Shitty character development

shitty character development
>gay guy cries every day over his dead lover, has every reason to hate demons for being the cause of it all
>was saved by devilman
>joins the demons with no remorse/inner conflict, mocks those who didn't
>Girl hates humans/society for treating her like she doesnt have any value at all if she isnt the best
>always takes care of herself, no one ever saves her
>Stays on the human side, says she loves Miki for really no reason (their rivalry was never welcomed or enjoyable for either side)

Completely unnecessary scenes.
>Rap guy giving Miki his earing saying someone special gave it to him and it'll protect her
>that "someone" is never mentioned, doesn't really makes sense he'd point that out
>at this point you think "ok either miki dies and is so horribly scarred the earring is the confirmation we have the corpse is hers, or the earring actually does work as a good luck charm"
>neither she just fucking dies
>and somehow when devilman wears the earring he hears the echo of rap guy's words even though he wasnt there for that

And worst of all everything (except the mom eating scene, which was actually really good) was so predictable that it never evoked any strong emotion. And the ending tried too hard to be symbolic and get you thinking but really just doesn't make sense
>You're crying too!
of course means "you're not quite the edgy fag you think you are" but does so while being unnecessarily convoluted while also not really being thought-provoking.

tl;dr why is every normie in love with this 6.5/10 show?

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heyy that's pretty good

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you know this is basically just a really sped up version of the original right?

It's because gays are evil creatures by nature. God literally blasted Sodom because it was full of faggots.
The earing scene was strange, yeah.

but people are praising the 10 episode 2018 version not the original.

That's the whole point of the thread you dumb faggot

fuck off faggot. why don't you take your complaints to normies directly?

thats because its new and hip and shit you're talking about in this thread are in the original too so half of your nitpicks are pointless

koda didn't exist in the original

there were no earrings or rappers either.


>shitty character development
>weak overarching message
>a tragedy story that doesn't actually evoke trong emotions
haha what are you even saying

>this shitty thing was also in the original
ok that doesnt explain why normies love shitty things

Like what? Miko wasn't in the original either, at least not the version Crybaby presented. There were no track and field.





its 10 episode netflix trash what did you fucking expect also kek
there is no message you faggot its literally Edge: the Anime
yes half the shit he listed ARE nitpicks
"Wow why didnt this girl kill everyone why does she love miki hurr the story should have gone the way I WANTED IT TO"
pure fucking autism


that's like saying naruto is crunchyroll trash because it aired on it.

netflix had nothing to do with devilman crybaby. the show was produced by aniplex and dynamic planning and animated by science saru.


also the show is part of go nagai's 50th career anniversary with mazinger z infinity and cutie honey universe.

it would have been produced anyway. they only chose netflix due to lack of restrictions and censorships that they would get on regular japanese tv




when the actions of the main supporting cast make no fucking sense it's not a nitpick, it's a real problem of the show.
>thinking netflix was at all involved in the creation
>still not answering the OP question
>hurr durr it had no message even though it definitely tried to
haha you're actually just fucking dumb. Stick to Monster Musume threads, this isnt for you kiddo B)




It was a 6 till episode 7 as a whole it's like an eight. It's hard to reccomend the first few episodes when the OVAs are much more enjoyable.

Why the rap guy and the gay guy are so fucking alike?


no you aren't. You're some schmuck with typical "I hated it because it was popular!" reviews.