ITT: post characters you share your name with

ITT: post characters you share your name with



When I search Nicholas anime all I get is this guy or the fox from Zootopia


I'm mildly surprised that it's been used. Seems too niche to be in anything.


Not a single one as far as I know. This is pretty close though.

No character is named Lacey


Never see this show but I keep on wanting to check it out for the 7 deadly sins theme and the one hot guy floating aroudn (only thing shounenshit is good for)

Literally same.

claire is pretty obscure

What would a breakfast club anime be like?

He wasn't obscure 10 years ago. This is bs. The modern world is bs.

the name(male) is, you twat

Sorry didn't realize you were a male named Claire. You cyberbully.


>Edward Elric
>Edward Newgate
>Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
>Edward Kramer
I feel so fucking pathetic and worthless to share the same name with these based,magnificent men. I have the same name as them and yet i'm as incompetent as a fucking ant


Ants are hella competent.

Bretty accurate desu

i don't know any male anime character named Alex.

so i have to use this i guess.

best gem

The fuck is this



I am black,btw.

>tfw dont share a name with anyone in anime


Close enough.

You'd think that a biblical name like mine would be more common to westaboo japs who like to mix the bible and fantasy together
oh well

I have no clue who the fuck this character is from or who this character is



I'm not as cool as him though.

Only pronounced like an English guy, not a French girl.


I don't have one either. There are a few live action characters, but not many. My name is way too much '90s girl' I think. Maybe if it was Elizabeth or something.