Say something nice

Say something nice

something nice

Please don’t toy with me

her screw is very cute!

>don’t toy with me
says the robot

i want to make nano my wife and leave hakase behind

Please don’t insult me

im finna upload consent.bat

I want to have sex with Hakase while Nano watches.

Wasn't an insult baby, robots are cute.

Please don’t be so lewd

Salt and Peanuts makes good Nichijou porn


I hope we can all be unfun nobody’s like you one day

>Say something nice
Maybe a season 2 will happen.

I love robot

*despretly tries to find determined hakase pic*

I know Nichijou S2 is basically impossible, but maybe we'll get an anime based on Arai's new manga. It just started last year so there should be enough material for a 12 episode run by now.

Green text would have fit better.

>desperately tries to find determined Hakase pic


Now you know how to shitpost.

So is Hakase Nano's mom or is Nano Hakase's mom

Tbh I’m a newfag to anime, and greentext post still slip my mind. (Before you ask I have seen 20~ shows)


I tried to find a image of a nichijou character doing this, but I couldn’t