Jiren replaces the protagonist of the last anime you watched. Starting episode 1, how does it go?

Jiren replaces the protagonist of the last anime you watched. Starting episode 1, how does it go?

vamos pedro, no tienes reddit para este tipo de mamadas?

>Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle
He'd be the Perfect Choujin to end all Perfect Choujin.

>Jiren's ((mom)) remarried and now AYY has to go to an all girl's school
>Jiren's friends (all girls) ask if he has a boyfriend
>he just stands there
>he doesn't even sit down to eat with them or walk away
>he stands there, arms crossed, says nothing, plot moves on
>school is about to start
>Jiren suddenly appears in front of the school
>Mei berates Jiren for not wearing his uniform and cosplaying
>Mei approaches AYY to grab his genitals
>Jiren teleports behind Mei and tells her to get lost
>infuriated Mei tries to knock Jiren over to rape him
>Jiren's passive forcefield knocks Mei back with the force of several universes

Yup. Sounds about accurate to what I was gonna post.

I'm currently watching Little Witch Academia, but before this I watched an episode of Tanya The Evil.

Either way, it should be fairly interesting.

It becomes the most boring anime I've ever watched.

>Devilman Crybaby
He sits down until demons destroy all humanity, then proceeds to futsuu-punch all demons and to maji-naguri Satan and God


Jiren, man! Legenday trooper!

i dont know what the fuck would happen, but i'd love to see jiren playing basketball against the generation of miracles

Jiren instead of Ginko
i dunno about this

>Jiren enrolls into Luna Nova
>arriving students tease him for being a swole alien with no magical background
>he suddenly appears in Luna Nova
>senses people in danger
>appears in Arcturus Forest and sees some kids getting attacked by a giant chicken
>uses shrink ray on chicken and captures it
>Ursula gives Jiren the Shiny Rod
>Jiren ignores her, flies to the other side of the world in half a second, releases little chicken in the wild
>he's late for Luna Nova's opening
>he flies there and he's not late because he's stronger than time

>Jiren is a Japanese businessman
>vengeful turd shoves him into train
>except Jiren feels like a steel pillar and doesn't move
>Jiren turns around and looks at turd
>turd shits himself
>the end

>Jiren's mom decides to run away with her boyfriend, leaving Jiren to work at his grandmother's inn
It'd be amazing. I'm sure he would make for a great waiter.

>Jiren In The Franxx
Assuming he decides to go in a Franxx could anyone take him?

>Jiren instead of Meliodas
I don't think it would change that drastically.

Jiren replaces Goku im Super, starting from epsiode 1?

>Beerus searches for the Super Saiyan God
>instead he's met by Jiren
>they battle and the fight seems to be stalemating but Jiren is notably taking no damage while Beerus seems to be tiring
>Jiren gets the upper hand in melee and starts beating the shit out of Beerus
>angered, Beerus unleashes all his power destroying all of U7
the end

>devilman crybaby
I think he might actually be dead by the end

I guess there would be no crisis on the bubblegum

No anime with Jiren as the protagonist would be fairly interesting. It would be a One Punch man that takes itself completely seriously rather than a gag anime.

>further than the universe
>Jiren is just a normal high school girl
>Realizes he's wasted his high school time and starts trying to step out of his comfort zone
>While walking to school finds a bit of paper with Zeno-sama's phone number on it
>The next day, Son Goku-san who had rumors of wanting to have a Tournament of Power is seen frustrated
>Jiren follows him into the bathroom, Son Goku was going to call Zeno-sama and say they should have a tournament to see who is the strongest in the universe, but now left to power up in the bathroom
>Knowing it means more to him, Jiren returns it to the startled Son Goku and says they should make the tournament happen
>Title changes to The person strongest in the Universes
Could be cute high school girl adventures of fighting for the survival of their universe for about 48 episodes

>Jiren meditates and lets the world get destroyed by monsters
>the Earth explodes but Jiren is still meditating

>pussy soyboy manga Jiren refuses to kill the monsters and refuses to hurt them either
>he lightly hits monsters, shrinks them, puts them in jail, they break out, keeps happening
>Jiren says if he has to kill monsters to save humans he would rather not kill monsters at all
>the Earth gets destroyed and Jiren is OK with this

That would be hilarious to be honest.

> Jiren as Utena
I can't even.

Nah. This time Satan is killed.

Jiren my boy we need a pride trooper anime.

Saitama's characterization is literally the worst part of OPM, so that's fine.

Anime stop airing.

>Starship Troopers traitor of mars

the bugs are fucked

He's fighting against Vegeta and himself in the tournament of power?

Jiren is so smiler to Esper Mami,
2/3rds of the dialogue would remain the same.

Fuck off

Right answer, it doesn't matter the anime

I think he would kill Satan in the end.

>koizumi san
>jiren goes around eating ramen, slurping and making satisfied faces while his muscles contract from pleasure
I never knew I wanted this.

>Assassination Classroom
Oh god, I can’t even imagine

Last anime I watched was Overlord. Jiren isn't sentimental, so he either beats up everyone in Nazerick... or orders them to become superheroes. Sebas becomes his sidekick.