S Magic Knight Rayearth Worth Watching?

Is it a good anime? It's fun? How does Card Captor Sakura compare?

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The anime is good but the manga sucks.

It is not at all similar to cardcaptor sakura, but it is good, please watch it.

S1 is great, S2 is unnecessary garbage.

Nova is a Yandere?

Season 2 is great you baka. It has great atmosphere and the plot is more complex

Yes, but it's aged pretty badly in a few aspects. One of the few shows that could genuinely benefit from a remake. Providing the mashin don't get CGI'd

I have very little faith in a remake of Rayearth. The easiest reason is the voice actors. They are PERFECT in Rayearth, and so much of the characters's personalities are carried there. They'd not be the same.

Another thing is the artstyle. Magic Knight Rayearth looks great, the rich detail in the designs and the shading and the nice colours too makes it look really good. A remake would have washed out colours, no details, overly sterile lines, blurry photoshop backgrounds, and possibly disgusting, creepy eyes too. And the CGI would happen for sure too.

How did it even age? There is room for improvements, I guess,a remake would probably have no more than 12 episodes so it'd have faster pacing and maybe a little less repetitive, but Rayearth doesn't really suffer that much from that in the first place.

First, are you saying the voice actors would be replaced or that the original cast has aged too much? Nobody's ever gonna try to pull a Sailor Moon Crystal ever again after that trainwreck. Second, the anime looks like trash compared to Clamp's style at the time, which they would probably emulate more in a remake.
Third, I personally think the first season went too fast and the second season too slow. Having them both be 26 episodes would work fine, don't you think.


Everything today is CGI. The question is if it's 3D-rendered or not.

it is fucking great. season 2 was an amazing anime original. sakura is nothing beside it.
rayearth is the opus magnum of clamp.

You knew what I was talking about, user. Besides, don't most people here refer to what you're talking about as "cels vs digital?"

I don't know Clam's style at the time, but I know the anime looks great compared to modern anime, especially how a nostalgiabait reboot of an old children's anime would look.

The first season did very little, I can't see how they can expand on that. It was already very monster of the week heavy, with only just enough new elements at big enough intervals to keep it from getting stale. I have no idea what they'd need additional episodes for. Unless they were to actually do some world building or something rather than just the path through the forest and then monsters appear with no background history or anything existing in the world besides the path they are following.

The second season did start a bit slow, I think, so that may be possible to shorten down to 26 episodes without damaging it much, and possibly improving it.

Not all filler has to be monster-of-the-week. Six extra episodes would be great for world building and fleshing out the characters even more.
As for Clamp's style at the time, just look at pic related. Or

Umi best girl but my heart will always belong to Fuu.

My sides.

This is easily CLAMP's worst work.

Do you just go around saying the same shit wherever Rayearth is mentioned? You're already in the Sakura threads.

it is the greatest story clamp has ever told.
sorry about your sides.

>CLAMP'S worst work
That's TRC not Rayearth.

The series has a great OT3.

I love the opening. I saw it from TV as a kid and watched maybe two years ago again. It is fine, but certainly old.

Hikaru sure is special getting a harem ending like that.

>Is it a good anime?
One of CLAMPs finest works at the time.

>It's fun?
Absolutely. Especially season 1.

>How does Card Captor Sakura compare?
I'd say they're too different to compare. CCS is more SoL oriented while MKR is more drama and action driven specially during the second half. It has it's own issues but what really makes the show are the characters, some of the clichés but can be forgiven since it was the early 90's and they are good examples of their archetypes.

Also the Rune Gods/Masshin are cool as fuck.

He said worst not best

The season 1 finale had one of the best plot twists Clamp has ever written.

There is nothing good about TRC, it's a clusterfuck.

When the "TRC is good" meme started? I completely missed it. Last time I checked everyone agreed it was an unreadable clusterfuck.

>There is nothing good about TRC
Except everything
It's not a meme my friend

Everyone knows Jojo's Bizarre Married Life is CLAMP's best work.

Hikaru is so hot.


Are you talking about the second manga? Because the first one had a couple cool things early but the it becomes entirely "meh" up to the final battle against Fei Wang Reed.


I will admit that the last arc is confusing as hell but I still really enjoyed the manga as a whole.


>Japanese teenagers get summoned to fantasy world to be legendary heroes won fight the demon lord

Just based off the first episode, this is every bit as shitty as any modern isekai.

never liked this.
dropped and changed to sailor moon which is miles better

Nah. This shitty mecha shit wasn't cutting it. The characters design is pretty mediocre for CLAMP standards, the soundtrack is meh and the story is cliché at its worst. It's not terrible but certainly not good either.

>hikaru will never be your adorable little girlfriend

Why even live?

It's different in that it actually remains a thing in the series. The characters think about their world at home and what they are doing. That's something modern isekai lack.

Other than the pervy subtle relationships between the cast, MKR is nothing like Sakura.
Watch it, S1 is kino. S2 is way darker and some people hates it.

Not to mention ZERO harem antics which is a massive plus.

20+ years later it still hurts, man

She was my very first anime crush.

Is this yuri or het?

Very het.

I heard you like sakuga


anybody members the spanish dub?

How can you say that when TRC and Wish exist?

Main girl gets two husbandos, one gets a shota and the third has a warrior boyfriend.

Rayearth is Isekai done right

S1 is a masterpiece.

S2 is a fucking slog and everything that was cool about the original is thrown out the window.

It doesn't really do things that differently from other traditional isekai

I bet you hate .hack//Sign too. The second season is great.

>ZERO harem antics

Boy Hikaru, why does CLAMP let you have TWO husbands?


Two husbandos is only in the manga

si señor luci tenia muy buena voz.

luci mi esposa.

>Japanese teenagers get summoned to fantasy world to be legendary heroes won fight the demon lord
>Just based off the first episode, this is every bit as shitty as any modern isekai.
that's the thing user, clamp wants you to think like that.

>the soundtrack is meh
>and the story is cliché



My favorite weird and obscure thing about Rayearth. Watch in either order.


Only in the manga and besides. Even if she has a Harem there wasn't any Harem antics proper. Or at least I don't remember Hikaru walking on them changing clothes nor tripping and accidentally landing Lantis's dick.

>one gets a shota
No she doesn't.

Poor Ascot.


Combatant amphibians are to leave the premises!

Hikaru is smol

Because they're not bad

And her brothers are fucking giant. I bet she's adopted.

Middle brother here.
No, she isn't.

I liked it a lot but it's not for everyone.
If you like shojo and don't mind the cliches it has then it is enyoiable.
Also Hikaru is the cutest.


Hikaru was my first waifu.
And she is still my waifu to this day.

I remember the dub i watched gave Eagle a female VA (probably to avoid the gay undertones) but i though he was a man in the OP untill he spoke.

>Or at least I don't remember Hikaru walking on them changing clothes nor tripping and accidentally landing Lantis's dick.
Yeah, that episode was banned. Lantis, Eagle, Lafarga, Ascot and Clef violently beat her for a full five minutes while screaming and calling her a perverted baka.

LatAm dub yeah. But instead made it look like Hikaru was a bisexual in a love triangle.

JP Eagle is a chick too.
Megumi Ogata. Aka the chick that plays Sailor Uranus.

Nova didn't already make it look like that?

Nova/Luz didn't count since that was literally Hikaru screwing up with herself.

That's hot.