Koi wa ameagari

So, this anime is some kind of forced drama bullshit about a teenager lusting for a guy that could be her dad?
What does Sup Forums think about it?
I just started and I'm mad already

There isnt any forced drama though.
Unless you're the type of retard that thinks all drama is forced drama

It's a story with excellent animation and direction and a steller cast of characters, everyone feels genuine they aren't afraid to show multiple sides to people and it's a lot of fun to see them interact.

The age gap makes for some interesting moments but for the most part this show handles the topic maturely, whilst still being entertaining.

No, there is no "forced drama".
Well actually, there is some annoying drama later on, but it doesn' involve the relationship between her and the old guy.

> the guy have a kid and wascmarried
> this only gets her wetter

I already have 3DPD for the daddy issues

>No forced drama
In like, chapter 5 the playboy cook forces her to go on a date with him and steals all her firsts. And then her date with the manager is just a repeat.

What kind of shitty logic is this? If they're separate and are okay with seeing new people, then where's the drama?

>In like, chapter 5 the playboy cook forces her to go on a date with him and steals all her firsts

Nice, I can drop right now

Going from defeated and disappointed to relieved and hopeful is not exactly getting wetter from him having a kid and being divorced. She just went back to being wet.

This sounds like bullshit, just like all of Sup Forums's NTR baiting.

> this only gets her wetter

No it doesn't.

She doesn't mind the son but he is not a factor at all.

>for the most part this show handles the topic maturely

... so they fuck?

I mean kids in highschool fuck each other, and grown-ups fuck each other, so clearly a relationship between two people of these groups would tend to involve fucking.

>he is not a factor at all

Sounds naive. She can never hope to be with him unless she wins over his son.

It is bullshit. The handsome cook actually has somebody he loves already but is acting shitty because he can't be with her.

No NTR in this series.

He blackmails her after she lends him a book that she forgot she wrote that she liked the manager in.
They go on a date to the movies, she clearly doesn't like it, he kisses her on the cheek, they part, the end.

They get along fine but she never thinks of the son when she does that "I'm-so-in-love" moments of introspection about her boss.

They show her dad later and he's nothing at all like the Manager

I remember not long ago there was a dump thread about this manga but then it kinda disappeared midway

its so precious that anons use "forced drama" as if they just heard the word and want to sound smart by using it so very precious you all get a sweetie award

That's one abnormally long neck

I've bet most of them have never seen Kokoro Connect.

Just the fact that he's estranged from here is the point, he doesn't need to be a carbon copy of the Manager. Also there was that parallel drawn in how they both treat her like a kid.

>and steals all her firsts

He kisses her on the cheek and she immediately spends the rest of the afternoon trying to wipe it off. That's literally it. Unless you count "going to see a movie and getting a meal together while silently fuming" to be "firsts".

And just to head you off at the pass, don't even bother posting the out of context panels where the guy is fantasizing about what he'd like to do to her as if they actually occurred.

Completely tame compared to the travesty that was the Ballroom anime.

Is the anime any good? How was it compared to the manga.

>don't even bother posting the out of context panels where the guy is fantasizing about what he'd like to do to her as if they actually occurred.
Hmm good idea, I'll do this next thread.

I like the cinematography.
However the characters and writing are trash. literally citrus has more character depth than this. Episodes feel like 90% filler with zero character development or plot advancement. Overall this anime is mediocre. Also the OST is objectively poor.

Except it doesn't really seem at all like she has a "thing" for older men in general, nor does she have any issues with her dad. At one point they even bring up the question of "what if some other guy had been there when you were at your lowest point to lift your spirits when you needed it most, would you have fallen in love with them instead?" Her response is that she honestly doesn't know, that it is possible, but that she's still glad it was him.

In any event, the story is really more about both of them supporting each other in returning to the passions that they abandoned (running and writing). It isn't a pure romance story, that's only a part of the overall narrative.

I'm enjoying it because the manager is voiced by Tiger/Mutta. Once you get past the "taboo" of him being so much older, it's just a by-the-numbers shoujo romance.

So far it is a good adaptation.
Plays a bit with the rhythm of the events but in ways that work for the story.

It loses points for getting rid of the Manager's bald spot.

What episode will they fuck?

>Daddy issues

so this what feminism brainwashed poor soyboys to think?


for anal.

I hope there's no drama, it's cute and comfy right now





It's all well and good but I hope the cast expands a bit. We need a Blazing Bat.


I feel that the anime would have more credibility if the adult object of love was this Japanese version, on the other hand the one that is not different from the average mc Beta, if it is not funny

NO. I love jingrock, but why did have it have to be ntr

I don't think it's anywhere near as blatant as having a thing for all older men though, but it probably does play a part. If it wanted to be portrayed as a love driven purely by circumstance with no underlying psychological reasons for why this highschool girl wants to fuck a 45 year old man, I don't really understand why you would include that in the story instead of making her just have a normal family. I mean, it's supposed to be a coincidence?

Like many adaptations, the manga is a lot better in terms of conveying certain feelings and emotions. The drawing and pacing are a lot better too.

>He kisses her
>he kisses her

The quality kind of takes a dip as the story goes on, probably because the production rate was increased and the artist had less time to get each chapter out.

Don't worry she is into old men

> shirt sniffing
Daddy issues aside, I'm sure this gurl have some fucking hardcore issues

i think she might have the bpd meme /fit/ always warned me about

When does an old man get into her?

It's seinen.

It’s a plebfilter and it’s working excellent. This thread is proof.


>I just started and I'm mad already
Let me guess, you're upset she doesn't just give the pussy to Yoshizawa, the dishonest bullshitting charlatan, right? Because that's the only character that you can relate to, and self-insert as, right?

