Why do Japanese school uniform show the midriff?


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midriffs making a comeback? sexy as fuck
except on ice queen over there, she can go fuck herself

All uniforms should show midriff


They don't, Ginko is a whore who dates old men for shogi money


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She had a growth spurt and didn't buy a new uniform because it's a waste of money. Leading us to this deliciousness.



why do you think we watch anime

The most right (the one with her back turned towards us) has pretty decent legs though.


Nothing beats retro, both for girls and boys

Fuck off reality nobody asked you.

they all still look cute tho

I know why, but if OP makes a shitty thread with an even shittier vague title I´ll be much obliged to add some quality to the thread in the form of a reality check.

Jap schoolgirls are disgusting. What is it with white English teachers and their obsession with travelling to Japan to fuck them?

There are many things you could be, a healthy well adjusted young male is not one them apparently.

We will be retro one day user.

They know what my dick likes.

I always assumed the main draw was the money along with having students that are at least somewhat less rowdy.

You do a degree to teach English, then you go to apply for jobs and you come to the horrifying conclusion that all the schools looking for people are 50% filled with muslims who have 0 respect for your infidel ass. Then after your first month of playing "keep the students in the classroom without them destroying me or property" instead of teaching, you get your paycheck which might as well be benefit tier but without the added bonus of sitting at home doing nothing. This is of course britbong land I speak of, no idea how things are in America.

I´d take Japan over that any day as well, even with all its socioeconomic problems. I reckon more people would do it, but first there is a language barrier most people are not willing to overcome and secondly not many people can just get up and leave for the other side of the world, most people have family, friends etc.etc. which tie them down to a certain geographical area.

Well there are likely a few that are attractive. That or they are just too retarded to get a white wife. I have a few friends who have asian wives, some of which are Japanese, and they are all fucking hideous.


Japan thinks the west is filled with beautiful women. The west thinks Japan is filled with cuties.
In actuality both are filled with hideous people who walk around looking like they rolled fresh out of a carwreck.
Go to your local campus and you will see an equal amount of disgusting trollops stomping around. I used to think only late stage rabies made people fear water, but college/uni campus has made me relaize otherwise.

in case anyone thought the male uniforms looked any better


The grass is always greener on the other side.
If your sex hormones is working, it will be asking to bed foreign blood rather than your own kin due to how blood and immunity works.

pretty cute

this has to got to be a retard school


For better access.

Second from the left looks like he could fit two of him in that blazer.

>students that are less rowdy

They look like Dr. Evil.

this is reality

They don't look that bad, its just that they're not fitted. I bet they would look pretty good if they all weren't over-sized.

Buy 'em big in your first year and they fit by your third. Same for shoes.
Richfags wouldn't understand.

I could accept this reality.

That has to be an idol group or something, those are all 10/10

Me on the far left.

Tama-chan's grandma pls go and stay go.

I am sorry, but have you ever been in a britbong school? Not the privately funded boarding school, just your average city school. They are beyond shit, calling them schools is in fact a stretch of the imagination. Brit schools in fact do not look like Harry Potter´s Hogwarts sans magic. You are dealing with 3rd and 4th generation immigrants who understand the system to a T, but feel no responsibility towards it. As such you are dealing with collosal shits who know all the loopholes and exactly how to toe the line. Don´t expect management to step in either, or take your side in a conflict that didn´t at least include a knife being brandished at you.
Mouthy bratty disrespectful racist nip students are nothing compared to the scum we have here.

As for pay, it is shit, extremely shit. I for the life of me do not understnd why anyone would go into teaching in England in its current state.

Yes, that is the joke of the image title, bravo

But im a poorfag. There are no uniformed schools in america because we realized it was fucking retarded.

Fake and gay. Japan has the same amount of attractive people as any other country. Those are either models or an idol group that were cherry picked for that photo.

Haha yeah it is, but let the anons dream

>They wouldnt look shit if they didnt look shit.

If they were actual poorfags they wouldnt be wearing those sneakers.

t. actual poorfag

Aside from the guy on the far left those don't look like very expensive sneakers

They usually don't. It's just sluts shorten them on purpose.

>There are no uniformed schools in america because we realized it was fucking retarded.
Middle and elementary schools are uniformed.


