Violet Evergarden

Did you like Chtholly's episode, Sup Forums?

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>Kitanowho? delivered a better episodes than the directors

I'm about to watch it subbed, wish me luck, I had no coffee

Which non-english dubs are done best for this show?

I watched it in in nip. It was decent. People kept saying French or Spanish.

Where can one see the French dub?


I like every Ctholly episode
oh wait are we talking about a different show

There is a multi audio version on nyaa with all the dubs.

It's the VA. I'm 99% sure it's her.


Best episode so far.


>no coffee

You're doomed


Wait this is voiced by Azusa Tadokoro?



I want to be Violet's girlfriend!

I'll be waiting for more vaioretto fanarts where she's drawn gloveless.

Vote up.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?


There has been a few new ones.

LNfags, is this show going to be this comfy from here on out or will there be actual conflict?

threadly reminder on how to fix the shitty filter.

>use a 16-235 -> 0-255 shader in your video player (mpc)

Sup Forums officially got me. Prior to watching this, all the threads I've seen about this was a lot of negative vibes about it. I went into the show thinking it will suck as well. Now I can't get it out of myself yo criticize every little thing about it. 20 minutes into episode 1 I already really hate the show. By episode 2 I don't even understand why I'm watching it still. Well at least I can add ammo to talk negatively about it.

Just being honest about it unlike others here who just shit post. Shows bad. I agree with the majority that KyoAni couldn't save anime. The I know they never said that at all. But them doing this kind of production means that's what they want to show to people. Too bad everyone caught on to their plan.

3 episodes in. Still shit.

Not gonna drop it though, since I still wanna shitpost with you guys on this shitshow thread.

It's uh, complicated.

>letting an anonymous image board influence you

She even had a hat, holy fuck.

There's been much worse shows Sup Forums told people to watch.
I'm ready.

As I said, NO, it's offensively boring. It's not deep, meaningful or substantial either, it's just the story of an autismbot being painfully bad at her job. I've seen this "robutt lrns human emushuns" story a hundred times before, done better. And that typing class was really stupid.

EP 1: 5/10
EP 2: 3/10
EP 3: 3/10

Still don't care about any single character, 3 episodes in. Oh, and the ED song is grating.

Cheeky newfag vedditors don't bother hiding it. Used to be you'd get a ban for this sort of shit.

The same kind too

That's a cute Saber.

PS: And the drama is basic, forced and immature too.

>Cheeky newfag vedditors
Projecting much?

For what? Same reason I've never dropped Code Geass, Penguindrum, Guilty Crown, Mayoiga, Re:Creators, & Dangaronpa.

A good kind of complicated or 'author has no idea what tone to go for' complicated

Geass is the only show you listed that was actually good.

No you don't. She would be an absolutely horrible girlfriend. Constantly lusting after someone else that you would never in 10 lifetimes compared to that is in all probability dead so he is immortalized as perfect. Further she is an autistic PTSD case with zero empathy - it's the very essence of her character and the story.

You've never been in a relationship, have you?

>Third episode
>Shiritai no dess
>OP & ED sound really bad
Is like all those filters are making you all blind

Guilty Crown was AOTS and you would know that if you weren't on /r/anime for that season

>>You've never been in a relationship, have you?

I liked the OP.

A good kind of complicated, I think.
Violet is not exactly a character that deserves happiness after what she's done and the author manages to mix that with both comfy and suffering stories in order to make her grow. Even outside the battlefield life is not all sunshine & rainbows after all.
Basically there'll be a lot of pain and joy before the end.


>You've never been in a relationship, have you?
VEGfags, everyone.

Don't talk shit about the OP and the ED you subhuman filth.

Dumb question, do I have to watch I guess the movie or whatever to understand this?

epic samefag

The OP reminded me of those korean dramas my sister watches.

Hi Sup Forums!



You need to read at least 200+ essential European Novels first before watching this series.

I think you need to take a break and cheer up user

Wow you're such a fucking idiot, this is baed on a EUROPEAN NOVEL. Not that cheap light novel trash.
E U R O P E A N N O V E L, if you've never read a EUROPEAN NOVEL then you can't judge, they are filled with termnology and concepts you woulnd't understand like "yakisoba" or "bowing to others.", "ikkatakimasu".

How do you expect to understand? fucking shounenfag.



is this some new kind of shitposting?

I wish she was MC instead of Vioretto

die trash

good work

This is the power of VEG fans.

>Violet Evergarden fans are enlightened men of Sup Forums who share an appreciation of animation
>Darlingfags are Sup Forumsermin

Whats the problem here?

