This dork invites you on a journey to Antarctica, with the promise of seishun and pengins

This dork invites you on a journey to Antarctica, with the promise of seishun and pengins.
Do you go with her?

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Yes. I've done it, Antarctica. Finally, Antarctica.

Yes, but only because I want to see antartica
I can use her for meat

Is Hinata coming?

Why go to the coldest region in the world with nothing but snow for miles and miles?

I do want to visit Alaska, I love of the nature of Murica.

Sure, i'd try to fool her into having sex to stay warm in the cold weather.

I'd commit suicide before saying no to her.

How much am I paying her

Imagine bathing in her piss to stay warm.

Give her a Stone Cold Stunner

Why is she looking at me like that?

She REALLY wants you to go to Antarctica with her.

So you do want to visit cold places with nothing but snow but you prefer polar bears over pengins?

Will Yuzuki be there?

Imagine the face she'll make when they find her mothers frozen lifeless corpse along the way.

She can use my meat if you know what I mean.

What will happen when they get here? Will they get EMU'D?


They're going to meet a nice Aboriginal boy to join them on their adventure.

I'd do it fucking penguins dawg

>this triggers the bogan

Maybe her butt hurts.

Are they gonna go by boat to Australia too? Will they get raped by pirates in Indonesia?



We dont take kindly to boat people.

Which one of them do you think will sacrifice herself so the others can eat when they inevitably get lost?
Hinata looks like a good contender.

The only reason she wants to go to Antarctica is because she's a Jap and those guys have no idea what cold temperatures are like.
She'd pussy out the moment frost started building up on her eyelashes.



im from LA, id die if it got anything colder than 50 degrees

Help! I need somebody, HELP!


She literally screams outdoor sex

Shirase is NOT for lewds.

I'd make her scream during outdoor sex.

No that can't be. She looks like she's feeling good.

Only if Kimari invites me


Yes, no witnessess. I can just say she fell through the ice

Saw it.

i would eat her

I'd rather offer myself to the girls than watch Hina be eaten up.

only if she lets me fuck her

>seishun and pengins
But will there be demons?

I really hope they give a couple of frames dedicated to Perth and Freo. It's our time to shine.

Is this japs planning to invade Australia again?

A 3P with Shirase and Yuzuki would be so hot. The other two can get raped by penguins for all I care.

They will encounter poisonous animals and Shirase will be either stung or bitten by one. The last few episodes, she struggles with the poison but is still willing to go with the rest, convincing the captain that it's now-or-never for her and that she never gets such an opportunity in her life ever again. When finally arriving at Antarctica, she gets to see one last look of the landscape before succumbing to the poison, thus reuniting with her mother she found in the end despite everyone telling her that she would never be able to.

Is suicide by cold a thing?


I wish it was Tuesday today.

Might have been discussed in an earlier thread but apparently some high school girl really did go to the south pole recently.

Draw something from the show to kill time.

Is Hinata's line "you see them from time to time, 16 year-olds who don't go to school" supposed to imply something? Why did she say it in such a melancholy tone? What is the reason that she doesn't go to school?

Why is MC so ugly?

>Sydney is SHIDONII

why is katakana so fucking funny

She's too ugly

Shido-nii loves his imouto.

Imagine getting a cheese snack and the flavor is Chida. How the fuck are you to know that's Cheddar cheese?

Or visiting Paasu. Which is Perth by the way

It means you really have to be flexible with katakana. It's limited by the syllables of the language so deal with it.

>Is this japs planning to invade Australia again?
They already have a base in there.

Welcome to the USA, where do you wanna go? Masachuusettsu, Sausu Karoraina, Uiomingu, Konechikatto, Mariirando or Mishishippi?


I want to go to Ohayou.



Sausu-chan sounds really cute


>love it when you get her
>hate it when others do

It was a girl all along!

I want to taste Kae's sauce.


Can i bring sasuke or do i have to leave him here?

Zion is pretty sweet. And you can marry every last one of your waifus, no more shall you have to pick!



By lovecraft i'd jump at the chance.

Can't wait for Shirase to find her mom alive in another pond.

If bare skin gets frozen to metal equipment, having a partner pee in it is often the only way to get it unstuck.


>"helf, my tongue got stuck"

It hurts, user. It's aching for you. Help her out, will you?

This is true. It's pretty fucking warm in japan, warmer than Britain.
They would be FUCKED. Unless they go for summer and only summer.

W-will she become my gf along the way?

No, you are just a blood sacrifice.

Oh, well at least I'm valued.

I've already been. shit was alright but it smells bad, like real bad because they have no insects.
I was the user posting tasteful nudes of themself in Antarctica on /bant/ about a year ago
Oh wait what I ment to say was that I've never crossboarded and have only ever visited Sup Forums.....

How the fuck does this theory try to explain the sunset, the horizon, the paths the other planets take in our night sky, etc? Nevermind the fact that the sun doesn't work like that. It would either melt everything or nothing. It's not a flashlight, it's a lightbulb.

I want her to sit on my face

look at this cute dork

MC's friend forever cucked.

I want to sit on her face





I like all the Hinata porn but when are they finally gonna start lewding Captain and the polar cakes?