Houseki no Kuni

Now that the gems need to go form their new society on their own and find purpose of life, they need a new leader.
Euclase, being one of the oldest gems whom also experienced many losses of comrades, stays strong and never let PTSD get to her.
Even after the unprecedented "LaPhos betrayal" event, she stays calm and reliable, doesn't even crack a piece.

I say we should vote Euclase as the new Sensei.
It is now the real Houseki no Kuni.
It is now Euclase no Kuni.

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My wife laPhos is cute

I've been thinking, the Lunarians are borderline past the point of being human after decades of being spirits on the moon, they're essentially ghosts at this point. Sensei praying for them does fuck all if they likely aren't human before passing on. Vetricosus saying "maybe they seek to become whole once more" holds importance because for all we know Aechmea could have the human particle in preparation to make themselves human bodies to possess and become human once more.
It could also explain why the Lustrous are grinded on the Moon, and why the Admirabilis are in captivity. Maybe he's trying to to have them consume mass amounts of inclusions to create flesh bodies somehow after putting the particle in the mix. Slugs are scientifically similar in nature to humans anyway. There's probably a lot of inconsistency in this theory but it's nice speculation nonetheless.

So what could happen after this? Most tragic thing I could envision is
>The gembutts follow Phos to the moon
>Civil war breaks out
>Aechmea waits awhile for Sensei to finally pray since his creations have left the Earth
>Loses his patience and holds them all captive, threatening to grind them or kick them off the Moon to float forever
>Sends 1 messenger to Earth (likely Phos) to pray or else the gembutts are fucked
And from there on he basically has to pray or everyone is fucked.

Sensei will never pray. It has been established he refused to pray no no matter how many gems were captured and dusted, this time (even though there gems left willingly) won't be any different.
Ultimately, he doesn't care about the gems above all else.

He better have a damn good reason for being unable to, or not wanting to pray like the Earth folding in on itself or whatever. He said he couldn't destroy himself either so there goes the reset button theories.

>inb4 he really is just broken

That'd be so underwhelming and the biggest troll move ever to be honest

he probably needs humans for something.

I stil think he discovered lunarians are so caught up in their bullshit they won't pass away no matter how much he prays, so he doesn't need to anymore.
I mean, the remaining ones are those who haven't passed on from the days he was a praybot.

Nuclear Rutile when

Anons, in this very last chapter he indirectly said he can't due to its limitations.

>The gembutts follow Phos to the moon
He said following Phos is one possible solutions, which means he knows, and is kind of telling the gem so, that Lunarians aren't evil, that their actions aren't lead by futile or evil reasons.
And also that, despite the manipulative and certainly non clean nature of Phos actions, she did what she did for the sake of the gems, believing it could be a solution, and it might be.
Sensei is stepping away as a leader, basically telling the gem the same thing Phos did, to stop doing things for him and doing what he says, but to start thinking for themselves and taking decisions themselves.
Obviously he won't be direct about all this, and gems will obviously go against the idea of following Phos, but I believe Sensei will make it so they'll understand Phos actions weren't intended as bad, rather for the well being of the gems.

>can't break himself
Wait a minute, then how is he throwing his shards?
Can he only cause superficial damage?
Or was he actually regenerating that time on the cliff, not just covering the damage?

He can scratch some bits and probably applies strength just to manage that.

I thought he just threw the already broken pieces of him. Then he attaches it back to him, but never truely fixed

I believe he was regenerating, not willingly.

The same goes for when we saw him tempted to pray.
I believe he, as a machine, has a will of his own, but is forced by the instructions he received to strictly follow said instructions.
As in, he might be able to pray, he might be able to destroy himself, or he might be able to decide to not regenerate, but since his instructions tell him to not pray, to not destroy himself, or to regenerate in case of damage, he is forced to do so, despite what he wants.

But she wasn't born on the island. Has anyone ever actually seen a birth certificate with Euclase's name on it? No?
I rest my case.

1 month....of suffering starts now.

Would any of you pay for a collection of various gems/rocks(around 60-70 i think) even if the collection does not include all of the 28 gems/rocks?

