Decided to finally start this tonight because I wanted to see what all the hype was

Decided to finally start this tonight because I wanted to see what all the hype was.

But where are the stands? The whole thing that caught my attention was the crazy abilities and over the top violence, but so far it's just Dio being an asshole.



Rather than acting like pretentious cunts, could I actually have an actual answer?

Part 2 is best part, fight me faggots.

r-read the manga!!

please don't hurt me b-baka sama

stands aren't introduced till part 3, stardust crusaders. But trust me it'll get crazy soon just keep watching season 1 you'll probably like it more once you're past episode 10

Lol season 3 starts with the stands bro.

First it's just the hamon/ripple.
Don't give up now continue watching normally and you'll end up loving JoJo.

Part 1 & 2 build up to the crazy shit that happens later.

Stands come later. I watched part of season 1 (til Danny the Dog died aka my fav character) then got bored skipped to part 4 (season 3?) when you got Josuke Pompadour and the Boyz and its a lot of fun. They all got stands too so that happens along the way.

Joseph was my favorite Jojo. Shame his Josephness was toned down in 3 and is almost completely gone in 4. I guess a large part of that was youthful exuberance but still

The show is still interesting without stands, as it's more like a Victorian drama, however, unlike most dramas, something is happening.

Yeah I wasn't sure what was what and accidentally watched like 5 episodes of unbreakable diamond before realising it was the latest series, but it was great, though as I'm now on season 1 it's hard to believe this is the same show.

>just finished reading part 5

Stands come in in Stardust Crusaders, though the supernatural elements do come in a lot sooner than that.

Yeah I just finished episode 2 and apparently Vampires exist, which is cool.

>still more than half a month till the next chapter of Jojolion

You have to go back


Jojo is a generational series, each part takes place years after the previous and stars a different member of the Joestar family, usually the descendants of a previous JoJo. Josuke in part 4 is a descendant of Jonathan from part 1.

JoJo hype is actually built upon its EDs.
It starts with
>Is that a fucking english song?
>They're going to Egy-oh my fuck did they REALLY pick Walk Like an Egyptian? kek
all the way to
>They're not topping SC what the fuck could they possib-wait...this beat...I know this so-savage fucking garden what the ever-living fuck Araki
>*watches next ep*
Also don't skip season 2 or you'll miss best JoJo.

yeah, i too cried when i saw how shit part 5's ending was

I might be the only person who preferred the ripple to stands. It could've been an extension to ki that still did wacky shit but instead we ended up with the prototype to pokemon

You're not the only person, you're one of many with a stupid opinion. Hamon essentially had no proper limits - multiple fights were won or lost based on 'X is a great conductor of/X blocks hamon'. It could mind-control people, see into the future, heal wounds, extend body-parts, stiffen shit, glue shit together, blow shit up, etc etc etc. It was written decently in the two parts it was in, but only a fool would claim that there was much else that could be done with it, or that it's better than grounded, unique abilities based around individuals and what sort of person they are.

>Hamon essentially had no proper limits
>It could mind-control people, see into the future, heal wounds, extend body-parts, stiffen shit, glue shit together, blow shit up, etc etc etc
You also just described Stands, so...
The retarded excuse that some Stands can counter others goes as deep as the excuse that some situations could counter Ripple. The only difference was Ripple had to be used in creative ways to overpower a more naturally skilled opponent.
Stand users can just asspull their way out using their convenient godhax counter ability like a Bleach fight.

>You also just described Stands, so...
All stands collectively maybe. Difference is, unlike Hamon, a stand user can't do every single thing with it. They each come with their own rules. Even if Araki blurs the lines sometimes, it still keeps every single fight distinct and interesting in a way that Hamon could never achieve if all 8 parts had featured it.

The most interesting things Stand users have done did not involve their stands.
Everything else could have been done as effectively or more effectively by using Ripple.
Star Platinum vs The World is a prime example of how retarded the "Stands make fights unique" argument is.

