Hunter x Hunter

Rawscans when...?

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We need more pariston

> "Humans truly are so very fascinating"

>I feel compelled to hurt the things that are dear to me
I hope this translates sexually, I want more Ging/Pariston sexual tension.

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Koreans pleeeease


I like that Togashi is willing to draw ugly girls. A lot of mangaka won't waste panels on an ugly female character.


So this is the amazing characterization of Hunter x Hunter .. whoa

Theta is still alive right

We have to believe, best girl is alive.

Why is she a Greek letter T?

who is the craziest out of Chrollo Paristion and Hisoka?

I feel like Togashi is channeling his darker thoughts in that quote actually.

LOL wtf is this sexual tension?

this is hot

Could be Beyond, wee need more of him
Unless you mean crazy crazy, that would be Pouf


Are there any pariston x ging doujins? Asking for a friend

What's Togashi's excuse for his art being eyecancer squiggles now that he only has to draw 2 pages per week?


Not that I can recall seeing but there's art

Enough of this offscreen kill shit. Togashi won't have any members offscreen killed by hisoka.

Secondly, hisoka is now weak against enhancers like phinks and nobu. Imagine if he punched phinks. His little bungee cum fingers would turn to mush against their superior ten



Hisoka is fucking finished, if he even dares to show his face he is getting gangbanged.
There is no way the spiders are going to let themselves get picked off one by one.

You should be more afraid.
Hisoka doesn't have to play by the rules now, he doesn't care if he doesn't get a satisfying 1v1 fight anymore. He'll do anything.

Even the edgier characters up until that point in the story weren't built on this psichologic aspect of "loving to be hated"; all the villains had a distinct, unique nature, from being sexually aroused by unripe fighters to being caring brothers twisted by their homicidal occupation. If it sounds cliche to you it's only your fault.
Pariston is the only one that is built like this and it works, because it gives depth to an otherwise simply mischevious guy.
This, and it's great when he does that.


When is Cheadle finally going to snap and brutally murder Pariston?

You miss bigboobs girls of kukuru mountain and GI

Togashi said he likes stories where characters are killed one by one by a monster.
Characters with replaceable/boring powers like Franklin and Phinks are dead the moment they go to the toilet, user.

Togashi's art is all over the place, one second he goes full stylized and the other he keeps it closer to realism.

How many chapters until Hisoka rapes Machi? I'm sick of waiting.

And Arena girls. And that tattooed agent from Yorkshin. And Sheila.

I think he saves his realistic style for moments he wants their expression to be extra impactful

>it's great when he does that.

>Secondly, hisoka is now weak against enhancers like phinks and nobu. Imagine if he punched phinks. His little bungee cum fingers would turn to mush against their superior ten

Hisoka only has to BG Phinks hands behind his back to rape him and Nobunigga is the shitter of the century. They're both are getting BTFO.

I was referring to the character designs but yeah that also applies.



I don't think it includes baxckground characters.

4 chapters


Tattoo girl is my favorite.
Is Sheila the president of the Parison fanclub, who was also up for election? If not, she's missing too. Also the nurse lady who was also up for election and is now on the ship working with Cheadle.

he can change his face, he can kill with one hit, he's absolutely fucking crazy so he might have cut his other leg and replaced it with gum so he can fake his height.
Nobody but Chrollo, Beyond and some Zodiacs can stop Hisoka.

Sociopath and a thief
Just wants to fight, and then has some animal urges to kill.
Seems like the type of person who'll manipulate people and play with them intentionally, just to fuck them over.

I guess it depends on what you think of as crazy, but I get the feeling Pariston is probably the most "evil".

Key words: "let themselves"
There will be opportunities to pick them off unless they stay huddled together in one room for the entire trip, and move in groups of at least four for bathroom breaks (one doing his business, one on guard with him, and two on guard outside.).
It's not something the spiders can control, especially if they go through with the heist plan.

I wanna see her get CLOWNED the hardest for thinking that she stands a honest chances again Hisoka after that shit in the locker room

Sheila is hardly a background character. She can turn out to be that woman from Beyond's team though.

Sanbika top cute

Which woman?

And Lamu girl of boat, and Siper, and magical beast girl, and gold dust card girl, and etha & theta

I'm also grateful he doesn't go for the low hanging fruit and includes the standard big tits girl or girls in skimpy dresses for cheap fanservice.

It was back enough when Chrollo needed two spiders around him at all times just to take a shit, but now the entire phantom kindergarden is using the buddy system just to kill one man and it's just pathetic.

That's why he's great.

It's more pathetic clownie can't take a loss.

What is actually pathetic is getting effortlessly styled on in front of thousands of people.

