Reminder that Last Encore will have an original story...

Reminder that Last Encore will have an original story. Nasu will take us on his cruise cruise and kill off Nero and Hakuno early on so the real protagonists, pic related, can take over.


I would have liked to see Archer in a story where he isn't hung up about his situation and past. Fate/Extra is just so monotonous to read and play through. I'd rather another Archer-centric anime than anything involving Nero.

I think more than likely the divergence will be that Rin and Rani will both survive the explosion

If it's not Mind of Steel, I'm not interested.

And dont forget that Hakunon is cuter than Nero and Tamamo, so there's no reason to not make her the heroine.

Lol, no
Accept Hakuno as your lord and savior and he will allow you a place on his Moon, user

At best Mind of Steel will be a what if flash forward cliff hanger in the second movie during the flag to decide on killing Sakura or not.

we will never have true end Mind of Steel and epilogue OVA

If that was true I'd see more art of her, rather than the servants

I have a hard time believing he'll just do a straight Extra rehash at least. That would be lame since he's actually writing this.

Yes absolutely.


>I want to see Shirou kill himself ruining everything for everyone just like his old man

nope hakuno may die, sure, but there's no way they'd kill off best saber early on

Edgelords gonna edgelord. I'll never get how anyone can want MoS ending.

>best saber

>best saber

Nero is by far one of the worst and most shilled Sabers.

Its not just that. Mind of Steel is a bad end for Shirou by all mean. At that point in time he had nothing outside of crappy reinforcement, while turning the RIn/Archer and Illya/Berserker faction against him.


People put too much stake into Kotomine saying that Shirou will win.

They really went a new direction with this King of the Hill spinoff

Why does Archer keep getting bullied by teenage girls?

This team is better. Emiya is too overrated for my taste.

CCC Gilgamesh is the most fun route. The bullying is so cute.

Reminder to kill yourself /u/ shitter