Love Live! Sunshine!!

Do you miss them?

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No. Last season was mediocre at best.

dont buy those dolls. they are acursed

I miss them already

I've been watching the scenes in SIF to fill the void... and then I realized how badly S2 dropped the ball outside the Kurosawa sisters episodes.

>no Mari horse riding
>no hanging out in Chika's hotspring you know the hotspring at her families in remember!
>no weight lifting and high diving with You
>No episode of Hanamaru trying to get rid of her verbal tic and her inferiority complex
>only one beach episode in a show that takes place on the beach
>Kanan never scuba dives despite that being her entire thing
>no Ruby and You working hard to make costumes
>no diet episode
They should have killed the school in S1 or early on in S2 so they could focus on the Idols in a show about Idols. The whole message was WE GOTTA FIND OUR OWN SUNSHINE but they can't do that when all they talk about is the fucking school that closes anyway!

Uranohoshi... shit; I'm still only in Uranohoshi... Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the club room.

When I was home after winning Love Live, it was worse.

I'd wake up and there'd be nothing. When I was here, I wanted to be there; when I was there, all I could think of was getting back into the Club Room. I'm here a week now... waiting for a concert... getting softer. Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Shiitake squats in the bush, he gets stronger. Each time I looked around the walls moved in a little tighter.

Everybody wanted me to do it, him most of all. I felt like he was up there, waiting for me to take the pain away. He just wanted to go out like a soldier, standing up, not like some poor, wasted, rag-assed renegade. Even the Love Live wanted him dead, and that's who he really took his orders from anyway.

Chika had a hard life.

They've never left my heart


this entire post is so dumb. holy shit


>you'll never princess-carry ainya

it hurts bros....
it hurts

No because they did not go anywhere.
S3 will come later. You can screen cap this.

>S3 will come later
Don't become like hagturds. Be more realistic.


I miss complaining about You & Hanamaru not getting dedicated episode in S2, lads.

I said you can screencap this for a reason, not a meymey. Can’t say anymore at this point though beside that it will likely not be literally S3.

All that is coming is the movie, user

*All that is announced at this point of time is a movie.

>Can’t say anymore at this point
>that is announced at this point
This is literally what they said back then. Don't become like hagturds.

Sure. It’s just the “miss them” meme posting is starting to get annoying.

what a freak

>It’s just the “miss them” meme posting is starting to get annoying.
This guy is just autistic.

What are you saying. If you were in that sharks place you would also pop one.

Shes weird! Weird!


Why would she be?

Sexy. SEXY!

I love Riko!
Her hair, her eyes, her cute hairclips. Even her clumsiness and insecurity. I love her!

So does Chika.

this but me instead of chika

This but me instead of that user

This is my wife Kurosawa Ruby and I am taking her on a date! Say something nice to her!

budget nico

Lol no. Ruby is very cute and pretty while Nico is not at all.

sunshine was terrible

you can say that but we all know who the universe's #1 idol is

I sure as hell don't miss the threads with their neverending repetition of seiyuufagging.

Certainly not Nicoshit.

seiyuu is the best part of lovelive franchise tho

Leave the tertiary animu only faggot be, he will never understand.

>CYaRon nama in 24 hours


Lewd the chuuni!


New puppet show in April right?


How much?

Shukashuu? More like Shukawaii.

Cute Shuka

What have you done to those nesos

salvage from the depths for the kawaii seiyuus

i recognized the right as arisa at first btw


We already had the closing-school-thing with Muse so there was no reason to make the entire conflict about the school again with Love Live Sunshine. They could have had more time to develop the characters or at least toned down the repetitive memes like Mari's cringy engrish, Yoshiko's Yohanes, Hanamaru's fat/zuras, You's yozoros, Ruby's ganbarubys, etc. The thing about giving characters 'quirks' is that it can easily become the character itself when it's overused.

Smug Chika.


i haven't seen e13 yet because i'm waiting for the dub

script writers except sakurako seem not to have decided the ending in advance, so they suddenly tried to make their school actually closed considering the feedback from the real time viewers

Sharon streams are always the most fun

yeah cant wait to watch them so ill fap to them first


for canon

See this. Wat do?

Pull that stupid feather out of her hair.

Then invite her in for hot tea and then warm her with my body, I guess.

call this cop

I love Riko!


Fuck no, I'm glad this garbage is over
S2 made me dislike all of the characters except Dia

Sakurako just don't give a fuck about anime.



The script was completed before anything else most likely. You can't just change it completely while it's airing based on fan reaction.

>killed aqua intentionally with the messed up plot
goddess bless the seiyuus

I miss You.

Fugging this. Why did Hanamaru not get her own episode? Why was she reduced to a comic relief character, whose only gags are "ZURA ZURA ZURA HAHA LOUD" and "HAY GUYZ WOW I'M EATING AGAIN HAHAHA I'M SUCH A FAT FUCK ZURA HAHAAHAHAHA"

I miss You too.

I love her too. And she loves me.


I miss You too.

How lewd.

>he gets to lick that litle dot over there every night

I'm getting more annoyed with S2 as the days go by. It's like they were playing tee ball and given a magic bat that will hit a guaranteed home run but hit a line drive foul ball straight into a terminally ill child before striking out... songs and costumes were great though.


Daily Dose

Cute bra.
Where mah Marubros at?!

I haven't listened to the full version yet, should I?

Yes. I think it's better than One More Sunshine Story, although that one is cute as fuck too.

It's literally the same as preview. Absolutely nothing new or surprising.

The only people who miss them are animeonly fags/secondaries.

Nope. I dumped all of Aqours for this superior goddess.

Bully her and let her freeze to death.

Holy fuck, look at all that ugly in one picture.


I only miss them until it's time to fap.

I sure as fuck don't miss all the normalfag cancer (that's still) posted in all the threads.

You are the cancer.

>You not in the middle
One job user.

Kill Niconigger or he will kill this thread again.


You know who I really miss every single day?

Your dad?