So when dust has settled a little can we all agree that it's already AOTY?

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It's time for Netflix to save anime

Lets talk about it at the end of the year.


Animation wise it was so fucking subpar I'm actually baffled at you faggots for thinking it's slightly above average production is worth more than a single binge and forget about it.

Absolutely subpar, only edgebois and homos/shippers unironically think this is deserving of AOTY

Ask me next year around this time.

>Animation wise
Post examples of bad animation. I stress ANIMATION.

I haven't watched it but looking at the animation and seeing the majority of Sup Forums thinking so, I'd say yes.

Don't bother user he can't because this is a masterpiece that can never be touched. The animation is god's work

no, it's shit and no matter how many daily threads you stupid paid shills make it will continue to be shit


But I liked it

Obviously not considering the new Lupin series airs this April along with Megalo Box which also has major potential

Go and watch for yourself son, this shit is 70% of the time slide land and pretty dogshit ones too, enjoy your stills I guess.


Post proofs.

i'll never know, episode one was enough for me to dislike all the artistic/directorial choices and i dropped it.

Fair enough. A personal question: did the sex scenes trigger you?

No, i was waiting for violence and such, i wasn't waiting for that horrible stile of animation, character design, script. It's almost an artistic representation of a concise show, but i say artistic in the modern "logic and beauty don't real" kind.

Art and chara designs are a personal taste, but what did you find wrong with the script?

>girl at the river
>bad people show up
>they're bad! Silly cliche conversation ensues
>suddenly outta nowhere oblivious boy in a boat
>he doesn't really get what's going on and acts politely
>guy with a gun shows up and he's ok with it

This sorta thing, why should i care about violence and sex and gore and demons destroying the shape and feel of the world if it was a weird world that i couldn't care less for?

It's weird indeed, it's supposed to be like that. Not everyone will be enterntained by this world and it's totally ok.

I've always felt they kind of screwed up Akira early on. Originally he was freaked out about his friend smuggling a shotgun and acted Edgy in the actual meaning of the word. They didn't really keep the same tension in crybaby. Even though this time the dude smuggled in a machine gun.

Although there is people in real life that would react similarly they also tend to not be as innocent minded as they tried to show Akira to be early on.

It literally is just by virtue of being first complete anime this year.
Ask again at the end of season.

It's ok, i just had hopes of some nice hours of entertainment.

*trace manga*
>reeeeeeeeeeee why did they trace it
*don't trace manga*
>reeeeeeeeeeee why is it so different
you just can't win

it's not that perfect
although it's a solid 8/10

would have preferred less sex and more horror

Except toei has the best animators in the industry

The one piece movies show this

you haven't watched DBS have you?

The best animators in the industry are freelancers that don't need to be Toei's wageslaves.

>would have preferred less sex and more horror
I agree, the first half is fucking hammy if you go out there

Sirene went from being one of the few demons who gave Devilman a run for their money to monster of the week yelling "GET OVER HERE AND FUCK ME


made me reply

why would anyone watch that

it just wasnt an ''horror'' story, like i'd have expected

They did over-exaggerate her sexuality. She was always sexy, but not only about sex.

That's the whole show

Miki's death really fucked me up lads.

How about Miki's bro?

Her whole family fucked me up. Her dad's death was bad too. Her brother was an annoying little shit though. Can we all agree that they were bad parents?

He's not an anime girl

His death actually hit me harder. Probably because he was first.

As a kyoanifag I'm hoping VEG still delivers but so far DC is my AOTY. It's the most fun I've had with anime in a long time.

Her family's demise in the manga is much worse to me, personally. The anime did her dad's animation when he doesn't know what to do very well, but everything else surrounding it was textbook tearjerker.

Mom didn't seem happy
She was the classic submissive japanese wife

he deserved it
he was a stupid devilman

>but everything else surrounding it was textbook tearjerker.
Oh yeah, but after like 40 seconds I realized they were going for shlock which is fine. It's anime, of course it's going to be shlocky

i dont understand if the beatbox rapper was a demon? also the other traitor

I didn't read the mango so this may be a dumb question but I thought they were American based off their features.

>things happening
>"This is what's wrong with the script"

Miki is an hafu...that means the father was a gajin (probably american) and the mother was niponese

Even Sup Forums agrees it's kino.


Got it, and in the last episode they call her a gaijin so I assumed, although they could have been calling her that because they thought she was a witch.
but seriously that running sequence handing off the baton, repeating over and over (fucking kino btw), then that guy just splits her down the spine like de-boning a chicken and those fucking screams.

I feel it had elements from devilman and devillady. I enjoy it, but it was more Devillady than devilman

Oh bye doggie

This is what being a vegetarian for too long results in. èroud that i am italian when it comes to dubs

Miki was definitely half-white. I don't think she was in manga; that was Ryo.

How were they bad parents? They seemed almost too good

not avaliable in my country!!! rahhhhh

Did that angry crossposting Sup Forumscuck finally go to sleep?

