Is trigger the savior of anime?

Is trigger the savior of anime?

Why does she have a buck tooth?

IG is doing a better job either way since most Trigger's shows are just Rule of Cool. They tried to do something different with Kiznaiver but we all know how that turned out. Hopefully FranXX doesn't go that way.

Even MAPPA seems to be saving anime rather than Trigger (Don't get me wrong Trigger is cool but i just don't think they're really saving anime)


Dumb Triggerfag.

No, but GodAni is.

>Rule of Cool
I didn't know this term even existed. I've always been saying most Trigger shows are basically this, they're very formulaic as well.

Literally who
They even did anything since k-on

Yeah they are.

Also the only Trigger show i actually like aside of Kill la Kill is Little Witch Academia so eh they're not exactly that good aside of their production values. Kiznaiver was just ok.

A-1 is.

What about Nichijou?

What are you smoking?

>a shitty rehash done before
>ruining mecha with cartoonish, plastic designs, animating faces, having robots have heels

Look around on the catalog. Their latest flagship, possibly their biggest project, Violet Evergarden is airing right now and saving anime again.

Probably joking.

Also Erased is shit.

Every fucking thread this gets posted
Then that faggot who responds saying "Nuh Uh those weren't original to Eva anyway"
Finally followed by the third faggot who posts the flower pasta

Why do triggerfags pretend as if anyone who worked with Gainax in the past is part of Trigger now? Darling Franxx is like 20% actual Trigger.

Uhh there hasn't been any flower pasta yet

Just wait

You are trying too hard IRCshitter/Discordnigger

It's way more similar to just mecha in general and not eva.

You are trying too hard IRCshitter/Discordnigger

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A boogieman, though sometimes it is real. Just like normalfags, reddit, Sup Forums and crossboarders


Yeah, Accelspam and Gorespammer didn't exist, it was all a dream

To everyone in this thread, stay alert for franxx shills with their smear campaign against VEG

Never leave Sup Forums again you disgusting newfag

>having robots have heels
Darling in the Franxx will do everything that EVA did, backwards and in high heels, proving its superiority.

Not with this crap.

violet everflop biggest enemy is itself, source material is vapid shit so the anime follows suit

Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.

More like it will break a heel and never recover from the fall.

Do people actually like this garbage?

Can you retards really not see it's just a copy and paste of the same fucking anime tropes every season?

Reminder that Trigger is Aniplex's bitch and should be renamed to A-2 Pictures.

Well, retards shill moecrap like yuru camp and mitsuboshi colors despite being the same copy pasted shit every season.

>it's just a copy and paste of the same fucking anime tropes every season?
That's damn near every show every season, user.

>make a new company
>call it Trigger
>every anime it produces successfully manages to trigger Sup Forums
Sasuga Imaishi

>Mitsuboshi Colors

No. Trigger is overhyped and have only made 2 good shows.


If VEG is a better show why are all its fans complaining about Franxx in any of the three active Franxx threads instead of talking about their own show?

>Darling and the buttseXX
wow so deep! Sex lol haha but not actually sex but SYMBOLISM and EVA REFERENCES woooow based triggerbros saving anime!

>eva clone but now asuka is main girl


I see it this way, VEGfags expected a great show with complex characters and deep plot. They got a mediocre anime. Franxx fags expected some low brow ecchi show with basic premise and beat up tropes and themes, and got exactly what they were expecting. One side is just dissatisfied because they know their studio can do better.

>Violet Evergarden
Isn't that a netflix series?

It's Darling IN the FranXX, user. We'll learn that TPTB think Hiro is special because he looks to be able to mate with FranXX and knock them up, cutting the time for creating new ones down by at least an order of magnitude.

Everything is a Bible clone so everything sucks, right, user?

Yes, religion is for brainlets

This but unironically

This but unironically

This but unironically

This but unironically

This but unironically

Trigger does it AGAIN

Fuck off discord troll
VEG > franxx