Why do lolis love headpats so much?

Why do lolis love headpats so much?

>They are glorified pets, duh.

It's also still illegal to fuck your pet. Checks out.

Yes I guess

Because headpats are comfy as fuck

Not if you are a leaf

Only oral is legal here, most European countries have or had looser laws than us

Lolis run off of headpats; it's an energy source for the loli. Similar to batteries, lolis require headpats every so often or they will cease to function properly. A single headpat is good for approximately 4 or 5 hours.

Do girls like head pats?

I firmly believe that is true but it requires more thorough testing. Since they evolve from lolis, some traits can still be found lingering.

It should be a crime to starve a loli of her headpats

I love touching hair so I hope they do

What would happen if two lolis were to give one another headpats? Would it become a source of infinite energy?

No heat pats of the highest order can only come from onii chan.

I have yet to confirm this but rumors say that major companies and businesses use a "loli loop" to keep their power running. The "loli loop" possibly being the phenomenon you mentioned before. Assuming that lolis can transfer energy in a similar manner to adults, theoretically you could have infinite energy using this technique.
However this presents another problem. Detainment of lolis and depriving them of freedom is considered a crime, somewhat related to kidnapping. If a loli does not have freedom, the loli consumes more energy and requires more headpats, and if certain conditions aren't met, they may deplete their energy faster than they can receive it.
In short, the answer is inconclusive.

Me on the left

That's because we don't fucking think about fucking our pets

Their hands are too small, it wouldn't work.

Me taking the picture.

Have you ever /been/ headpatted?

It feels GREAT.

The thumbnail made me think she was reacting to a penis.

from which article of wikihow does this come?


Which comes first, cold fusion or loli headpat loops?