Which one ?

Which one ?

Left for story
Right for porn

Left for porn
Right for porn

left for my heart
Right for my dick

left inside my heart
right inside my dick

Left is a potato

Left : No Ass
Right : Ass
So, Ass.

I'm more insulted by Japan's sexualization of Kino than I am of Japan's sexualization of WW2 veterans.

Left by far. Right looks bland as fuck.

what do you mean which one its the same person just an age difference

Did someone say PEAK PERFORMANCE?

Left is the cutest


neither because im not into boys

No version of Kino is for porn you savages.

Did Kuroboshi even draw the one on the right? If it was between these two I might have a more difficult decision, but between those two the left is much better.

Left one looks more fun to explore with, while right one will rob you.

Left : Cute, Right : Hot

Left : Boobs
Right : Ass
Which one ?

Right because I'm not a woman nor a homo.

The LN covers have always been drawn by the same guy. It's rather interesting to watch his art evolve


I disagree.
I think the left one looks pretty generic to me. The right one has a bit more identity to it.

i like where your head is at

How does Kino not get rape doujins?

it's the new show good? better, worse or equal to the original? i am scared to get dissapointed

Much, much worse in every way.


It's okay.

Modern Kuraboshi's art is pretty distinctive though. I'm 99.9% sure PriPri was designed by Kuraboshi and I never checked if he did and that's from the anime design. I can hardly call right as being more distinctive compared to its peers in the early 2000s.

Is Kino easy to read for someone who is learning Japanese?

No, the right cover is drawn by Shiomiya. It's one of the two manga adaptations.


Which Kino is the best?

Thank you, I felt like trying to read something I was at least passingly familiar with would make it easier

>2003 Background Art Director and Director
>2005 Background Art Director
>2007 Director

They're not character designers.