Now that this shitshow has crashed and burned...

Now that this shitshow has crashed and burned, do you think Japan will finally stop adapting shitty light novels (the literary equivalent to the text on the back of cereal boxes) and start making originals again?

Hopefully they start adapting real novels next.

>crashed and burned
You do realize that Sup Forums is not an accurate representation of popularity, right?

Here's some pity for you.

Neither of episodes 2 and 3 trended on twitter, which is a first for a Kyoto Animation anime.

That's how I know you're not watching the show. Pity sage.

No, japan would make even more anime you don't like.

It's also selling really shitty if I recall correctly.

more like irc shitposting is not a representation of anything other than autism

This isn’t 2012 anymore, irc shitposting is no longer happening.

>says the ircfaggot shitposter

>Now that this shitshow has crashed and burned
Three episodes you fucking retard. Three fucking episodes.

Stay delusional.

drink bleach you worthless faggot

Try a different tack.

you sure are desperate now irc faggot Sup Forumsermin shit

>Neither of episodes 2 and 3 trended on twitter, which is a first for a Kyoto Animation anime.

They make originals every season. Not my fault you don't watch them.
One (more) failure isn't likely to stop them adapting LNs.

>if you don't post your own shitty 720p asenshi screenshots then you're not watching the show
Pity (You), better luck next time fanboy

Episode 1: 6 million
Episode 2. 3 million
Episode 3: 300,000

>Kyoani is Finland
Please explain, I don't get it.

This is still charting at #1


>It was KyoAni haters!
>It was IRC!
>It was organized Discord shitposters!
>It was shonenfags!
>It was Franxxfags!
>It was crossboarders!
>It was Keyfags mad KyoAni stopped adapting their VNs!
>people had false expectations!
>otakushitlords are just mad there's no fanservice
>Sup Forums is just trying to force "consolewars!"
>anonymous 2chan comments don't count!
>sales don't mean anything!
>the filters are a legitimate artistic choice!

This is the most damage controlled KyoAni show I've ever seen. They KyoAnus lickers are in desperation mode, and it's hilarious to see what length they'll go to. I haven't sen this much shilling since The Last Jedi.
No amount of self-reassurance will EVER "fix" this anime. It's a complete and utter flop, and the defenders know that deep down in their hearts. This was hyped up like an oscar-bait, with Netflix contract, simulcasted in 5 gazillion languages, and overhyped trailers. And it failed miserably.

#475 highest rated all time (TV)
#1 highest rated 2018 (TV)
#1 most popular 2018 (TV)
#1 highest rated winter 2018 (TV)
#1 most popular winter 2018 (TV)

The BD sales are going up, the children are finally leaving and the mature audience is staying.

Who cares about how many views or sales or trending tweets it gets, if you enjoy it just watch it, if you don't then don't watch it. Goddammit

>twitter is an accurate metric for sales

it's hilarious how butthurt you are

its the ghost/Sup Forums archive still shating on kyoani animes like wtf cant take a hint

It's triggerniggers overflowing from their containment thread (where they spend more time sperging out over this series popularity than talking about their own 'show') because the graphs went into a death-spiral for trigger after they shat out that slideshow of an episode 2 to follow up on the cgifest of episode 1.

>irc faggots damage controlling this hard

>>It was crossboarders!
it was. over 20 crossboarding fucks from Sup Forums and Sup Forums admitted their guilt in a past Franxx thread.

They need to adapt Sup Forums's ideas

It's nothing earthshattering, but I'm enjoying it.

Oh, it's sales you want?

>***,230位/***,226位 (***,738 pt) [*,**0予約] 2018/04/04 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]

Original doesn't mean good; Just take a look at trigger, they have made mostly originals and they are all trash.

>things that never happened

Have you ever considered that it's not selling and not being discussed because it's empty, vapid shit with a pretense of having meaning?

It's basically a pure character-driven work that has characters with the depth of a potato.

It's mind-numbingly boring

According to whom?


>do you think Japan will finally stop adapting shitty light novels
You fucking wish.

do you even know what that means or are you just reposting shit you saw another shitposter post?


t. retard that gobbles Stalker numbers up without knowing their meaning

It's rank on Amazon and estimated units preordered. Do you know what that means cretin?
>splitting hairs about the reliability of stalker projections

Fuck, I was too late.
The trend is clearly downwards. VEG is getting less and less preorders by every new episode.

>mature audience
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Violet Evergarden...

Give me some recs. I need you guys because I can't trust myself. I mean, I like VE and that's wrong and a crime. So, spoonfeed me so I don't have fun with the wrong things
Else, I'll decide your comments are worthless and there's nothing wrong with me liking VE
So, yeah. Give me recs, wise men of objective taste

right here
silence is an admission of guilt

so you have no clue how to read stalker just regurgitate your baseless shit, got it
pro tip it means that only poptepipic, idolish and yurucamp have better scores this season

I feel like some of you retards go out of your way to hate on this anime, but I guess that's nothing new.

