You should be able to spot the mistake if you aren't an ESL

You should be able to spot the mistake if you aren't an ESL.

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You should be able to spot the mistake if you aren't an ESL.

He has some kind of weird hybrid cursive.


Come now fool, we've known 0 = 26 since ancient times.

behind his head
>give him pleasure
should be "gives him pleasure"

>the more deeply
This should be "more deeply"

They forgot one of the alls.

How do you know it says "give" and not "gave"?

That's a passage from Victorian era Irish writer Robert Lynd's book 'The Peal of Bells'. I would post a Google books screenshot to prove it but the book doesn't seem to have been scanned anywhere, so you'll have to settle for this Japanese website.

More realistically, why the fuck are they teaching English using Victorian era prose quotations? That shit is convoluted and takes effort even for English natives to read.

if it was gave then the past tense would be incorrrect


That looks like normal printing to me, my hand writing is literally half cursive half printing

Because two contrasted clauses have to be the same tense (unless the tense itself is the thing that you're contrasting), and "hugs" is present tense.

Three, actually.

The actual quote:
>The loveliness of May stirs him the more deeply because he knows that it is fading even as he looks at it.
>It is not that the thought of universal mortality gives him pleasure, but that he hugs the pleasure all the more closely because he knows it cannot be his for long.

So, everyone, except for , was wrong.

So they chose the quote because it shows an example of mono-no-aware?


all these years of seeing this image and it just now occurred to me that it's probably just a simple animation error and someone put 2 x's instead of a y

Actually, the real problem is how he's holding that chalk.

He’s not active writing, he’s using it as a pointer.

The Japanese always seem to have esoteric tastes in Western literature.

I mean, look at Rah-Xephon. Someone based an entire anime on an American short story barely anyone in America has read, and then baited the audience with references clearly intending them to pick up on it.

Meh nothing too egregious there. Sometimes when you copy something by hand, you miss a letter.