Is it safe for middle school girls to go camping by themselves? Won't they get raped?

Is it safe for middle school girls to go camping by themselves? Won't they get raped?

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No, they wouldn't. That's why Japan needs Feminism.

Who would rape them a bear?
>grrr look at this girl I can eat let me rape her first

Canada is number one!
I always knew we were the greatest country in the world

Japan is among not shithole places

>a country that had to make women-only train wagons because of how commonplace sexual assault is in its public transports
yeah ok

Explain to me why is rape bad from an utilitarian point of view.

Waifus are pure and for hand holding not sex

removes value from the woman without her consent. It's basically theft.

Get a load of this guy.

They're too old for him.

No, as long as I'm not near them and in Japan

Japan is easily one of the safest countries on the planet.

>no rape per second

It's similar in Canada, I always went to buy my moms cigarettes even when I was like 10 I just said they're for my mom and the Korean guy sold it to me, which wasn't really good because I had my first cigarette before I even finished primary and became a regular smoker by 13

That sounds more like a shithole to me.

is this real

Japan doesn't have niggers

Why? And I meant with kids being independent my friend always went to pick up smokes for his mom too

He's probably Japanese and you mentioned a Korean.

>In Japan, women-only cars were introduced to combat lewd conduct, particularly groping (chikan).
>Groping in crowded commuter trains has been a problem in Japan: according to a survey conducted by Tokyo Metropolitan Police and East Japan Railway Company, two-thirds of female passengers in their 20s and 30s reported that they had been groped on trains, and the majority had been victimized frequently. Authorities have been unable to stop groping, as trains are too crowded to identify and catch the perpetrators, which would later escape; courts have traditionally been lenient, and victims are often too ashamed to come forward.[4] The police and railway companies responded with poster campaigns to raise awareness and with tougher sentences, but have been unable to reverse the trend.[5] In 2004, the Tokyo police reported a threefold increase in reported cases of groping on public transportation over eight years.[6]

No, he's Korean I know because I asked and we don't have much Japanese in Canada, I've met literally 3 Japanese in my life and out of the maybe 20 Asians in my school 90% were Korean the rest Chinese

No, I mean thinks it's a shithole because there's a Korean in it.

Oh lol

You're supposed to go camping with a shotgun anyway for bears.

>for bears

Someone wants to get eaten.

It's not rape in Japan, it's legal to have sex with any girl out after dark.

Yeah but what if they're flying bears?


why do all these highschool japanese girls act like old women

How cum I live in america and Ive never seen a rape? Check mate

Most dudes close their eyes when they cum, you rapist.


In the wild there will be prey monster protection girl

>sweden in the highest rate category

There are no niggers in Japan.

Not a problem if she has a gun in her bun

Okinawa. And they constantly rape local women, too.


Mount fuji is pretty far from okinawa

Considering how packed those train cars can get, would not be surprising for someone to take advantage of the situation


Well, it's Japan, the country with one of the lowest (reported) crime rate!
In other words, if anything happens they just won't tell anyone to not damage the country's public image, so it's all ok.

She goes camping, because she wants to get raped. Bun is very lonely.

Is that yours user? It's pretty funny.


What makes it so good, Sup Forums? How did they create such a sublime, supreme experience?

>this is exactly how I react every time I here SHAINY DAIZ

they didnt

Numbers are only low in Japan because vast majority are unreported.

It's probably safer than going on a train

don't worry, it's japan. shit is like saying hello to them.

Why does she wear the bun?

All crime in Japan is a myth invented by chinks to discredit glorious sun empire. Gaijin go home

lol so true

>glorious sun empire.
The sun never sets on the British empire!
>I mean it didn't used too..