So...Its been 49 years and Joe is still yet to be topped. What went right?

So...Its been 49 years and Joe is still yet to be topped. What went right?

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post Rikishi death was kino as fuck

One of the worst axe in manga history.

Episode 46 is one of my personal favourites and one I consider one of the best episodes of anime period. It's the one with Rikishii's training.

Bitch, what? Do you even know how popular it was while being published?

It was popular enough that Yukio Mishima of all people was pissed he missed an issue so he stormed Kodansha and demanded they give him one so he can catch up.

>Do you even know how popular it was while being published?
And it was exactly for that that it was axed. It was so popular and so inspirational that the the japanese government considered it dangerous.
During the vietnam war some anti-american protestors were manifesting with ashita no joe cards
But what sealed the fate of the manga was what happened the 31 march 1970.
"The red army" a far-left radical group considered terrorist hijacked a passager plane and they referred themselves as Joe Yabuki when it came down to negociations. From that moment, japanese officials pressured the magazine and the author to stop their manga.


it was so good than both extreme left and right wing were inspired by it, damn, also you can tell it really fucked Tetsuya Chiba up

>Yukio Mishima
Is this real? I like him even more now.

Yes. Apparently he was so furious about missing Joe Kodansha gave him a free copy.

He didn’t demand a copy. He just wanted to read the issue that he missed, but they gave it to him for free.

We Megalo now.

In terms of Dezaki works, RoV and Oniisama e are better. Joe has aged well for an old as fuck shounen series, though.

Because Dezaki.

Sounds justified tbqh

The fights suck. Don't know why you like it, but if you say that's because of "muh story", "muh character development", then you're a brainlet, and have brainlet taste.

neither come close. The story of RoV is good but they have a habit of not even showing important characters for many episodes at a time making you not care about them anymore like the fucking queen herself. Not to mention even though the characters have great development, at the end of the day they are dull as fuck. As for Oniisama.. I mean it's fine.

Slam Dunk topped it back in the 90s.

Joe would've been a lot better if the first season didn't age like milk with tons of filler. Not to mention that Dezaki had yet to polish his style at that point.

>great development
>dull as fuck
These two statements are contradictory. And to tackle your other point, it's not just about Antoinette, so it's important that we see the other characters and how they cope with the political and social situation.

>it's fine
Oniisama e has the best direction and animation of any Dezaki show ever (and possibly of any anime ever) , so I'd say it's more than "fine".

It really didn't. Nothing comes close in terms of sports anime.

Space Cobra > Anything you said.

Not really.

Dezaki even directed a direct competitor with Burning Blood. It could've been better.

Was he gay?


Joe was axed? It doesn't feel like it, in fact it feels like the way it ended was planned as early as Rikishi's own death.

>Joe would've been a lot better if the first season didn't age like milk with tons of filler.
That's what the manga is for. Why even consider an adaptation?

Why is the Japanese Government so pants on head retarded?

They had recently gotten diddled by the US and were really the US' bitch, and had to follow US policies, thus no fun allowed

It really did inspire rebellions across Japan.

no, he knew he was fucked

>also you can tell it really fucked Tetsuya Chiba up
In what ways? I feel like I would've got so attached to the characters I would've had a hard time drawing some of the scenes where they get messed up physically or psychologically if I were him. It was hard just reading sometimes.

Osamu Dezaki was in his prime and created the perfect anime. Also, the manga he was adaptating is probably one of the best and most influential works of all time.

Fuck off back to whatever board you came from

One of the best stories in any medium ever made.

Nah, he gave her his gloves later. What happened is that he was resigned about his condition.

Yeah. I'm sure THAT deterred the radical activists during the 70s.

I love this manga, but that one arc where Joe had to fight the autistic jungle man, who jumped from ring rope to ring rope, was pretty damn terrible. I think it was one of the last arcs.

Dezaki's works in the proper order

Joe>Space Adventure Cobra>Black Jack>Rose of Versailles>Lupin III specials> Takarajima>Golgo 13>Dororo>Oniisama e> Aim for the Ace!

Swap Takarajima & Golgo 13's places and I'm OK with this.

>what is all rounder meguru

It was the second last arc and I would agree to the extent that the actual fight was too unrealistic and rather repetitive. In terms of what it did for Joe's character-arc, though, I do think it was useful.

It wasn't axed though.

Who else is looking forward to the spin-off next season?

>Aim for the ace
>that low

It's a pretty good series but let's be honest. Compared to all those other works, it's the weakest. In no way am I saying it's bad. It's decent for a shoujo Tennis anime.

I'm looking forward to it for the designs alone, but I'm not sure about the rest. Seems like it's the directorial debut for Moriyama, who's so far been more of a design-guy in his career. The fact that the two scriptwriters have mostly worked on movies rather than anime seems cool though.


It looks really cool, so hopefully it turns out good. The connection to Ashita no Joe seems tenuous at best though.