I think that means he can't completely destroy himself. What said might be true, or maybe he is programmed to not be able to damage his inner machinery (while the coating is fine to break).
People expect things to twist and turn and not go in any obvious direction, so wouldn't going the most obvious route be the biggest twist of them all?
We already got confirmation of at least two things Aechmea said being true: Sensei being a human-made machine and him not being able to disclose certain restricted information. I suspect in the future more of Aechmea's words will be proven correct.

Sensei is literally suggesting the gems to follow Phos, how long until Phos becomes nuSensei?

I don't think the others gems would be so quick to throw sensei under the bus. He's probably not going anywhere.

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She's now the oldest of all gems on earth, she IS the certificate.
We will not let the Lapis head divide us again!

>the one formerly known as phosphophyllite
What did he mean by this?

Either he's referring to how she's maybe 1/5 Phos at this point, or that she's somehow eschewed her identity given to her by sensei. Probably the former, really. You '

God damn it captcha.

You'd probably need to ask the translator for what exactly was being said.

Im not the translator, and im not the user who was doing tough translations in the last thread, but more anons who can read moon confirmed that the sentence had it literally written "formerly known as phos", so even in the original is not much different, and there is no hint on how it should be interpreted.

She's an illegal immigrant mooching off of good citizens.
When Bort is elected, she will build a wall and make the snails pay for it!

Remember how Sensei hasn't called "Phos" Phos since they came back from the moon the first time? There must be a reason

>leaves home
>she isn't even worthy of a name anymore
I don't think Sensei is taking things too well.

Season 2 fucking when? How was the anime sales?

What if the professor fucked up and never allowed him to pray? Or was a spiteful bitch and decided not to? My money is on even if he prays it wont work.

>She's now the oldest of all gems on earth
We don't know that for sure, Peridot and Sphene might be older.


I know all this time the theory was that Sensei was referring to the human(or human particle) inside Phos when he said "you have returned", but...
What if Sensei was talking about Lapis?
We have theorized multiple times about how Lapis might have similar ideas to Phos, that she also doubted Sensei more than how all the other gems do, and that she might have her own theories about Lunarians
If we consider those theories as valid, even for a second, then maybe Sensei might be referring to Lapis

If he said "The one formerly known as Phos" it means Sensei has a new name for him now. What do you guys think it is?

I still see some internal strife between the gems, thanks to Phos they've gone through some of the most heartbreak and torment ever, more than Sensei could even hope to achieve by keeping secrets honestly. It's going to take a lot of trust to establish their love for Phos again honestly, even though she was trying to help the Lustrous and mend things. Just imagine how broken everyone will be when they reach the moon, and alongside that how devastated she might be herself if this synthetic body shit doesn't work?

Chimera, the one who is many.

Phos will have the qualities to lead when she gains all 7 treasures more than likely. Or I guess the final treasure which will likely be the replacement torso from Pad since it's main focus revolves around it's torso ironically. Sensei Master Scholar soon.

Dirty Traitor

Sensei himself kind of goes along with that by being unable to speak of things in detail, he sounded like a cut off robot this chapter when explaining the humans. I'm wondering though, what can be done to remove the limitation? I'm sure Aechmea or some lunar technology should be able to undo what the humans did to keep Sensei's mouth closed.

Probably because he's already aware of the fact that Phos is no longer herself anymore, and is likely being altered by the Lunarians via the eyeball and etc. as we speak. It's like filling an ice tray with soda, the base is the same but the soda is different. Retarded analogy but Phos is there but she isn't at the same time.

What is she missing 1 or 2 treasures?

You have a good point with the professor. Since she was so close to Sensei, what if she reprogrammed him or changed some processing so he either downright couldn't pray away humans, or locked off important features? Of course we wouldn't know why she'd do something like that, but maybe she was just against humans being prayed away instead of finding peace on their own.

>I'm sure Aechmea or some lunar technology should be able to undo what the humans did to keep Sensei's mouth closed.
I'm sure the misunderstanding of this is the cause of the conflict.
As in, Lunarians, or rather, Aechmea, believes Sensei broke, but Sensei knows he's not broken, he's just following orders, and even if he might want to do what he wants to save gems(pray, we saw him tempted to more than once), he is forced not to due to his instructions.
But again due to his limitations, he is unable to act in any way to prevent the conflict, so he can just sit and stare while Lunarians try to "fix" what is not broken in the first place.