I went in not quite knowing what to expect from it, but the manga is one of the more wholesome stories I've had the pleasure of reading in a long while.

> not liking age gap romance

>its an anime/manga where the love interest is a 45 yr old divorsed man with a son
Sounds like the author self inserts or something, unless femMC has major daddy issues that has resulted in electra complex.

Plenty of girls want to fuck old men. There should be more romance anime about old menxyoung girl anyway.

I wonder if we'll ever get a Kondou/Tachibana doujinshi?

or is the manager too pure for sex?

It doesn't really play out like that at all. While she is infatuated with him, it really seems like his feelings towards her are mired in wistful nostalgia of his younger years. The real meat of the plot is in the Manager reconnecting with his love for writing and Tachibana going through the therapy necessary to run again instead of using her part-time job and romantic interest in the Manager to avoid her best friend from the track team and other prior commitments.

The only good age gap is the yuri age gap.

episode 3 when?

The door is still there.


yuri is shit.
kill it with fire.

>the manga is one of the more wholesome stories I've had the pleasure of reading in a long while
This is exactly how I feel. The manga had excellent artwork/panelwork that I could stare at for hours due to the attention to detail. Even frames that look very similar are actually whole different drawings with just a minor (yet important) detail changed. I also liked how the author bothers to explain how even characters that could be labeled as "bad guys" are actually just flawed people stumbling through life like everyone else. The author is truly gifted

Yeah I definitely didn't expect to empathize with the asshole cook at all, and while I still think he's an asshole I can at least see where some of his bitterness stems from.

if Kondou's ex-wife isn't evil and she's still around does that mean that Tachibana already lost the Managerbowl?

too bad it isnt a typical shojo trope where the cook keeps having sex with her and the woman author still wants to empathize with him since hes a handsome chad.

Your post is forced.

Its just a more subtle form of NTR

...the patricians version of ntr?

>while I still think he's an asshole I can at least see where some of his bitterness stems from.
Agreed. I haven't had the pleasure to read a story like this in a long time, maybe because most authors usually just wipe their ass with side characters, and use them as mere plot devices but this one gives them a touch of humanity. I also liked how when Akira meets Masami's ex wife, she is not the bitter monster you expected her to be, but actually a total sweetheart. It made me feel so terrible that they divorced, and wonder wtf happened. The interaction between Haruka and Masami was also excellent. A lot of people hate her because they feel she starts drama for no reason, but I honestly think she fully redeemed herself during their conversation

At the end of episode 1, did Kondo see himself in Yoshizawa or did he imagine for a second what it would be like to be Tachibana's boyfriend? OR was he just wondering what it would be like to be young again?

No because she left for a reason and that reason hasn't really gone away, so far as I can tell Akira is just enabling it in him.

The last one.

Tenchou is a miracle of the universe, and Akira's quite wonderful too. Anyone who would stand between them just can't handle the purity of their love.

He's literally a pedophile cradle robber.
He doesn't deserve such a pure, beautiful girl like her.

>not having a smell fetish
>not feeling hot imagining a cute girl smelling your discarded unwashed clothing
>not wanting to lift Tenchou's shirt to your face and breathe in the mature scent of the sweat of an honest day's work by a dependable, hardworking older man

I don't even know you any more, Sup Forums.

Sup Forums is getting into their thirties now so we love it

They should take it slow at first until he's ready. Start off with hand-holding while kissing and clothes-on rubbing, abs maybe a little light nipple torture.

So she eventually gets over her infatuation with Manager-kun?

How would Akira respond to Yoshizawa kissing her on the lips out of pure genuine love and passion?
Would she slap him, cry, or both?

Both of the latter two, though possibly the first one two a little bit, since Kondou is an awkward old guy and Yoshizawa an awkward young guy.

she wouldn't cry

Is 'forced drama' the new buzzword that anons use when the plot of something doesn't go the way they want it to?

It honestly just seems to be a case that Masami flat out shut his own family out of his life in the pursuit of his passion. The moral here isn't that you need to give up on your dreams to have a successful marriage, he just didn't go about balancing the things and the people he loved in a healthy way.

Not really, no. If anything her childish infatuation matures the more she comes to learn about who he is as a person (as opposed to just having this image of who he is in her head based on what she saw of him day-to-day at work).

You don't deserve a pure and beautiful man like him.

>forced drama
There's no drama. Quite literally nothing happens.

We haven't got to that point yet, but it seems to be heading in the direction of platonic friendship rather than romance.

>You will never get lost in those eyes.

Haruka has valid concerns about Akira, especially the object of her friend's affection. I've never felt she was in the wrong. It was nice to see her come around in her opinion of him after getting to know him a little better in the shoe store chapter.

The scarf she knitted him and the way they both blush around each other lately say different.

I don't get why people dislike Haruka all her problem involving Akira are completely justified and natural.

>they try to bone
>Manager has erectile dysfunction from nervousness and can't put it in
>like his bald spot, this only makes Akira hornier and she pushes him down

The world needs more hot daddies.

>light nipple torture

user that's a bit more than taking it slow

Very much so

What? This show is mellow, you're retarded.

>taking the initiative, she then sucks on his floppy for a good five pages or so
>even after he achieves an erection from the constant oral stimulation, she doesn't let him back up
>literally sucks until she has his mature seed on tap, swallowing every last drop of it as if it were the last bit of water on Earth and she's dying of thirst
>she needs him, she craves him, she wants to take care of him, putting his sexual needs above hers
>spends the entire night with him trying her hardest to get him feeling young again down there
Obviously the next doujin chapter would involve /ss/ with Kondou's son since he's probably going to have mommy issues just as Tachibana has daddy issues.

Fug, I miss T&B.