I have a weakness for male character designs with puffy hair like that though.

Should i read the manga or watch the anime? I love Dezaki stuff but i prefer manga to anime.

I only read the manga, I tried watching the anime but it's pacing is too slow for my tastes and its long as fuck.

Oh the point is that the manga is fucking excellent and if you prefer manga you should read it because the art and paneling is sublime.

Nah. Joe was truly something else back when it was being published.

>I love Dezaki stuff but i prefer manga to anime

Honestly, you should both read and watch it then.

>inspired rebellions across Japan
>literal funeral held for Rikishi
>people like Yukio Mishima loved the series
Name a more iconic series.

Astro Boy.

That’s cheating.

Carlos > Rikishi > Jose > Kim > Wolf

I love Slam Dunk as much as anyone else, Takehiko might even be my favorite mangaka, but Joe is a straight out masterpiece, hell, not even LOGH is as good as Joe

The 70's anime is ok, the 80's one is a bloody masterpiece

Every boxer aside from Jose was dumb as shit.

Posting themes

I think i never understood their relationship but i loved watching them interact anyway.

Japanese leftist were really head of its time


I'm not crazy about some of the voice changes with the second series.
Lupin objectively.
Which is why Jose is not a great character.

Also fuck anyone who actually calls the series "Rocky Joe". That name is retarded. It's Ashita no Joe or Tomorrow's Joe. Nothing else.

>Rocky Joe
Isn't this just the fucking french and italian name?

>Jose is not a great character
Manga Jose? Maybe not so much, he wasn't really even given many characteristics outside of not speaking japanese and being the cham
Anime Jose? He was mi negro.

Last one we got in recent years was Favaro and Banba.

Not today mother fucker

I know, man. It's like trying to find a needle in haystack sometimes.

>lupin more iconic than astro boy
In what fucking world?

like you were even alive back then

Doraemon is literally the most famous japanese character ever

2018 world. Astro Boy is is not relevant nowadays and hasn't been for a long time whereas new Lupin content is put out all of the time. Not only that, but they manage to stay fresh and innovative. If I go up to my nephew and ask him who Astro Boy is, they would have no idea. If I asked him about Lupin, he would tell me that thief from TV he watches every week. Less and less people will know about something unless it's frequently brought up. Even something like Flintstones isn't as iconic as Spongebob despite it having a longer history. The only thing Astro Boy is really known for in this day in age as one of those shows that paved away for anime to come while not really trying to stay in the spotlight.

So just because your nephew doesn’t know who Astro boy is that means he isn’t important? Get a grip. Tezuka isn’t called the god of manga for nothing.

Dammit Joe, you were fucked but you didn't need to kill yourself sooner man, or did you?

If he didn't go out there, he would have already been dead.

No he would have been a potato

Better to die as yourself... That die later as a potato....

Typo made this funnier to me so I'll just leave it

Where the hell do you live where young kids know what the fuck Lupin is? Italy?


Ye. It's insanely popular here, Japan, Mexico, France, and I assume America? I constantly see it trending there every week. Doesn't it air on Toonami?

be quiet you filthy dago, italian women are whores

Blue jacket finished airing a little while ago. The series as a whole is known well enough, but it's nowhere near the cultural phenomenon it is in Japan and Italy.

It's certainly not known by most kids, considering how it was only shown VERY late on a programming block for older viewers in any iteration.

Well you're not wrong.

I have a question. Why did they change Joe's whistle from the first series when the second one came around? Don't get me wrong, the second one was good but the original was GOAT. It was such a beautiful haunting melody.

If it wasn't cancelled would it still have ended with Joe dead?

It wasn't canceled. Tf you on about.

right character at the right time. Also the only manga character to get a real memorial service when he died too.
I strongly suspect that he was due a death in the ring storyline, a warrior's death in battle somehow.

>counter your counter
>counter your counter's counter
>that's 600 times the damage!

It was fucking gay and shit.

Why are the right ringed Japs so brainwashed and retarded?

At least he died before he could finish reading lol.

>It was fucking gay and shit.
Watch your moe shit then. Joe is not even about boxing.

Yeah, it's about throwing your life away because "you're a man".

Maybe you should do the same, since you're so manly and hate moe shit and all.

This looks stupid. Is regular brain damage not enough? Exoskeletons? Really?

Ashita no Joe is really more about the struggles of working against a system that is dead set upon screwing you over every chance it gets.

Joe just decided to opt out, because it had already taken everything from him.

We Megalo now.

The first anime was great, couldn’t stop watching once Joe got into juvie prison.

>Also fuck anyone who actually calls the series "Rocky Joe". That name is retarded. It's Ashita no Joe or Tomorrow's Joe. Nothing else.
It was coined in Italy to cash in the Rocky name due to the very superficial similarities between the two franchises. Right now it's being published again there with the title Ashita no Joe - Rocky Joe.

Fuck Italians. They already ruined Lupin for people in the west.