I don't get it why everyone think it's bad, it's not a masterpiece but still it has potential, right now it's really fucking slow but still why does everybody hates it???

No one gives a shit whether you like it or not.


>things that never happened

Obviously every trigger show that's out there, and make sure you go to Sup Forums primarily.

Because it's fucking hilarious how much of a trainwreck this is

It is very clear that KyoAni thought they could score some sort of Miyazaki/Your Name effect with normalshits appreciating it as a legitimate work of art. They went all out with shilling it and it's just vapid garbage with an autistic MC and people slurping ramen in "Europe".

They've always been that way, this shit is nothing new.

It's all right there, do you want me the highlight the individual posts for you too?

>things that you will never do

Are you dyslexic? Retarded?
>only poptepipic, idolish and yurucamp have better scores this season
So? I never said anything about any of those.

Why? all other LN adaptations have been great so far. VEG is shit because Kyoani's LNs are below bottom of the barrel.

Please mods, ban this retard. This crossboarding faggotry does not belong hère.

>brings stalker points into this
>according to stalker it's doing well
>i-i-i-iit doesn't matter!!!!
stay on discord stupid faggot

You need to be 18 years old to post here.

Originals are still being made, nigger. With about the same frequency too, it's just that more anime on the whole is coming out and the amount of original works has not increased while the number of adaptations has skyrocketed.
There aren't over 60 titles airing this season (not counting titles continuing from last season or from much longer ago) because the industry suddenly wants to make art. It's because it saw the opportunity by making cheap, safe profit via adapting work that already exists and is popular.
Until light novel and other adaptations stop making money, they will not stop being made. And even if they do stop being made, the amount of original works being made won't increase, because they're a huge financial risk.

But how do I trust you wise men will be on wsr. I'll need to post my reccomendation requests on Sup Forums to make sure

Sora Yori and Overlord are gonna pass it too though

>I post screenshots with some pretty letters on top of them instead

it would be more convincing if you didn't spew crossboarder memes in every single one of your posts

You say this ironically. But I like them all to some extent. I don't go to Sup Forums, though. Just /vg/'s visual novel generals because it's the only place to discuss translated VNs without adaptations

>do you think Japan will finally stop adapting shitty light novels
Japan no but i really hope KyoAni will stop doing this shit and adapting things from their partners because they all suck. I wish they can go back to the era where they adapted Key products.

Don't be rude. The last jedi is watchable at the very least.

If people hate VE for shitty boring melodrama, I don't know how they can ask for Key adaptations


here you go

Key is god-tier when it comes to drama and slice of life, VE and others LN authors are not.

>it's not crossboarders!!!!
>now let me post this Sup Forums meme to show that I'm not a crossboarder
these are the shitposters we're dealing with folks

Here's a fun fact for you newshits, Maid Dragon sold around 3.5k average on amazon but the truth is that it made kyoani a lot of money thanks to China and KyoAni's own shop selling their own BD.
VEG won't be so different, there's even the chance of it doing really well in all fields now that the anime original episodes are over.

It seems a lot of faggots care, given their attempts to stablish VE as absolute garbage no human ever can like

Yes, the performance of one of the many hundreds LN adaptations is going to influence the whole industry. Every LN reader was at the edge of his seat because he knew his favorite medium's fate was at stake.

I thought Sup Forums was just a boogeyman wtf?

The fact that the shitty harem LN adaptation still remains their best work is hilarious.

Careful there, you're going to wake them up

>his show will never be this beautifully animated

I'm not even that guy. I've just wasted your time.

It's so unpopular you can't shut up about it.

>rank 200+ at the moment
>lower rank than this time last week
>trend is downwards
>doing good
Ok. This faggot brought sales into this, not me

>my show will never be this boring

You guys say almost exactly the same thing in other threads as well, don't know if it makes more true, though.
It's sad to see that you feel the need to come into every thread and repeat the same shit over and over again.


>he thinks this means anything
>he thinks there's a big conspiracy surrounding his favorite chinese cartoon
>he thinks KyoAni gobblers aren't crossboarders but all "pure blooded" Sup Forumsnons
all you've proven is that you need to shut off your computer and take a walk outside, user

>boredom is objective

What a delusion.

you don't have to prove time and time again that you can't read stalker, we got it already

If no one cares, then why people are so aggressive to everyone who likes it?

>all praise my objective hate
>hurr durr. me hate stuff. so me objective
Cool. How smart you are. This
Happy now? You can fuck off

It was basically confirmed in the last thread that its a few Sup Forumsfags who have no idea how 4chanX works. Just report and move on.