Devilman crybaby



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Shaft Head tilts.

I just watched this two nights ago. I fucking loved it. I just finished downloading the original manga and I'm going to be reading it because of this.

Yaoi bait mate

It's a masterpiece about sex.

This is exactly how Berserk is going to end, isn't it?

I dont understand he revelation satan had in the end.
>you are cryig too!
>no im not, im not sad.
Then in the end he understood devilman and began crying with him. But it just flew over my head.

Here's a better image.

I think it might have been that he always had that capacity within himself but denied it until that moment of revelation and subsequent despair.

Yes. Bi sexual griffin will try to fuck dark skinned Guts, but will be to late.

He can't end it like this or it will be stupid,/ too obvious.


I think this is the most likely end.
Personally I want them to just kill each other. I've had this panel in my head for awhile. It's basically the iconic spread of them standing off just before Guts beat him and left the Hawks, but Griffith has impaled Guts and Guts has cut into Griffith. That's my ideal end. Not gonna happen. I just don't want Guts to flat out win. It's gotta be bitter sweet.

Their love is pure.
Fuck off with your dirty thoughts.

You don't think that Guts has suffered enough ?
It will probably be a bitter/hollow victory anyway.

he need some lip balm

There's nothing wrong with yaoi though. No homo.

Ryo should have been considerate and saved some chapstick during the apocalypse.

nu/a/ is shit

I want him to get his revenge but I don't want to spirit of the manga to be spoiled for a happy ending.

Either way, I thought this had an amazing ending. Best character was "Three normal ass dudes that killed Lucifer's second in command"

Just finished marathoning and now I'm the crybaby.


This is a goldmine



It was lame. As if humans are competent enough to take out Psycho Jenny. He didn't even show off the true power of mind hacking.


I think you meant fucking cool
I'm reading the original manga now. I assume the fuzzball gets a lot more screentime?

I just finished this.
What the fuck did I just watch?
At least I know I'm not completely desensitized to feeling shock and being horrified


the way the art clashes with the story really fucks with me. it's like speed racer with demon rape


I honestly prefer the anime version. This is unintentionally funny.

She's so sexyyyy

say that again fucker

The anime had a lot of 'is this supposed to be funny?' parts too. But that's what I like about anime. I love when they have some cheese in there with the drama.


I hurt myself

Nope. But she survives the apocalypse offscreen and appears in Lady. Unlike Zenon who has to escape hell after dying.


>i will never have a fallen angel love me and give me a cool demon so I can survive the Apocalypse


>Amon always falls for Miki types like Silene and Nike.

There's so many good panels to use.



After finishing Texhnolyze, nothing an anime can do will ever make me have that feeling of pure depression ever again. Devilman came close considering it's what inspired Texhnolyze anyway.



stop it

>Professor Asuka is...

This guy’s arc completely broke me, the saddest thing I’ve seen in anime


Oh you're evil.

>I wish I was

I love the amazing hairball.

Laughed irl

I feel they milked his scene in the park just a bit too much. It was sad but there was this underlying HURRY THE FUCK UP feeling in the back of my head with just how long he hesitated.


>just how long he hesitated.
I laughed at his multiple expressions



I thought he was going to kill himself it’s actually merciful that he got shot.

How did the father react in the manga?

Can someone please explain the donkey noises to me, it's been driving me mental ever since I watched that episode. What is the deep thematic symbolism and artistic statement that I'm missing here?

there is a bible line about a woman lusting after her lovers as if they were donkeys and horses

Such a simple design but flawless in execution.

I laughed at Taro crying, then the camera moving over to his dad crying, then back and forth.

It's a bit of a spoiler, but the scenario is totally different. Miki is left with Taro, and her parents are taken elsewhere.

Tare doesn't turn into a demon in the manga, he and the mom are captured and tortured to death.

At some point the scene went for long enough I just started giggling.
Still, felt really bad for him.

What the fuck is this author’s problem?




I want to think that humans aren’t capable of this kind of shit but I know we have done worst

Is that Miki with demon eyes?


Nah it's this chara.

Why didn't Akira reject his humanity in Crybaby when he did in the manga?

I hope devilman lady gets something

Not really, Miko was sort of based on her but acid tits still shows up in crybaby, albeit for like 5 seconds.

Yeah they are so vaguely related.

Miki's appeal to humanity was something that seems to effect Akira in a pretty profound way in the anime. In the manga no such thing really happens.

I think it would be better for this to be a one-off, but I would like to see more too.

>Made by the guy that did Mindgame

Oh okay

We made the same image user. We're friends now

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