This will never happen to you

This will never happen to you

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It would get old and stable just like the series

>you will never have a gf you can watch anime with and play video games with who will cuddle with you and let you play with her hair
Why even live

Fuck you

I can't believe they ruined the original art, can't even enjoy these characters they look like they are toddlers.

Loses that coming of age genuine feel it had in the beginning, now it just feels like shallow loli garbage for otaku.

there is no mystery involved when hooking with someone you knew growing up with. a sense of mystery around the other is an important part of pretty much any relationship. it keeps you wanting more, and stops them from getting boring or mundane. marrying your childhood crush is a romantic meme that devolves into a loveless, dead end relationship the vast majority of the time unless you're a one-in-a-million modern day romeo and juliet

Women don't understand art. That's something you've got friends for.

It works in fiction but lets keep it at that.

>can't even enjoy these characters they look like they are toddlers.
Worst part is that their voices don't sound appropriate. But hey. It's a manga adaptation so expected.

Why don't you make like Romeo and off yourself with that shit opinion

>marry mystery girl
>finally solve the mystery when you come across her nigger gangbang video
No thanks

Yeah that's what my friends are for, yup my friends rick and morty

depends on the personality

INFJ girls like me are endlessly complicated.

>btw im a girl

just gtfo

Jokes on you. I had a girl who was just playful and would call me nicknames and another who did the same 10 years later


Of course it's not going to happen to me, I'm a fucking grown ass man who's done with highschool, and uni for that matter
I swear to god summer gets earlier every year

I had a girl who did that in high school. She would call me Stripes because a lot of my shirts had stripes. We went on a date to the movies

Then I found out she was insane, made one of my friends cry, and would stare daggers at girls I was with.

>don't hit on me silly boys!

It's fucking January, it's so cold your microcock hasn't even crawled back out of your fat gut yet. Start bitching about Summer come groundhog day

>large breasts

Pick one and only one.
You want big boobs, seek out ENFPs.


You think I give a shit?

I swear this Meyers Briggs shit is the new astrology

>Sup Forums discusses real life relationships and other aspects of society they have zero experience or knowledge in
This is never good

Also I'm INTJ and my tackle is all in order. What's YOUR excuse.

I'll stop bitching when limpdick faggots like you stop obsessing over highschool romance
I'm sure you'd know how cold it is, it must make it difficult waiting for your tiny balls to drop

>my tackle is all in order

I personally prefer SBBH (Small Breast Big Heart) personality type.


Hey you 4 legged prick don't you have some grapes to complain about?

I don't want to blog post, but it has happened to me and when it did I gave her a confused look and looked the other way

Sup Forums is not free of normalfags.

>girls like me are endlessly complicated
>endlessly complicated girls
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