Is this the best the medium of anime has to offer?

Is this the best the medium of anime has to offer?

It's not even the best shounen.

Not even the best of its IP


Fuck this is actually one of my favourites as well since I actually played table tennis irl

haha no, not even close

it's monster

No. It’s very entry level at best.



That's a very nice Johan you got there

Early episodes of 2003 out way the entirety of Brotherhood. Competent directing and greater tone of dread really went a long way in selling moments, for example, the dog scene is much better.

I agree

I watched 2003 first before brotherhood ever came out but I was pretty young so now that I've watched both my memories of the series are hazy and I have this mixed version of the show in my head.

>Is this the best the medium of anime has to offer?

Hell no! You’d have to be a newfag to think that

I could have been, but neither of the protagonists was a cute girl. A really inexplicable blunder.

user, girl protagonists are only for girls. Boys are supposed to want boy protagonists.


That's because a woman made it so there was basically no fanservice. There was more topless Armstrong than anything

what is in your opinion then?

The ost was pretty okay until the last match. Why did they save the worst track for the last match?

MAL garbage

its made by yuasa, it must be shit

Honestly brotherhood is pretty damn overhyped. No idea why people say to skip the original either when Brotherhood starts expecting you to already know the basic story. The character introductions the first few episodes are beyond terrible if you haven't seen the original.

Like am I wrong? Does brotherhood not assume you already know the material from the previous anime and actually has a good start?

Yes, which shows how far anime still is from becoming a serious art form.

Pretty average battle shounen. And battle shounenes are shitty by the definition.

normalfags, get out.

It's the best anime I've ever watched didn't like Yuasa's devilman though

When I first watched FMA:Brotherhood I thought it was fantastic, easily the greatest anime I've ever watched. But then I've found out that the author of the original was a woman and now I hate this piece of shit.

I felt like it did get straight to the point sometimes almost too abruptly compared to 2003. Greed felt a lot more developed in the original compared to brotherhood and his dub was so fucking corny in brotherhood

What are some good battle shounens in your opinion?

HxH, YuYuHakasho, OPM??

OPM isn't shonen

Brotherhood is 1:1 adaptation of the manga so it is the original. You don't need to see 2003 first in order to watch Brotherhood.

I meant BnHa

Wrong guy with an artificial arm and leg

Also, not even the best FMA anime.

I agree

Not even the best FMA.

>Brotherhood is 1:1 adaptation of the manga
But it isn't, it skips over a lot of things from the first part. Also the first episode is an anime original episode.

You're in the wrong neighborhood, MALfag. FMA wasn't even best of its season/year.

If we took all of the good parts of the original and the good parts of Brotherhood, then yes. We would have one of the greatest pieces of entertainment of all time.
It's still one of my favorites though.

2009 wasn't a very good year for anime though

Not even the best of it's year desu

Rewatched it recently and it's brilliantly written. People who says otherwise haven't watched it since it ended and thought that was just their teenage taste.

>k-on, suzumiya haruhi, bakemonogatari, Redline, Summer Wars
Much better than 2017 at the very least

I used to really love brotherhood, but on a recent rewatch I legitmately couldn't stand the redone episodes, and the "humor" really was pretty grating.
Still like it, but you have to ignore a sizable portion that makes it hard to recommend on its own.

I finished rewatching yesterday and i still love it desu. Yes, it's more "Shounen-esque" than 2003, but Brotherhood hooks me more than 2003.

Brotherhood only gives you eight episodes before Maes _____dies_____ . That wasn't nearly enough time to spend time with that character and have that scene have any impact.

Night of the Chimera's Cry was also paced so badly it's amazing that it even aired

Brotherhood is complete trash and tarnishes a series just because morons went "waahh it's not like the manga! This series is actually competent and that's unacceptable!"

Completely. it has not a single fault. fight me.

Why are the dubs better in the old one?
Alphonse sounds too much like a girl in brotherhood

Why don't you begin reading the thread?

Yh I thought something was up with those moments they felt so rushed and melodramatic without justification like all of a sudden he just turned his daughter into a chimera without as much emotion that I had remembered

This, also the same episode nina is introduced she is doggyfused. And a lot of the humor falls flat, still overall a good series though.

when people think of Nina they always think of the 2003 anime, not the 2009

they were really dumb for rushing the earlier episodes like that

They were really dumb for doing another adaptation of the same franchise so early. They should have waited until 2013 at least but they really wanted to milk that cow.

or maybe their not clouded by nostalgia