This would also explain why, now that the chance for a possible new leader is surfacing, he is stepping aside: Phos can go and has gone against Sensei "orders", which means she can obviously do what Sensei can't, and thus might be capable to sedate the conflict whereas Sensei couldn't not because unable to, but because his instructions forced him to act in a way that was in the way of even attempting to.


Thus far on the 7 Treasures Phos list we have:
>Gold (Arms and Skeleton)
>Silver (Alloy meshed in with the gold for the arms and skeleton)
>Aquamarine (Often substituted with Lapis Lazuli, the head)
>Crystal (Often substituted with Pearl, the eye)
>Ruby/Carnelian (Will likely be the torso since it's the only part Phos didn't lose yet
>Conch Shell, White Coral (Agate Legs from Admirabilis)
>Emerald (Likely substituted with the material Phosphophyllite herself)
So 1 treasure. Luckily we have Pad in handy for the torso as a red gem material to substitute as Ruby, and also Shinsha but that's unlikely. Pad will likely give up the torso since her torso has been the main focus of her arc ironically. All we really need is some closure between Pad & Rutile, a proper sendoff since Pad doesn't really care about living and I guess the torso will be given to Phos after everyone forgives her. She has the bone, flesh, and spirit so all we need is the human particle and Phos might just become some pseudo human.

Lapis Lazuli

The story might end directly at 108 for the ultimate Buddhist symbolism, that's 40ish chapters from now. It's also 102 years since Phos woke up in story though so about 20 chapters sounds right.

You know, the whole finding peace thing makes a lot of sense since that is how the dog passed on. And I always thought it was implied the professor made him or at least had a huge part and is why he shaped rutile, the doctor like the professor.

Might be Lapis, or Phos is so far gone that he can't even call her by her name anymore. I still want a mental tug of war for dominance of the body though just because it'd add more depth. Unlikely because Phos's inclusions are powerful but maybe Lapis dormant inclusions in the head could take over the body if Phos cracks under pressure and destabilizes mentally?

>It's also 102 years since Phos woke up in story though so about 20 chapters sounds right.
How did you came up with 20 chapters?
For what we know, there might be more time skips or condensation, the remaining years(6) could be easily told in no more than 3 or 4 chapters.
But, I'm not saying this will be the case, I just mean that speculating about the number of chapters left based on how much story we think might be left is useless, because regardless of how much story is actually left, the chances that there might be 60 more chapters are the same that there are only 2 chapters left, there is no way to tell or even theorize.

>is why he shaped rutile, the doctor like the professor.
Except Rutile looks nothing like the professor?
We don't even know how exactly he professor looked other than her hair, and her hair are entirely different from Rutile's hair.

Will she want to lead, tho? Even when she'd won the gems' respect she didn't really feel comfortable around them. Phos wants to have time in which she can fuck off and do her own thing- explore the moon, talk to snails, get chomped by glaciers. She can't be the stable guiding figure the Lustrous need.

I just figured 20 sounded right to wrap everything up in depth, mysteries, character arcs, backstory's and all but who really knows. Ichikawa skipped through the 102 years Phos was asleep pretty quickly though so the pacing for these next 6 in story years might go by fast.

Just that it's hardly phos anymore, and by the time she has all 7 treasures she'll probably bear no resemblance to the original.

Ghost was cute. Sucks they got taken.

Just finished the anime and was kinda disappointed with how abrupt Phos' personality changed. Does the manga get better, and does Phos stop being an edgelord?

>She has the bone, flesh, and spirit
There is no flesh in her, if you're referring to the legs. They are only bones and agate.

You know who should be the new Sensei? Shinsha. He is smart, strong, stable, helpful, and has lots of experience from being the Chinese emperor. He is LITERALLY untouchable. Prove me wrong.

Rutile resembles the Professor slightly but we didn't really have any key details to work with, you know with the replica being a moonie and all. That aside, the dog found peace in proximity of Sensei, same as the game board. Maybe there's something inside Sensei that allows people to find peace and pass when he's near?

Probably, but so far change has made her more prone to adventuring, not less.

The resemblance between Rutile and the Professor Phos comments on is merely due to their lab coats.

>Phos stop being an edgelord?

Phos stops being Phos, but never stops being an edgelord.

