Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

Hurry up the ramen is ready.


putting it on my shopping list for next week...

Homicidal breakdown when?




Why is that boy wearing a skirt?


>watching a show about a genki dyke's decent into madness
Dropped. I just wanted ramen adventures and lesbians

>a show about a genki dyke's decent into madness
picked up

subs where?

a sexual orgy


Borscht 50yen

Subs out

The descent continues.


So bloodthirsty.

Oh no

Of course not.

next week




I ate instant ramen today and this awful

*and it was


Is this dyke a psycho?

It doesn't count unless you walk within a 1m proximity, silly girl.

Watching these two friends laughing and enjoying each others company made me stop hating her for being a mean anti-social ramen jerk and just feel sad and sorry for her. She really does have some kind of ramen based autism.

Genkidyke's mental breakdown again over seeing her with boys was pretty funny.

>eating while standing
Enjoy your digestive system getting fucked.

Someone please stop her.

I make instant MiGoReng and pretend it's ramen. Shit's way better and you don't have to eat it in a gross wet soup.

migoreng anime when?

I love this deranged dyke.

Is ramen supposed to be that oily?

Won't stop at nothing.

Butter Chicken Curry Ramen for tonight

I-I wrote a poem for Koizumi-san.

Ah, Koizumi-san.

I hope she likes it.

Is this yuri?

Only good thing about this anime

Only Yuu is yuri.

I actually bought a lot of noodle with different many flavor variation from chinese store because of this anime.

Words to live by.

Did you enjoy them?

Ramen wo Kakeru Rezu

>live in Sydney
>not a single authentic ramen restaurant near my place or in CBD
>"fake" ramen restaurants are run by gooks and chinks
>they taste like shit
Fuck me, is going to the Japan the only way to eat authentic Japanese ramen?

Even Melbourne has 1 or 2 decent ramen places in the CBD.


What? There are tons of ramen places in Sydney.

You sure they aren't run by fake Japanese?

Examples, nigga. And I'm talking about authentic Japanese ramen, not some knock-off chink/gook bullshit.

Koizumi-san is such a slut.

>Fake Japanese
You know half the places she goes to in the show are chain stores? It really doesn't matter who runs the place as long as the taste is authentic. I've had a lot of ramen in Tokyo and sure the highly praised places with 30 minute lines are much better than what we have here in Melbourne, but it definitely stands up to par or even better than the average place in Japan, it does cost $15 aud for a bowl though.

I always forget the name but there's the place opposite Cha no Ma near Town Hall. There's Ichibanboshi next to Kinokuniya. I haven't been there in a few years but there was a place at the food court on the top floor of Market City. There's also a place on York Street near Wynyard if you're down that way.

I'm sure there's more and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but all of these are genuine Japanese ramen shops. The only time you have to worry about Korean knockoffs is when it's a sushi shop, those are all Korean.

Brah, it's a fucking food. Why are you so worked up on authentic?
As long as it taste good I don't see any problems with other ethnicity group cooking other culture's food.


I hate you.

Can't wait for the inevitable doujins about faceless man fucking Koizumi while Yuu is forced to watch

Never ever go to Chinese restaurant. it's overpriced non-food garbage. I still remember that disgusting £9 Udon with £4 "Herb Tea" a.k.a shitty canned tea (they even served me canned with straw). I never touched any Chinese restaurant ever again after that and just settle with instant noodles and frozen foods if I want some Asian food.

Is this yandere?

Yuu is the best.


Aren't you up with the latest bro-Sup Forums-science?
The GENETICS transfer directly into the food and it's quality. A 100% pure bred japanese man will always make better Japanese food than some 56% australian-chinese mongrel.

Rate my tastebuds

Cute. She really needs some ramen badly.

And at the end is revealed it was all in Yuu's mind because in reality Koizumi went to a ramen shop in the middle of a love hotel street, right?

spam from a can
and giant glob of mustard
10/10 looks delish

You are getting there Yuu.

I see yuu're a girl of culture as well.

So handsome.

this week

She is fun too.

Looks like super cheap but delicious local cart noodle that you can find anywhere in Indonesia.

What a charming fellow


This scene was the best.

she really is best girl.
And you know if genki dyke wanted to sex her up she would indulge her.

I'd love to try some ramen but that oily broth really ticks me off.
And those girls just gulps all those soup without leaving any!



This week we finally have Ipputou



Wakemezake with ramen broth with Koizumi-san.


I want to fuck Yuu

You'll catch her disease.

How is she so hot?

I already like girls so I'm inmmune

The pineapple is my favourite girl

>spelling favorite with a u
>shit taste
Like clockwork.

She has weird hair.

I don't see how spelling favourite correctly is connected with having shit taste.

I can't help but notice the only girl Ms. Koizumi seems to actually like is this nerdy wallflower. Truly, Koizumi-san is the protector of smart girls.

What ?
Instant Noodle (LQ)
Chinese Luncheon Meat

You should put satay

I thought Wakako-zake was the better show, though. It had a more subtle and refined scene of humour, and Wakako's seiyuu really gets that slight breed of madness that makes her character endearing. I guess it also helps that it didn't have as much of a runtime to overstay.

Wakamezake(わかめ酒) is the sexual act of drinking alcohol from a woman's body.

the VA of the guy, its Junichi Suwabe (Archer, Grimmjow, Siegfried, Aizawa), right?

How long until Yuu goes full Misery?