>t. not an actual poorfag
If you are so dirtpoor you have to buy a severly oversized uniform so it can last you 3 years, which is what that user was saying, you arent buying any sort of nice sneakers. Youre rolling with the cheapest of cheap shit, probably your brothers hand-me-downs.

Alright, since this thread is shit anyway someone start posting highschool girls in ridiculously short skirts.

right looks like saki

jesus fucking christ they can't even help themselves from OVERACTING STANDING
i could tell this wasn't a real classroom just by some of the poses some of the people were making how can they be this fucking bad at acting that they fuck up standing still for a photo, jesus christ



>That shitty standards

>Middle and elementary schools are uniformed.
Where then? I live in America, I've never heard of a public school in my entire state or anywhere else that had uniforms.

What Saki are you talking about? It isnt an exactly uncommon name. She doesnt look like the one I am thinking of, so you are clearly thinking of another one.

>he doesn’t make fun poses for group photos
That is an idol group but how boring are you?

god they are so goddamn ugly it's insane

saki from saki

>those are all 10/10
holy shit you have a serious case of yello fever if you think a single one is a 10/10

New York City, when I went to elementary school every school I went to had a dress code of black/navy blue pants and a white shirt. Middle school had it's own special uniform. Only time I could wear whatever I wanted was high school.
Last time I was in middle school was a decade ago though, but my little sister also had to wear uniforms in elementary and middle school as well. Highschool too but I guess you wouldn't count it since it was was a catholic school.

>be old
>be nip
>be male
>still decide to dye your hair blonde.

The teacher on the left is pretty close.

I believe this is the group depicted in that picture:

3DPD is inherently 0/10 don't fool yourself

>There are no uniformed schools in america because we realized it was fucking retarded.

>being poor not going to private schools

kek there are uniformed schools in America, ironically the public ones that do have uniforms are in black ghettos, while most private institutions have a uniform dress code,some even up till high school.

New York just sucks dick then. I was in middle school and elementary around the same time and never had to do that. I live in CA though.


This doesn't make sense, people do stuff like that in group photos all the time. In fact the only guy out of place is the one on the far right. The adults all have completely normal poses, the girls are all doing the generic peace sign shit, and the guys in the back look even more disinterested and worse than if it were a real school picture.

I seriously do not recall her having twintails at any points.

Nice. Post more.

Because it's the best.

Those are gooks.

I have been in "schools" in bumfuck nowhere subsaharan Africa that were better equiped than that school. Why even bother with desks and chairs at that point, just have a really large kotatsu. Fucking hell, even protestants don't take it that far with stripping it down to basics.

>have best girl
>have best cake
>ignore both in favor of stupid butaonna

Those aren't elevens

>japanese girls are so scaaaary
Yea, some of them have dicks

It's a property of the population, which genetic variation is limited

how can you tell


The fucking watermark.
This board really is beyond salvation.
Pull the plug hiro.

I still have yet to shake the hand of whatever designed that uniform.

That scene was golden with Glen checking out her entire body

not him but tbqh English teaching in Japan is one step up from being a gaijin AV actress or a filipina prostitute. Ask any expat and they'll tell you the same thing then proceed to laugh behind your back for even considering it, as well as assume you're a dumb sexpat. While you may need a English degree and teaching license to teach in Western schools, in Japan, on the other hand, you don't even need a degree, period. You just need to be white, a sufficiently long visa (marriage visa in most cases for people without undergrads and don't qualify for working visas), and a place of residency. The overwhelming majority of English teaching is contractual, so most students will see you as white gaijin #5 who replaced white gaijin #4 for the year. Japanese work ethic/environment/education memes aside...sure, you might have "better" students, but as a consequence you'll be working as a human tape recorder, often going from school to school depending on your contracts so you can't even learn the names of your students, and spend your time twiddling your thumbs in the teachers lounge, bored out of your fucking mind while waiting for your next "lesson" on how to sing the wheels on the bus go round on round.
There's a reason why most nips can't speak a lick of eigo past herro, bai bai, and don reipu mii. English teaching has and will always be one big fat joke there to both natives and expats alike. An exception would be doing it at the University level or working at an International school, but in those cases you'd need actual real life skills, experience, and relevant credentials.