Part 3 was still Araki figuring things out with stands.

is this bait

Absolutely not.
Individual stands have individual abilities. Aside from some fuckups early on (Like a kid who watches part of part 3 and then gives up before the halfway point) stands are infinitely more grounded than hamon ever was, which, again, essentially had no limitations. While on paper this sounds good, in practice it led to exactly what happened in the series and exactly what I described - multiple battles being won based around something conducting hamon.

Also, it was pretty clear that hamon was turning out more like stands anyway, with Araki having the idea of individual users doing individual things with it - Joseph put it in his clackers and oil, whereas Caesar used soap-bubbles. Whining about how stands ruined everything suggests what you really want is for things to have stayed the same rather than progressing down a natural path.

Spoken like a truly boring person who likely hasn't read the manga.

Stands gave us things like Sticky Fingers unzipping its own user into many pieces (including stopping his heart) so he can hide from Beach Boy and its vibration-detection and remote killing capabilities. We saw a comparatively weak stand-user who only had the power to turn into threads being able to rival a stand that violently inverted everything it touched by making herself into a mobius strip. We got a stand that fixes everything it touches combatting a swarm-stand that shoots missiles and shit by fixing the missiles it deflected so that they hurt its own user.

What was the best and most creative thing that hamon did? Caesar's bubbles?

You will have bigger questions by the end of s3, such as whether you absolutely love or hate this man.

Everyone obviously absolutely loves Polnareff you fucking dumbass.

I stopped watching in Egypt, got tired of the villain gauntlet.

Everything is made worse by his presence. He is literally a plot device for killing characters.

Part one is Part 3's villain's backstory

Part two is Part 3's Protagonist(s) family backstory

both needed to actually enjoy Part 3 imo

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Yeah, Avdol and Iggy were such great characters, they would've been even more memorable if they'd simply been offscreen during the final battle and survived

Stop posting your shitty cartoons on Sup Forums, Sup Forums.

>Star Platinum vs The World isn't unique
>The battle that actually proves the uniqueness.

People love to rip on this fight, when it's honestly the best thing about stand fights. Even when both users have exact same ability, the fight was tense and interesting. You have Jotaro going into DIO's fear of not being alone in his time-stop involving magnets. To which Jotaro baits and ends up actually hurting DIO in timestop, the place he thought he was invincible. Now it's a battle of Jotaro trying to bait DIO in any way he can, with him using timestop limited of times while DIO just spams. And then we have Jotaro using the metaphysicalness of stands to his advantage and stop his own heart, while also using Star Platinum self-preservation ability to pump it back up. While also using stands in a unique way of flying. To then Jotaro taking advantage of the timestop seconds and being the one to use the last timestop. To then Jotaro defeating DIO by breaking his stand, hist literal personification of himself.

You literally can't do that with hamon. There's so many things going in play in this entirre fight , and hamon can only do so much before it hoes, "more hamon=win"

Where do you think you are you colossal fucking faggot?

I recently finished all diamond is unbreakable and I have a question. Perhaps I'm misremembering but I thought the Joestar family only had special abilitity every other generation and that's why we don't have a season with Jonathan's son (Joseph's father) or Joseph's son (Jotaro's father). But then we get to meet Josuke who is the actual son of Joseph.

What's up with that? Is every generation special but we don't get to see them all? Is it random?

Nah, Joseph’s father just ended up with shortest straw.

I think Araki skipped him to get to modern times faster, in one of interviews he admitted that catching up with current years was always the intention.

I see, thanks. What about Jotaro's father, is he mentioned in the manga? Maybe he was brought up in the anime but I don't remember anything about it.

Both the manga and anime only mentions Jotaro's father by passing and all we know of him is that he traveled around to play jazz during the events of Stardust Crusaders.

There's a weird novel with Jonathan's son and IIRC it has 36 Kars on Mars (literally, they are on the planet) and deals with more wacky shit than even the main series contains.

just stop watching at the end of part 1 before it goes full fag

joseph only has a daughter, who is jotaros mom and an important character/plot device in part3. the dad is irrelevant.

It's supporting cast and Villains are the weakest in the series. The only good thing it has is Joseph who luckily does the majority of things on his own. Stroheim is also good I guess

>Man literally holds another man's head to his chest.
>Not full fag.