School Days

What the fuck man?


Setsuna and Otome were fuckable tho

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You watched for double yandere love.

Makoto deserved to die, he was far too corrupt for a harem protag.
>mfw there's not enough harems where the protag is straight up killed off
Too much boring vanilla haremshit anymore.

>implying a corrupt man would allow his wives to fuck each other

I have the urge to watch it again now, I feel like I'm slowly turning chad and need to take precautions so my head doesn't get chopped off



no you play it retard.


There's a fuckload of cheating/NTR/mindfuck content out there, but this, THIS was one of the pioneers.

No one really seems to care anymore tho. Cheating really seems to be normal now

been a while since I've seen a school days thread.

I kinda wonder why more people haven't seen it, or if people simply hate it.

Rude desu

Welcome to how to Harem yanderes.
The process... dangerously lethal.
Makoto and Katsura OTP

I like the other 0verflow anime better.

>THIS was one of the pioneers.
Oh sweet summer child.

>Makoto deserved to die, he was far too corrupt for a harem protag.
He acted the way people playing a harem game to get all endings act. It's been a decade and you still don't get that he is an allegory for yourself, if you were given the chance. In that way, he's actually the purest harem protagonist.

But no worries, MANkoto died for your sins.

I honestly was expecting a WA2 prototype.

I was not prepared for what I got.

School Days cracks me up, I just can't help but like it.

I just wish Kanroji had a route where you could fuck her so hard that she'd cry and repent for being such a retarded (and sexy) bitch.

I've read that chart thousands of times now and it always drowns me in mixed feelings of disgust and bewilderment

Most of those come from bad endings where the rival/antagonist knocks up girls you blew your chance with.

WA2 is the thinking man's School Days

>WA2 prototype
I guess that would be KimiNozo.

>play it
I wouldn't recommend it even to my worst enemy.
Some of the h-scenes are great, though.

Why do people still watch the School Days anime when the game has been translated for years and is basically anime itself?

It’s more than the anime. Way more routes.

setsuna best ending, prove me wrong

I can't.

Was there a single character that wasn't stupid, a whore or both?


There's another anime that covers this? Seriously?

Pure Mail OVAs. The man, the myth, the legend makes an appearance.

Also the VN's opening has more animation frames than the entire School Days anime:

go play the vn OP

>tfw finally playing through cross days
Why did they add that Roka slut? What a whore. Kotonoha is still the best.

For Yuki

>he hasn’t played Summer Days

>implying Kotonoha isn’t the whore getting all the girls

He's far more sympathetic in the vn since most of the times he's just getting manipulated by Sekai.

i fucking hate 0verflow

>implying everyone doesn’t manipulate Makoto

Such as ?
Kotonoha is the embodiment of a doormat almost every route and everyone else is either a generic bully or Sekai's friend.

>Kotonoha is the embodiment of a doormat almost every route
Wait, you haven’t played Bavarois? Not even Two Lovers?

Who is best mommy?

>making the next protagonist

Honestly, I'd be more interested in a scenario where the heroine create a dynasty of her son's, grandson's etc childs than in

Canon objective heroine ranking

Kokoro>Setsuna>Mai>Youko>Manami>Kanroji>Otome>Karen>Hikari>Inori>Nijou (Pure)>Makoto's megane ex-gf>>>[NTR UNCANNY VALLEY] >>>Nijou (Slut)>Sekai>Kotonoha


Otome is literally perfect in everyway.

>shit taste of this caliber exists
>no Nanami
>no Itaru
>no Moeko
>no Yuu


>Manipulating anyone
You need to be smart to manipulate people, user.
Sekai is just an impulsive idiot with some sort of dependency disorder. The best she can do is try to slut it up, and even that's only in like, one or two routes.

>They don't know about Paris of Four People



Kek, that and Bavarois are the best endings

For superficial idiots like you, yes.

I'm sorry, but this level of shit taste is incurable.

I just labeled you what you are, a superficial idiot. Nothing to do with taste.

Is it possible to have a vagina so delicious that your younger sister can’t resist eating it?

Best girl

>Home-breaker who's too stupid to realise his senpai fucks kids.


>the haremettes fuck each other
Why doesn’t this happen more often?


>Main heroine of Pure Mail ends up having canon kid with her own father despite all your efforts.

this makes me fucking rage more than all that ntr bullshit from school days

Uwakoi had the harem protag killed off seemed kinda of rushed but he had it coming.

>he fucks everyone except the yandere willingly

Right? He had to get raped by her but everyone else he was game I'm sure if he tried he'd probably hooked up with her mom too.

Makoto did nothing wrong. The girls were thristy.

Was Pure Mail good?

>fucks other girl
>about to fuck yandere
>muh guilty fucking girlfriend muh mistress
>other girl comes along
>fucks her no guilt

Hell didn't he even fucked a girl that was a one shot like she appeared during one chapter he wanted to get his dick wet and that was it she never was mentioned again?

Nanami is perfection. Does Makoto ever fuck her more than once?

It's honestly one of the best harem anime I've ever seen.

Who is best boy?

I still crack up at how much of a wimp Makoto is compared to his father. His father was full on old school.

Sekai is just an idiot who gets overly emotional and attached. She can be bitchy sometimes but most of the time she's pretty chilled out and helps keep things stable.

The trap.


>after all that they get Sekai fucked and impregnated too
They sure know how to keep it in the family. And what a delicious family it is.

Sekai was made to be impregnated. It's just her natural state of being.

It's been a while since I've watched it. I actually bought it on DVD with English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles at one point, but lost it. Maybe I'll buy the Blu-Ray since it's always funny to trick people who have never heard of it into watching it. I'd like to play some of the VNs in English. Where do you guys download them?

MadThad is so mad that in his headcanon Kotonoha is a completely different character and a tsundere.

I still don't get why he doesn't go for Kokoro. Kotonoha's younger sister is clearly more into his strike range.

And fucks her half-brother later

That is an astonishing amount of incest

wait a sec, she fucks Taisuke too? when?


Why isn’t there more?

This is Japan's future if they don't improve their birthrate.

Reminder that the MadThad is getting released in Oct. 2018

Let’s give him a warm welcome back to Sup Forums

Shouldn't the girls down the line be inbred monsters?

Their eyes are gradually getting more potato.

How long has he been in prison? And did he have real CP on his computer or just drawings?

holy kek that ending

Hoping this image turns out well.