Slow Start

Why is the animation in this show so good? Why for a CGDCT show?

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Because fuck you that's why

Because it's A-1 shit. The animation is good but everything else is garbage, as usual.

I can't wait to see a second season taking place in college during her study of General Developmental Services, where her parents think of abandoning her. They've already dumped her onto their nephew because they can't stand being around someone so retarded. Her friends will have graduated by now but I'm sure Hana will pull it off on the fifth try. She would have taken a victory lap but that would imply she can achieve something.

A genki girl like Tamate deserves good animation.

It means the animators are enjoying it.

Have you ever wondered why shows animated by Koreans look so bad? It's because they have no soul.

This girl is literally just Kana from Dragon Maid. Did they even try?

The animators also seem to enjoy drawing feet in particular.

Why mess with perfection?

Who do you think "they" is? How are you guys so ignorant of your hobby?

But they did. Unlike Kana, this girl isn't a dragon

I think you mean "she isn't 8 years old", pedo.

>General Developmental Services
What is that?

Apparently Tama's VA is a yurifag.


Slow Start began its serialization just a few days after Dragon Maid, I doubt they had the time to rip off a character in that short a timeframe.

Tamate truly is perfection in every way imaginable.

>Izumi said that in the future she’d love to bring more guests, and mentioned that one of her colleagues, Ayasa (BangDream, MH) wanted to go to but her schedule wouldn’t let her this time (GaruParty was the same day), and wants to invite her some time.

Reminds of me the anons that went "Why does KyoAni have another black-haired girl named Reina in Musaigen no Phantom World when they just had a black-haired girl named Reina in Hibike! Euphonium? They should have changed it!" Some people just aren't very bright.


Hana is a massive shit, I hate when shows make the side-characters more interesting than the main one

There are 4 main characters though.

I'm surprised KyoAni haven't sued yet


I think Kamu came first. Maid dragon manga started like a month before Slow Start but Kana wasn't in the story until later unlike Kamu.

She is easily the best character. When she's not on screen I find myself wondering when Hana will come back.

Tama-chan makes me uneasy, her over the top genkiness makes me feel that she's broken on the inside and just pretending to be happy.

As someone on the same end of the spectrum as Hana, that should come as no surprise.

But I thought Koreans had a Seoul.

I know but they at least could've given her a different seiyuu

She should die so Shion can be a main character.

No, Shion should just lock her up in her rape dungeon and take her place.

Was that dungeon part of the apartment building or a later addition?

It's Kanna you faggots. Is it Kana in the dub or some shit?

Is this yuri?

No, it's yuru.

How many other dragon lolis named Kana do you know of?

Yes, it's yuru and yuri.

I don't know any dragon lolis named Kana

She has a nice in-demand loli voice

I'd imagine a CGDCT would be easier to animate than your average action anime.

Watch Sansha Sanyou

It's because Slow Start is amazing

She is literally carrying the show, prove me wrong

I can confirm we get our souls striped out with education we got here

Whose kid is she?

Did not know that was a "good animation"
doesn't even stand out

Maybe your eyes had a bit of a slow start.

Hopefully not as much as your taste for mid tier sakuga

Has anyone tried filling in that gap where her fang is supposed to go?

iktf. she's such a sweety. I want to protect her. My fave girl this season next to shogi loli.


I'm glad to hear Kondou as a main character, and the series overall is better than I expected.

Hana graduated from the Ministry of Silly Walks with top marks.

But Kanna is cuter.

What did you expect, the Apocrypha fight 2.0? This show has unusually good animation for a CGDCT, that's all.

It's above average character animation, and flows smooth.

Why the fuck are there so many casuals on Sup Forums nowadays? Where did everything go wrong?

I just want more Eiko and Sensei

I just want more Eiko.

I just want Eiko.

>The hunter becomes the hunted.

Is sensei the apex predator?

There's always a bigger fish.

If she can tame Eiko, who could possibly stand above her?

It's clearly Chino you faggot and she's my wife

>It's clearly Chino
I agree.

Looks like Anne from a certain unhappy anime

Temperment is quite different, though.

Eiko's beautiful kiwi-fruit eyes.

Have anyone checked 9volt's 01v2 release? How is it?


Umm... Excuse me but that is in fact MY wife!

Actually, just "Tama-chan" is okay.


She's Kanna's daughter.


What can Slow Start do to catch up with Yuru Camp?

A kind user posted download links for all 5 manga volumes in the /u/ thread. Get them while they're hot.

Why should Slow Start try to be like Yuru Camp in the first place? Slow Start is perfect as it is.

>reading volume 5
>tons of Eiko x Kamu
Was the sensei shipping a trick all along?

Is she autistic?

The same volume starts with Eiko feeding Sensei with her fingers.

Well yeah Eiko is still a playgirl but it's clear her and Kamu is endgame.

Kamu, please. You'll be their adopted daughter at best.

Eiko (slut) is the worst character in this show.

Lying doesn't make you entertaining, just annoying.

My bet is on Shion, she's targeting hana's mom after all.

Was the lastest manga chapter the first hard yuri interaction in it? I don't follow the manga but I mit do if the author keeps adding stuff like that.


Does she do anything other than ara ara everything that moves and flop her fat titties around?

There is nothing wrong with that.

Never said there was

It's not good animation. It's got lots of frames with no personality. Every character has 2 faces total

>implying she needs to do anything else

Being this flat should be illegal.

It is, Tamate is going to jail.

But it's cute.

I want to be Tamate's partner in crime!

Because of the "ravioli ravioli" bullshit

It should be mandatory.

No, but flat girls should be forced to wear swimwear for boys.