Trigger is only working on the animation for this, right? This isn't anything like their previous shows...

Trigger is only working on the animation for this, right? This isn't anything like their previous shows, it has that tinge of melodrama you see in A-1's other shitshows like SAO. Also, it takes itself way too seriously. The reason people liked Kill la Kill was because it didn't make its basic premise its entire message. FranXX keeps shoving dumb bullshit in your face to make it look like it's smart. I have to say though, when Trigger starts animating fight scenes (and it's really obvious when they step it) it's actually enjoyable to watch, ignoring the premise and plot. I'd like to see a version of this show without any of A-1's shit.

What's with Sup Forums suddenly namedropping A1 everywhere? Did a bunch of new posters learn what studios are?

>Tumblr still get buttblasted over
FAITHFULNESS IN LOVE that they know they will never get.

How many threads do they want to make over their pain?

I started hating them after Aldnoah Zero. I was genuinely expecting a fun mecha show but all I got was some of the most boring shit I've ever watched.

Everyone reading this thread:
It's much better than this crap

He is Gainax which is more relevant

The only other anime he's been head director of is an idolmaster movie. Everything else is animation and directing some episodes of other shows here and there. He's basically a nobody and it shows with Franxx.

are you trying to trick me? i watched VEG and it was shit

>Trigger is only working on the animation for this, right?

Trigger hasn't even worked in this series aside from Sushio, Imaishi, and Koyama.

This is like 85 % Nishigori & A-1's personal connection.

>Animation for episode 1 and 2 was 95% a-1
might as well have been trigger
it had a lot of personality, much more than what I'd normally expect from an A1 Pictures show.
Must be the director, who is apparently the character designer for TTGL and Idolmaster.

A-1 would never be this bold with sexuality.

That one, user, is a complicated matter. The director (Nishigori) is an ex-Gainax staff who worked with together Imaishi on Furi Kuri and Diebuster back when they were younger. Since then Nishigori have been on and off with Imaishi and grew closer with A-1 Pictures to work on the [email protected] anime. But occassionally he helps Trigger with some of their projects, like the Little Witch Academia movie, as an assistant animation director.

In fact, [email protected] episode 17 back when it aired was entirely outsourced to studio Trigger. Suffice it to say, it's just a joint team between the TTGL team and the [email protected] team to create moe mecha.

Hey, freshman, time to take your pills and go to bed.

Stage 3: bargaining

so basically this is the [email protected] of ttgl?

>it's another OP rages against A-1 thread
It's funny how fags like him inevitably bring up SAO and Aldnoah

When does the shitposting start back up I have a good one.




>He's basically a nobody and it shows with Franxx.
Imagine being this ignorant. I suppose that according to you if you're not Miyazaki/Anno/Shinkai you're a nobody.

Because they are the Hitler and Mengele of "popcorn" anime respectively.

Already did, and i love both.

>2 eps in
>mods are already deleting threads

Reminder that he did nothing wrong.

>SAO was written by A-1
yea stop making threads ok friend?

He sure did fuck himself over by not removing egg boy

Applying Trigger’s polish to an A-1 turd does not result in a shitty jewel, but rather a polished turd.


Sounds about right

For the whateverth time: a studio is nothing but a legal entity that employs animators. What a show is like depends on the staff that works on it, not the company that hires some of them. Most studios don't even have a fixed list of animation staff on their payroll. The studio = a bunch of managers and producers.

>How many threads do they want to make over their pain?

They'll go on and on until the universe explodes. Everytime I have faith in Humanity, Tumblrites dashe it.

He let his quest for pussy take priority over his quest for power.

>it has that tinge of melodrama
>takes itself way too seriously
>keeps shoving dumb bullshit in your face to make it look like it's smart
>enjoyable to watch, ignoring the premise and plot

my exact feelings. Also the lewd is top notch. Otherwise it's hot, embarrassing garbage.

Best boy, only decent character in that shitshow.

It's the normalfag trend, the popular perception in the west among those "anitubers" or "redditors" and similar cancer is that studio wars matter and they don't look at the staff, if you can already nake Nishigori you look super smart. The popular idea is that trigger is a creative wild underdog and that A-1 is a stiff soulless studio that belongs to a megacorporation so they trivialize it down to that idea.
All the bad parts? By A-1,they present the generic marketing harem anime part.
All the good parts? Give credit to based trigger because they're carrying this.