Violet Everboredom:

What went wrong?

Nothing, i love it.

Half of Sup Forums expected some kind of mindblowing masterpiece, while the other half spent the last year jerking off to the idea of shitting all over it.
It's a quiet, pretty drama with midly interesting characters and nice animation. Anyone that signed up for that is probably enjoying it.

>kyoani can't even animate a gif
What the fuck

>midly interesting characters
Not really, I think only the girl with the glasses or the gypsy might be interesting, the rest of the cast is just dull

Trash LN Source material.
Proving Kyoani should sucking KADOKAWA dick again just like the good ol times.

Great comment considering everything up until now is anime original except for the flashbacks.

Flying witch was better than this show is so far and I actually wanted to like this show. I don’t get how they could put this much work into a subpar story. The animation and music are great but that’s about it.

Ishidate is a trash tier director, he is a talented animation director and should have struck to being that. He has no sense of good writing (Chinese girl with an english name in a french-european country with japanese food) and he has no clue how to use music in anime. No incident his other anime Kyoukai no Kanata was utter trash too and had the same problems.

It doesn't matter if you have the best ingredients to make your meal if you suck at cooking.

The only thing it had going for it was the animation which it ruined with the shit filter.

Kyoani finds a way.

not much since the third episode was great

>third episode was great
Sure, buddy.

Sup Forums

Maybe Violet just needs to crush a few coconuts with those mechanical hands.

Literally nothing. I expected a masterpiece and I got it.

Too mature for Sup Forums.
It is a literary piece that most teenagers and young adults cannot comprehend since they crave constant action and fan service.

You can meme all you like, it was good.

Kyoani did another autistic female lead

Explain what there is to comprehend if it's so over our heads

>Flying witch was better than this show is so far
That's not even fair. Flying Witch is actually a good supernatural SoL.

It's miles better than VEG.

Again, what depth? What plot? Autism-chan jotted down some three sentences even a child could write, so slut-chan and her brother beta-kun shared their feelings?

Emotions and feelings are the central themes.
Finding yourself, your purpose, overcoming your faults and insecurities by interacting with others.
Not like under/a/ges would understand.