Like, did some youtuber tell you guys you should start doing this specific thing? I don't really understand where the kids get their marching orders these days

It's really unhealthy to keep watching something you don't really like.

>277 results
Damn, I sure get around.

Quite nice facial features there.

I don't much like Violet Ever Garden. We were promised a down to earth anime with an eye towards realism, and we got super powerful female warrior that fights while her arms are blown off and gallons of blood loss is an inconvenience. It's mostly my fault, I expected a realistic story with characters to match, and I can't help but feel resentment for what we got. Violet Ever Garden is getting REKT by Poptepic in sales, which is a sweet irony. You have this super serious, wannabe artistic anime with sexy girls who's hair is wafting wafting in the wind as they contemplate the struggle of human existence, defeated by pic related.

>Try this hard to fit in.
Same. Helped added a different perspective.

Is shiritai no dess the new fuyukai desu? Why do they have one quirk for their every show?

>red hair with frontal braid
>green eyes


I might be nitpicking this show to death, but it's driving me crazy. The first two minutes already piss me off. Why is Violet still saluting like an autist after she was making a concerted effort to not do that in the first episode? Why does the show have these monologues spelling out what they're already showing visually? It's written like a radio show, like it has no confidence in its own animation.

I liked all the episodes. Why do I feel like I'm the only person on here enjoying this show?

I like the show, but the ED is like fingers on a chalkboard.
Minorin has given up and just sings through her nose all the time now.

You are nitpicking it to death because you want it to be a masterpiece or something.
Calm down.

It's ironic shitposters. Don't mind them. KyoAnifags and Patricians are still watching.

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

Concentrated shitposting can do that.

Don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.
No more.

But she looks so cute...

Nobody except Kyoanusfags expect masterpieces from Kyoanus, when their best anime (FMP series) is at best a 8/10, and in recent years they tend to gravitate from 3/10 to 6/10 shows.

People weren't expecting a masterpiece. They just expected something BETTER than what they've got.

All this hype for nothing, the story, plot, OP, ED, even the music (which is hopelessly out of place in several moments) are all mediocre, only the animation and the art are amazing, and they cranked the filters up to 11 in order to destroy that, because we can't have nice things.

>A nameless flower lies in peace
[ Violet ] is gonna die isn't she?

I don't have standards or expectations that high, I'd settle for competent.

dan 2 love?

Who cares, she's not even alive, just a boring doll lusting for a cock she'll never have.

>all reaction images come from the same source
You're a special kind of retarded.

Fuck off cancer.

I don't think main characters would die


look at the filename you degenerate. the chance multiple people have the same filename is slim as fuck.

What's wrong with that? The fact this place has been salivating for people to hate on the show speaks how much they want people to hate it.

Look, have you actually even seen one positive thing brought up in this show here? No. None at all. Why? Because people hate that KyoAni spent their time on this show and not cater to what Sup Forums wants. And I agree. They should just have done some typical stuff so that this place will like it more.

Honestly while I think phantom world is their shittiest show, VEG is even below that for some reason. Hell I think people here will agree with me that it's even lower than Kyoukai no Kanata now.

Do a poll. I challenge you. People here fucking hate VEG. As they should. KyoAni should never try pushing more than they can.

It's what bothers me the most. I was promised a master piece that would set a new standard for story telling and characterization. I'm not feeling it and I shouldn't have gone into this so hyped.

Not him but when you use 4chanx to save images, it keeps the filename.

>the chance multiple people have the same filename is slim as fuck.
And you know this how? Go fuck yourself retard.

Shhhh, Seiba is sleeping.

Ein Veilchen auf der Wiese stand,
gebückt in sich und unbekannt;
es war ein herzigs Veilchen.
Da kam ein' junge Schäferin
mit leichtem Schritt und munterm Sinn
daher, daher,
die Wiese her und sang.

Ach! denkt das Veilchen, wär' ich nur
die schönste Blume der Natur,
ach, nur ein kleines Weilchen,
bis mich das Liebchen abgepflückt
und an dem Busen matt gedrückt,
ach, nur, ach nur
ein Viertelstündchen lang!

Ach, aber ach! Das Mädchen kam
und nicht in acht das Veilchen nahm,
ertrat das arme Veilchen.
Es sank und starb, und freut' sich noch:
und sterb' ich denn, so sterb' ich doch
durch sie, durch sie,
zu ihren Füßen doch!

Das arme Veilchen! es war ein herzigs Veilchen.

Please fuck off back to Sup Forums, /vg/, Sup Forums or whatever the hell board you are from.


Nigga, you're dumb as shit

I wish seiba would die off for real.