Its a Lunge episode

>its a Lunge episode

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>It's a Grimmer episode.

>It's an Eva gets drunk and fucks a random guy episode

>It's an overrated shit episode

based Runge

>Its a Tenma helps some random guy in a village episode

>it's a Nina wants the Tenma dick hard but he doesn't care episode

>It's an introductory episode for some random characters that won't be relevant for 5 more episodes

>It's a People talk about Johan episode

>it's a Nina in the mansion flashback

>Its a Nico spends all night shitposting on the internet episode

>it's a Roberto episode

>It's a crossdressing episode

>It's a creepy Eastern European fairy tale episode

>It's a tadaima!! Okairi! episode

>it's a turk episode

> It's a 'Lunge is following along with the events of the story but has a totally wrong interpretation of what's actually going on until the very end.' episode

>It's a Roberto is somehow still alive episode

>It's a Dieter episode

>Its a Johan buttfucks Tenma for 20 minutes straight while Nina records special
What waz Urusawa thingking?

>Doctor Tenma, I'm BKA.

>It's a mahjong arc

>it goes on for twenty years

Johan was the one recording it

urabe literally did nothing wrong

Why this is a high score of MAL?
There was no bad Well.

Would Monster be better if Johan and Nina switched places?

girls can't be scary.

This scene stuck with me the most, it made me cry like a bitch, also saw a similar scene done in bojack horseman. Just wanted to share that.


He should not have to die...

Yes. I wish I could read/watch that version.

Those were easily the best episodes.

>implying those aren't the best ones

Those episodes with the alcoholic dude in Munich were my favorite.

>it's an Alzheimer arc

Johan pretending to be a good always made me smile.
>giving money to crackwhores
>inviting a friend for a drink
>teaching kids a new game

>it's a Nina is panicked and on the verge of mental breakdown episode


>it's a pachinko arc

Mahjong isn't the hard part, it's the fact that no one can understand what Akagi is doing

>it's a Johan makes a guy commit suicide without trying episode

>it's a monster story episode
Not so good.

>it's an "Eva comes close to finding happiness just to lose it all" episode

Bitch gets what's coming to her episodes are my favorite.

>On all levels except the physical, I am a Japanese man
>Domos Internally


Nothing can beat my boy Roberto, whenever he appeared you knew shit was going down

its an old couple visiting their son in prison


Fuck me
>It's a Johan talks a child into committing suicide, while crossdressing, episode.

>tfw I hated Eva but then she started growing on me and I wanted her to survive and be happy

>it's best character episode

>anime set in Europe
>automatically 10x better

how did he even make a man who never considered suicide in the least, commit suicide?

>it's a Grimmer befriends edgy stranger by teaching them about the simple joys of life


I always assumed he got the guy drunk and then pushed him off.

Has anyone else picked up the typing on the imaginary keyboard mnemonic? pretty useful imo

Explain further.

Lunge takes mental notes by typing onto an imaginary keyboard.

Seems like that'd just be more tedious when it comes to remembering stuff regardless.

Kind of, I like vocalizing stuff sometimes to remember it but I can only do it when I'm alone. The keyboard can work too.

The plot demanded it.

Runge was the hottest.

Well it's 2018, nearly 20 years since the 1999 and there's still no cure according to my gerontologist professor.

Richard was the peak of the story.


>tfw Mutta from Space Brothers does imaginary abacus to calculate
>as a result he can't count for shit without spending ages manipulating an imaginary abacus

>its a policeman finds Tenma but he does something nice for him so he lets Tenma go

The problem with the anime.

I fucking love Grimmer

My favorite episode is probably the one about the sniper

This one?

How did that make you feel?



He deserved better

Yeah, that one is great



>he never got to drink that beer with Runge

Seriously fuck those. Lunge and Roberto were fucking top though, makes me wonder if Monster needed Tenma at all considering he's just a Master Keaton with all his stats in First Aid

Good those were the best episodes.

Tenma is more like a secondary character anyway. He makes the plot work and helps building the moral dilemmas of the series, but he's not really the focus when you think about it.

>no Tenma
>Lunge never learns about Johan
>Roberto bangs lunge's wife and was it daughter? because why not

>Roberto bangs lunge's wife and was it daughter?
I don't remember this happening

Johan just mind raped him

>Johan found out the detective/police officer shot and killed an innocent kid then went drinking after
>Johan infers that because no one saw him before the shooting that he wasn't drunk and killed the kid on purpose and went drinking after to get off scot free
>Johan then proceeds to mind fuck him into remembering and offers him a drink as the ultimate checkmate

What was his fucking problem?

His mother didn't love him. Or maybe his sister. They don't really know.

his brain chemistry was messed up

Mother taught him all lives aren't equal by choosing between him and his sister for her revenge.

Typing in the air with my two pointer fingers will make me look retarded

I kind of wish he was more of main character. The episode where Lunge investigates his background was one of the most memorable of the series.

No, she would never have Johan's charisma

That kid wasn't innocent though. He was a serial killer.

This, and he also lost memories of Anna at Kinderhheim, so he became a full nihilist who wanted to make a bet against fate by trying to get killed by Tenma. That's why he asked his sister to shoot him, why he tells kids that their life is meaningless and that they should play the roof game. If you survive, you win against fate and can retry again and again

I meant to quote this one

The detective didn't know that

>Its a "Nina sits on Tenma face for the whole episode but he doesn't react because he's too broken inside" episode