On a relevant sidenote: is there ANY english teacher in anime who isn't a gag character? Really makes you think doesn't it?

Blonde teacher in Taishou Musume.
I don't remember if she was an english teacher actually, but why else would there be a blonde foreigner teacher at a highschool?

Truly thought engrish was just a meme until the other day I had to greet two middle-aged obaa-chans and offer them coffee, they understood nothing except "oh kohi" then saying they had no money and need to go before I could tell them there was no charge they had already fucked off. All of this was in Japanese so if I wasn't a huge weeb I would've seriously thought I had scared them somehow.

Shit was cute though I tell you what.

far right

Neither him nor the other guy.
You are describing a bumbling idiot dropout, not a fully fledged teacher.
I have taught English and Chemistry in Germany and England, and taught English in Japan for close to a decade. I am back to teaching English and Chemistry, now in Holland though.
Out of all those countries Germany was easily the most pleasant to teach in.

In England I worked in a city school, and while the other user was exaggerating quite a bit, the core of what he says is true. All day every day is about dealing with shits, you never really get around to teaching most of them anything. The best I could do was focus on the few students that WERE interested and teach them while keeping the disturbances of those who were merely there out of obligation to a minimum.
Japan was a good experience, long hours yes, but not the bullshit you read about on the net "80 hour workweeks, muh discipline, muh everything perfect", Germany is in fact worse in that regard (where I worked anyway). Jap classes I taught were largely calm and most were there to actually learn English. What you say about English being considered a joke is no longer true. They have had their country hit by economic disasters often enough now that they (especially the younger generation) realize expanding beyond the borders for business and job oppurtunities is becoming a must, by extension learning English is a must. Furthermore what you are describing is not a teacher, but a puppet who acts as the mouthpiece of the actual teacher who can not pronounce English to save his life, great job if you are a student sightseeing Japan and need money, not so great as an actual "job".
Germany is strict, papers to teach strict, hours strict, student behaviour strict etc. This is the country where I would walk into the classroom and the students would collectively stand up and greet me, as any other teacher, with a "Good morning Mr.user". Something I hadnt even experienced in Japan.

How many Jap schoolgirls did you fuck while over there?

Now I realize this doesnt apply to all of Germany. A Berlin city school would have likely given me a similair experience to the one I had in England. However the fact that it happens at all, in ANY school in Germany was refreshingly and pleasantly surprising. Their strictness comes with the drawback of their curriculum being about as flexible as a brick of concrete. Especially in English this is a problem, where German education focusses heavily on written English and repeating grammar untill the students can recite all the rules like little robots. The problem is that unless the task at hand is to write something in English with enough time to apply all the rules they have been taught, their English is shit. Spoken English, while not Japanese-tier, is quite bad and the only reason for it is that the schools do not teach it properly. Which is really quite appaling, because unlike Japan, Germany has close ties with England on basically all fronts.

Last but not least Holland, where I teach now. Little liberal shits everywhere, everyone´s opinion matters, everyone gets a say, nothing gets a move on because it first needs to be discussed to death by everyone involved. Quite nice in the classroom, where this gives me more freedom to do what I want as long as goals are achieved, not so nice in staff meetings where an "executive decision" basically never gets made. In fact whenever a proper decision DOES get made it should honestly be cause for celebration.

Left a bunch of stuff out with the character limit and all, ask me anything you want if you want to know more, not that it is all that interesting. At the end of the day it is still just shitty teaching, and I wouldnt advise anyone to go into it. If you DO go into it though, it is up to you to make it fun/worthwhile/interesting.

exactly 0

>you never really get around to teaching most of them anything
No shit. Why the fuck would you need to teach english to who are from england?

He also taught chemistry

What state and kind of school (Haupt, Real, Gymnasium) did you work in as a teacher in Germany? The Gymnasium I was student at in Bavaria wasn't all that strict, it really depends on the teacher and their reputation. We had this one German/History teacher where no one, not even the usual troublemakers, made even a single sound. In most other classes it was the opposite, there was constant talking.

Though we always stood up to greet the teacher, do students in other countries not do that?