Wait, nobody here is actually serious about liking Rei more than Asuka right...

Wait, nobody here is actually serious about liking Rei more than Asuka right? I was under the impression that it was just a massive troll/bait. Nobody could actually like that doll right?


I like both. Fight me.

I really want to sniff and eat her ass.

probably smells like flowers

In some case, it isn't "liking her more", but "hating her less".

Kuudere> anything else

I'd like to agree with you instead.

Next mystery: why does everyone post shit fanart when there's so many Sadamoto images to enjoy?

best girl

I don't even care about Rei that much. Anyone is better than that ginger cunt goddess.

They need to eat

Misato is best though. Because i'm not a pedophile.

Asuka is shit besides how she looks. Hate fuck comes to mind.

Rei is literally a clone of Shinji's mom. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

At least Rei is not a violent bitch who kicks a guy for seeing her naked when it was not his fault in the first place

>liking germans

Asuka is best girl.

>not liking dolls

Shit taste. Rei is cute and loyal

Are you kidding?

Rei is nice and not a total bitch most of the time unlike some people I could name. I'd probably like Mari more than either of them if she was in it more but Rei is better than Asuka

Asuka is shit, Rei is worse.

> request drink
> receive three offers
> wat do


Why is that dumb movie cunt in the middle and not Misato?

Fucking delete this



Too bad Misato is.

>8514x5485 of ass

One student compliation is too good





Rei has no spirit or will

>I have never actually watched Evangelion

You embarrass yourself and make your faction look retarded by proxy

I'll prove you're a retard with one word only

Except I am correct, not her soul, her spirit or that thing which burns within us that makes life worth living. Rei has this not.



Incorrect again idiot

You understand that the Evangelions require a soul to move and it was Asuka's loss of herself that stopped her from being able to pilot right?
It was Asuka's dissonance between herself and her soul that put her in that coma but i bet you didn't know that because you're a fucking retard

And you understand that Rei has an immortal soul that God (retconned later to FAR) had forbidden from ever dying which is why NERV was able to put it into an an artificial copy of a human right?
And that Rei has the strongest AT field (or light of the soul) of all the 4billionish angels as confirmed during the fight against kaworu (and that's just domestic short hair Rei, not Giant Naked God Rei)

I bet you didn't know these things because you're a retard who didn't pay attention


Wrong. To pilot there need to be a bond between
Soul inside eva (Rei I for eva 00, Yui for eva 01, parts of asuka's mother souls in eva 02) ad soul of the pilot.
Rei has and individual soul along with being the vessel of lilith's soul, that's why she can expand her a.t. field like kaworu does (vessel of adam's soul)

And the babble of FAR and "god" is non canon shit found in a ps2 game which is not canon. The presence of lilith and adam is not explained in the eva comsology.

he is hot as much as she is a bitch

Kuudere is the best though.

Who's the idiot when I say it's not the soul and explain it yet he continues to talk about a soul. Fucking reitard.

>posts tsundere

god she was such an annoying fucking character and was dropped in our fucking laps out of the blue with no character development


if you like rei you just want a no personality fuckdoll
if you like asuka you want a petulant child

misato is clearly best girl


Asuka is the most hate-fuckable character in anime. Prove me wrong.

You can't fuck any anime person, and hate someone you don't.


I like pictures of them in civvies

20 fuckin years and asukafags don't learn

Yukino is a kuudere, a common trait of kuudere is to always keep their composure.

>Kuudere = dandere = tsundere

Only reasonable response

>No titty scar


>broken spine

pick one

source? i got nothing

What's the difference between Kuudere and Dandere anyway? Aren't they both just Stoicdere?

Use your head.

i said i got nothing user.

are you fucking blind ?