>models look like garbage

Dead on arrival

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Why is he so perfectly symmetrical? Ken here looks like a UnitinU meme.


>neck wider than head

How do I archieve a neck like that?

neck not big enough

weighted neck raises every hour


For fuck's sake, it's Fist of the Blue Sky.

Do not be fooled, tall necks are epitome of beauty.

Someone really should shrink the face a bit

Looks about right if we're talking Tetsuo Hara


people who will eat up nu logh are worse

Man, his art got worse and worse. Look at the length of that abdomen/waist
His eyesight problems really fucked him up. One of the rare cases in manga in which the artist actually became worse with time and not better


Eh, this still looks better IMO. I'm just not a big fan of giving Kenshiro spiky hair though.

Anyway, the problem isn't so much the 3D as it is the horrendously low framerate in the trailer.

Will it match the QUALITY of the old Souten no Ken anime?

>Jagi manga
>Fist of the north star movie
>DD hokuto no ken

How many times can a single story peak in quality?

Man, how do you even manage to fuck up this badly?

>That neck
It looks like the face was just pasted on.

This feels like an argument between a MGTOW and a white knight.

Is fist of the blue sky worth reading?

>became worse with time and not better
Dude you said already, his eyes are fucked up, he have to draw literally with his nose stick to the paper to see something.

Looks like someone didn't skip a single neckday in his entire 20 year roid fueled /fit/ binge.

I liked it.

First half is great, secon half is pretty dull, the ending is stupid as fuck


the 2007 movies had the same issue

Did the artist just mirror half the body before adding color and hair?

it started going down after part 5

I'm reading fist of the north star now, I'll start blue sky after but can I just pick this show up when I finish the north star or is it a sequel anime?