not told you

Sensei: Something about myself

皆には 在りえないほど不可解で不条理極まりなく聞こえるだろうが
Sensei: I don't think you are ready to hear all of my boundless secrets
Sensei: If you ask me, such a presentation should be prohibited content
Sensei: No matter what, there will be things that I cannot tell you

Sensei: But right now, there is something I want to tell you as best as I can, so please listen

Chances are he never got over losing Red Diamond.

Seems pretty much the same.

>Sensei: No matter what, there will be things that I cannot tell you
Is it confirmed he's got some kind of program that blocks him from disclosing classified content then?

Fast as fuck! I was worried about releases being slow again due to good quality but this is great. Thank you!


>a machine who learned to love but is ultimately bound by the nature of his existence, no matter how he struggles

Dia said she wanted to go somewhere without Bort.

So Bort went into the deep sea letting her powder washed up by the sea water, blending in with the unending darkness. If not for her pajama it'd be almost impossible to find her. She'd disappear.

Bort went into the sea to disappear, because if she's not here then maybe Dia would come back.

This chapter is not fucking okay, Ichikawa.

>a machine who learned to love but is ultimately bound by the nature of his existence, no matter how he struggles

Big if true

Didn't Dia only say that to Phos?

I want that scene to be like this.

I don't really know much about statistician except for the basics.
I major in material science so I do know about some crystallography, which has something to do with cute gems.

But she was wearing clothes still.

What were Rutile and Bortz even trying to do? Were they just going mad and walking into the ocean?

Where will PAS release the TL now that Batoto is gone?
Other than direct torrent ofc

Maybe they snapped like those penguins do.

On their site, probably.

Yeah but Dia isn't exactly subtle. She didn't hesitate talking about how much she loved hates Bort to anyone with ears.

i'd go mad too if the one thing that kept me going for the last several hundred if not thousand years was suddenly taken from me

i need to see penguin bort

yeah, but that's where they release the direct torrent, they can't host the chapter to be readable online, which is what I was asking

I don't think so. At most She looks upset when Bort shits on her but that's about it.


We're using at least until the scanlation community settles on a reader.

New Goshe is a little shit. She makes New Morga cry. Fuck you New Goshe.

New Morga is a little baby and needs to be bullied

I'm sure she'd like to run a paired T-test with you, population parameters unknown.

why don't you go play in some forest with lots of bear traps or something?

New Morga is fucking adorable, New Goshe needs some common sense slapped into her