There exist people who think that Anno is remotely as good at using symbolism as Ikuhara

>There exist people who think that Anno is remotely as good at using symbolism as Ikuhara

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>good symbolism

>salmon, egg, and asparagus sandwich
That sounds horrible. Why don't I remember this from the series?

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a side of asparagus sounds delicious.


but anno goes full retard a lot less and pushes stronger messages

he is also better at pacing and scripting

iku can only use his symbolism by making the entire piece so detached from believability that only strange people give it a chance

Anno made better anime that's for sure tho.

I don't know if I agree with you on the pacing and scripting.

Iku's scripts slowly develop and seemed planned form the start. Anno's work, to me, thrives off that craziness he brings to the story.
They're both pretty good at pacing. Utena is just longer and has a bit more, but both are paced satisfyingly well.

iku straight up tells you the character's dilemmas more often than not

its a huge problem for him. obviously not enough to take him out of (my) top 3, but it is really bad.

even one of my favorite arcs (juri) shiori basically just infodumps on you "in love, the person that loves the other least has all the control"

I love the theme, I love the characters, I love the imagery

but none of it functions as intended if iku doesnt just spell it out for you

the episodes generally move to fast (pacing). hence the need to spell it out (scripting)

penguindrum kind of corrected for this. but then he heaps on more visuals that then need to be spelled out

I really love it, but very little but the themes themselves are grounded in reality

if he took all the supernatural stuff I don't think people could relate remotely as effectively to the characters, unlike eva. you can see this if you look at penguindrum vs utena in terms of fan favorability (I favor pengruindrum, but most do not, and thats a good hint that he is not as effective at creating understandable realism)

Just finished this piece of shit today
What the fuck did I just watch? I don't know if the ending is supposed to be tragic or happy

Utena had its moments, but they're piled under countless sacks of garbage.

leaving ohtori is either a metaphor for becoming an adult, or a metaphor for rejecting the false illusion of control over yourself during reincarnation, anthy and dios, in this case, being literal buddhist deities

death and rebirth isnt really sad or happy. it just is

so utena and anthy just leave?

so what the fuck happens to the whole rose bride thing? what was dios even trying to achieve

What do surfing elephants symbolize?

ohtori is a gigantic illusion that traps people's souls in karma, hence time doesnt move and memories disappear

utena leaving is akin to her soul, in such form it takes, correcting her karmic sin (trying to be a man)

dios is trying tor regain purity. he's trapped by his delusion that he can take it from another person, instead of needing to correct himself

everyone in the series is repeating their mistakes endlessly until they figure out the mistake they're making

anthy trapped dios fyi, by trying to "save" him from himself, she took his agency from him

the rose bride thing is her continually keeping him from taking responsibility for himself by trapping him in an illusion out of love

their roles reverse in the movie. akio is in the coffin, trapping her, instead

Ikuhara doesn't know shit about symbolism. It's literally just piles and piles of random shit thrown at the screen.

Did she enjoy it though

>time doesnt move
what hints to this? what was the sin of the kashira theaterers

also what was the monkey's

Delete these

>Morinaga still can't deal with it after 20 years

>there exist people who think anno used any symbolism


people don't age (mikage's assistant.) miki constantly checks the time if someone mentions the sin they're making. mikage hall's age never changes. after it burns up, it comes back

a-ko and b-ko don't matter enough to have a sin

I dunno about chuchu

this might be a more obvious question but what was the hot rod allegory, where were they driving too

was anthy's thousand-sword torture a metaphor for being dicked by her brother?

He used lots of Freudian and Jungian symbolism. It's the religious iconography that was meaningless

>suddenly brown hands over pure utena
Never has a shown done a 180 so severe on a pure "prince".

I think the hot rod is a metaphor for libido and control. people project the idea that engaging in adult things makes them an adult. it is a substitute for emotional maturation and traps them on an endless road (sekai no hate), the "end of the orld" literally has no end. it is a trap

the torture is the societal punishment for lying. anthys magic is illusory lies

he's a buddhist spirit, hence the japanese names, not a pajeet

then what was the point of the incest in this sin purgatory, was it just more punishment for anthy, or was it trying to prove a point with the rose prince

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I think it is a sort of "every person bears responsibility for themselves, 100%"

e.g. hiding another persons sins from them/protecting them from the life they must confront is just as unhealthy as incest

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Why would you make such a shitty OP about such a good show?

I thought he was Egyptian

>good show

It was consensual.

You are retarded.


Better question: Did Nanami actually go to India, or was it just another part of Ohtori?

>the guy with the red hair and rose is passionate and fiery
>the guy with the blue hair and rose is timid
>the people with the black roses are extra edgy
Great symbolism

He's an amalgamation of princes. He's ambiguously brown but it's supposed to be light enough that it's potentially a tan so something like those fairly tale European princes or perhaps those exotic princes from india.

>dot indian

If she went to India, then why were there African elephants?

It's symbolic of Christopher Columbus' failed voyage finding something new, a metaphor for her self-discovery

Comically missing the point.

but ikuhara is a terrible director and anno vaguely knows what he's doing

Utena is more visually stunning than Evangelion for sure.

Implying this does not look awesome


i think both Ikuhara and Anno are phenominal. Both are better than Kon, that's for sure


I read a lot of NTR manga, but this gets me the most.

I'm autistic, what's going on here

>>good symbolism

kon was never about symbolism though. he wotked with perspectives and imagry.

>kon was never about symbolism though
that's wrong, but I meant each of those two is better director than him as a whole, not just in that one aspect.

she opened bob and vagana to pajeet

What about the bit where Utena turned into a car?

with mayo it sounds pretty good actually.

>their roles reverse in the movie. akio is in the coffin, trapping her, instead
I'm glad someone understands it too

>what was the sin of the kashira theaterers
Shadow girls represented Anthy (in the movie they represented both Utena and Anthy)

To this day, I still don’t know who held the most power over the other between Akio and Anthy.


>utena leaving is akin to her soul, in such form it takes, correcting her karmic sin (trying to be a man)
What is it about Utena that attracts the absolute retards?

>So many people forgetting that half of what makes interpreting Utena fun was a mix of random visual gags and actual symbolism

Ikuhara confirmed in a written commentary for the last episode that the power to revolutionize the world is "the power to imagine a better future for yourself."

Don’t forget the visual gags that actually WERE symbolic.

It was an Anthy illusion.