It was ok, it wasnt terrible. OST saved it
But it doesn't matter how much you shill it im not purchasing a Netflix subscription

Dowload the nyaa
Italian dub > jap


I still dont get the sense of this scene

That's death was foreshadowed from the start with his constant interest in sin and devilman. Nothing good was going to happens to him

>we all agree that it's already AOTY?
You'll change your opinion once this arrives, OP.

he was bad devilman

>russo-japanese war
another nationalist fanwank. no thanks.

It's a Yuasa show, so of course it's at the top. There might be better anime coming later in the year, we're still only in January after all, but we're certainly off to an amazing start.

>let's the kid search up hardcore porn and devil shit on the family computer
>at the same time doesn't give a fuck about anything going on outside of their house

Ask again in december.

Netflix faggots and redditors need to leave NOW

The war is over by the time of the setting and its only use is as a backdrop or for character motivations.

I guess LWA fags should fuck off too?

That still annoyed the shit out of me. In the original manga he had a reason to be away. In crybaby it always read very stupid to me that he would run off in that environment and leave her behind. Just to turn around and run back.

That was more the kid figuring out Akira's passwords and looking up his internet history.

It felt like the whole thing was getting progressively more rushed as it neared the end, and all these little things that didn't make sense start popping up, hurting the immersion. That was my only complaint that was significant to me about crybaby

This thing was disjointed, cliche-ridden and extremely rushed. Its disjointedness and pacing problems are understandable given the small number of episodes that the guys behind it had to work with, but I still came away feeling that I'd wasted several hours of my time. In my opinion, the animation of Devilman, which seems to be quite divisive on here, was by far its best quality. I say this as a Yuasa fan.

Good parents don't let that happen on a family computer, dumb dumb.

I dunno, I thought Miki's death was the point of no return well between both manga and anime. But in the anime the way they handled Miki's family was just tearjerker.

In the manga it's way more brutal. It's the unequivocal sign that mankind is off the deep end, having her parents tortured for no good reason at all, as well as her own brother decapitated by an insane mob.

I found that entire scene where Miki posts on facebook about Akira while he's trying to save those people and the kids come up to him incredibly cringy.


Great ost too

Well that's nice because I cried like a bitch.

Might have been cringy, but imagine if it were a Hollywood blockbuster.

Instead of some replies telling her "lol go hang" you'd get wall after wall of STUNNING AND BRAVE and people all over the world crying like a bitch because Miki united the Earth again and love will get us through.

That's true. I thought it felt all the better when there was the odd guy who said "I AM A DEVILMAN" whilst everyone else was saying "kill yourself" and "dox this bitch".

As a Devilman adaptation, it was disappointing, but since it's Devilman and Go Nagai after all, it's already better than everything else this year.

I just wished they went with a director and a writer who actually understood the source material.

It's more understandable though. It's pretty easy to overlook things like that depending on how tech savy they are.

I chuckled at the messages near realistic accuracy and portrayal of real life anons

I honestly kind of feel like the OST wasn't that amazing. But they custom made the songs really well for the show itself and really knew how to use the songs to create mood.

Like the Silene/Kaim fusion fight that had that drop happen on the perfect note to make things feel deadly in that few seconds.

objectively the best track

Yeah, that's why I feel that even if it was cringy they didn't overdo it.

It only could've been more spot-on if when some girl said "I'M A DEVILMAN" someone replied tits or GTFO

I think I regret watching this. The stuff at the end genuinely unsettled and upset me even though I think of myself being too desensitized to that kind of stuff. I know most of the ending happened in the manga but why did this show have to turn into a massive bummer.

Man I thought the OST was one of the greatest OSTs we've had in a while. I know someone who doesn't like it at all though. I guess it is very-much up to taste.

>but I still came away feeling that I'd wasted several hours of my time.
You watch anime and post here, your time is always being wasted

>The stuff at the end genuinely unsettled and upset me even though I think of myself being too desensitized to that kind of stuff.
Rejoice, user. You're still human.

I mean, I get where you're coming from, I had read this many years before Crybaby could even be conceptualized and I knew how it goes and I'm mostly desensitized to it, but just the way people were behaving like animals after Miki's death still hit me hard. Even if I knew what was coming, that scene still was very strong.

I still feel the best one despite the OVA being a dud overall is the one in the Amon OVA. Everything just makes you feel so fucking sick, even how they just casually jam an arrow in a kid's head before that. But when he gets to Miki and everythings ends in a river of blood and you have that sound effect really conveying things are EXACTLY AS THEY LOOK... it makes you fucking nauseous. It has that feeling it's just happened in your face, not in a cartoon.

>watching borderline yaoi normie shit

no thanks

It sounded to me like pretty standard electronic music. Kind of felt like really sets it above is they used it very well. But the music itself without the shows context doesn't seem as amazing. There is other artists I can search up who does music like that.

>Borderline yaoi
>The show has a gay sex scene halfway though.

Little more then borderline there.

Both of you don't know what that word means.

Today's anime is such garbage so in this context yeah devilman is a masterpiece, otherwise is only good.