Same happen in yuu yuu hakusho
Not much fanservice, but he drew amazing girls

I'll keep you to your word user.

I think it's an older generation thing. More value on the characters rather than titillating the audience when the story's lacking.

Chrollo made such an amazing plan and result? He lost two members and Hisoka wants more.

>Having common sense and moving in groups is pathetic

hisoka asspulled himself back to life

>Clown has to resort to picking off defenseless warriors
>Clown too scared to just challenge a guy to another fight

Still waiting for the raws...


Wanna know something? Liking hisoka makes you a contrarian.

Literally 99% of the characters in the story can't stand him.

The entire troupe wants to kill him.

Chadrollo on the other hand is a natural born leader who is able to make monsters follow him and be under his command.

The troupe actually get along well with one another.

Fucking hisocuck constantly ruins the mood everywhere he goes and constantly confuses us, the readers.

Everyone believed in his ranking of the three zodiacs and illumi.

In all actuality this fool thought he could take netero, Ging and Chrollo.

In the hunter exam, No one wanted to be around him. The Testgivers couldn't stand him. Him and his gay boyfriend, illumi, constantly ruin everything.

Hisoka needs to die. Only Kurapika should kill the troupe.

But that's the thing, Hisoka at least he had the balls to get BTFO when 6 godrillion people showed up to rape his ass and it now on the by himself while these fucks are huddling together like a group of females going out to the bar. Even nenless Shalnark and Kortopi weren't this pitiful.

A failure is a failure dude.

>Hisoka barely mentioned in the chapter
>threads instantly become full of shitposting

They will be out in 8 hours at the earliest.

He looks like he has Knuckle's hair in the thumbnail.

>fights 1 on 1
>eats shit
>starts killing their friends
>wtf why are they ganging up on him

Why wouldn't they gang up on him? He's waging war on the entire group

Chrollo cried about how killing Hisoka is impossible and how his death at Hisoka's hands is inevitable. What a pathetic bitch he turned out to be!


Typical Chrolloshitter. That pathetic turd literally had to kill two of his subordinates (he took their Hatsu, so he is ultimately responsible) AND on top of that needed to sacrifice the lives of thousands of innocent people in the audience to have a chance against Hisoka.

In an actual 1v1, Chrollo has no chance.

Hey guys before we go full 100% hisocucks vs chrolloposters

Can we discuss this?

I believe that when chrollo takes someone ability he also takes away their ability to use nen. This isn't proven but hasn't been disproven.

It would honestly make the most sense, I mean if they still had their nen why not recreate the ability?

Also it could explain more on chrollos bandits secret, like the ability only being as strong as the user regardless how much nen chrollo has.

>Hisoka barely mentioned in the chapter
>Succession war is instantly forgotten

>what is planning for battle

Every year, the same arguments

>about how killing Hisoka is impossible
impossible for others because he's going to do it

Chrollo never fought Hisoka 1 on 1. He is too scared to face him alone (confirmed in the manga as canon now).

>Hey guys before we go full 100% hisocucks vs chrolloposters
Nice try, Chrolloshitter.

fake news

He steals the Nen ability, not Nen itself.

>Clown wants him to prepare for battle
>"OMG why did he prepare for battle?? NOT FAIR!"

Having to sacrifice 2 of your "friends" lives to have the ghost of a chance at winning is not "planning for battle".

And Hisoka is doing the same right now against all the troupe.

This one. Their eyes and smile are kinda similar

If you're going to samefag, then at least make the other post different; don't post the same thing.

Chrollo fucking ASKED hisoka if he still wanted to go through with the battle.

He told hisoka how his abilities work and hisoka knew chrollo planned this shit out

Yet the gay clown still insisted on killing chrollo just to satisfy some stupid battle boner

>I mean if they still had their nen why not recreate the ability
They would have to waste a lot of time and effort to recreate their abilities.

Not a single actual argument that addresses the issue. Chrollo could never beat Hisoka without killing Kortophi and Shalnark & hundreds of innocent women and children in the process.

imagine your enemy explaining all of his capabilities and you STILL lose

its gotta be forced zetsu like O MY DOLPHIN NEN
else theres no way Hisoka would have oneshotted Shalnark

>H-he could never win unless he does things to win
You sound like your on some "real men dont use poison" shit. A fight is a fight, clownboy

Lol you guys are pathetic, Chrollo won fair and square. Fucking Hisoka jumped his allies like a bitch. He's taking this shit way too far. Chrollo humored the man by accepting his little duel, offered a chance to back out, even told hisoka how all his abilities work. Hisoka should be thankful he's fucking alive

This kills the hisocuck.