Symbolically speaking, the Agate Shell legs from the Admirabilis royalty represent the flesh.
Don't use that buzzword lad. Anyway the manga is really good, if you don't like seeing Phos depressed and ever altering for the worst, don't continue.


>No vaporwave music

I wonder if Shinsha will be the sole gem to stick by Sensei's side since she relates heavily to being alone. Not only that but she basically tried to commit suicide ages ago, I doubt dying phases her.

>Symbolically speaking, the Agate Shell legs from the Admirabilis royalty represent the flesh.
I'm not so sure of that, I don't remember if it was Sensei or Rutile who said this, but what they said was thet slugs' shells are not different from gems, they're made of minerals, so even if it comes from a flesh being, is still bone.

If i were to count something as flesh, i'd count Phos ability to talk to and understand animals, since it's an ability he gained after being absorbed by Ventricious, it might mean it left something flesh based inside of her.

>Will she want to lead
Like it or not, she'll probably have to. I mean the Admirabilis already follow her around and regard her as a savior. And two she has to redeem herself for the heartbreak she caused the Lustrous, albeit she didn't mean to hurt anyone. So yea, she might become Neo Sensei.

dark side of the moon is the unofficial ost for part two my guy

Maybe the moon people never came do abduct her cos they realised nobody would care if she was gone. Either that, or they also can't handle the mercury.

That's true. And then she'd have an excuse to see Phos every time he comes back to the school, babbling about stupid foreign shit no-one else cares about.

>not 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'

Fair enough. I'm still wondering what Aechmea has planned by enslaving the slugs anyway, considering their bodies are the flesh, they might be experimented on with human particles to create a real human. The bone could be the inclusions from the Lustrous, and lastly the spirit from the Lunarians themselves to become human once more, or complete like Ventricosus said.

Well, it's a question of whether Sensei will actively seek to distance himself from the gems now or not. If it's the former, he might not even allow Cinnabar to stay by his side.

I still wonder if the Lunarians have the proper technology to remove the mercury from her body. Them avoiding her might signal that they can't deal with it though, so sadly she might be stuck on Earth. Couldn't they ideally smash her and then take her to the moon though?

Though, I don't think this will happen. He probably just gave them the option to do whatever they want from now on.

He did say following in the footsteps of former Phos was "one possibility", so maybe there's still a chance for them to stay on Earth with Sensei.


>if you don't like seeing Phos depressed
I don't mind that, I mind that her personality completely changed within the span of a single episode. The Phos from the early episodes is essentially a different character. I'll read on anyway and see how I feel.

So like when they chased her around in episode 9, only she won't have a table to hide under.

>crushing Cinnabar
>wanting to breathe mercury fumes
There is a way to render Mercury non-toxic, and that is to amalgam it with Gold

I guess Shinsha's new, fun job is being Sensei now

>amalgam it with Gold
But mercury can't amalgam with gold, mercury dissolves gold.

It's better in the manga trust me. Pacing is different in the anime for reasons but oh well, enjoy the ride.

Pretty much, the only variables left are the Lunarians though. I feel like their angst of doing the same routine over and over could be fixed if the Lustrous and Admirabilis formed a society with them , it could be like humanity 2.0 but it's probably unlikely I guess. Something to do until they find peace and pass on their own though.

The mercury doesn't actually dissolve the gold, both elements are still there, just mixed together
>An amalgam is an alloy of mercury with another metal, which may be a liquid, a soft paste or a solid...and gold-mercury amalgam is used

Getting serious Digger vibes from the factions splitting.


Why is Bortz so cool?

>Mercury dissolves many other metals such as gold and silver to form amalgams
>To form an amalgam, mercury dissolves the other component.

Sadly this means it's possible for Shinsha to be Phos's torso, even moreso since the gold alloy spread through her body like a skeleton. I don't think I'll be able to take it if her job is to become one with Phos. Then again it could work out for both of them if Shinsha gets a synthetic torso as a replacement, tis all good.

Melons wear a ponytail in this chapter.

The payoff is The Gem Formerly Known As Phos gets killed

Melontail is cute, CUTE!

They more or less have that as it is, not sure if having the other species with them would help any, the routine is society and humanity, their problem is that an eternity of it is unbearable, and after so long it loses any meaning. The goal of building a society with the others might keep them occupied for a while, but like their "lives" on the moon its only a pastime and distraction from their unrest